Top Ten Best Dance Moves

What dance moves take skills to pull off? What moves are the most famous and significant, and what moves are so funny when people fail.
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1 Moonwalk

This breath taking, jaw dropping dance move is an awesome dance move. Michael Jackson rocked the moon walk. I would love to be able to do this dance move.

Michael Jackson's way of defying gravity and his signature move. Worthy of the no 1 spot and if you have any ideas please add them.

The moonwalk is definitely the world's best dance move. I learned how to do it at age 11. I love doing the moonwalk. It's so easy really!

The moonwalk is the best move it totally belongs in the #1 spot on the list.Michael Jackson is a Iconic Super Star.Nobody can move like the "King of Pop" and that's a fact.

2 Anti Gravity Lean
3 Crotch Grab

King of pop dance move

4 Axl Rose's Snake Dance

Axl looks pretty cool when he does this, not gonna lie.

5 Twist
6 Robot

I was watching an old episode of soul train and saw someone doing this! It always makes me laugh so hard I piss myself.

Even if you aren't born to dance, you can still do the robot and not look stupid.

Michael Jackson rocked the robot dance!

It never gets old. Epic!

7 Backflip

I was in 3rd or 2nd and I did a backflip but I landed on my back (I had to go to the nurse) but I wish I could do a backflip now but I can't T-T because I got traumatized.

SO much fun! Probably my favorite gymnastics/dance move. They're quite hard at first, but once you get them, they just let you relax and have a fun time! :D

It is just plain awesome

The best move

8 Dabb

It went VIRAL! Just wait til you see my Mom do it.

I dabb everyday

9 Gangnam Style

Gangnam style is epic

10 Headspin

Oh my god... Seeing people in Step Up 3 do this is incredible! Especially the Battle of Gwai... This is the only move I can't do, I can already do the moonwalk, and it's cool, but still not THIS cool.

It's the coolest move by far other moves are cool to but the takes so much upper body strength!

Its toughest dance step

It is really crazy!

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11 Worm

Fun dance to do!

12 The Floss

Its overrated and annoying, not gonna lie.

Best dance ever!

Floss is on fire

13 Toe Stand

If anybody other than Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson does this, they are at risk of breaking their foot.

I can even do it, I'm not a ballerina! WARNING: You might sprang your ankle!

I'll call it Toe Freeze..The name Toe Freeze is better than Toe stand...

For some reason, I can do this very easily. Who else?

14 Harlem Shake

Harlem shake is boss

15 Nae Nae
16 Cat Daddy
17 Dougie
18 Kneedrop

Great move so easy to do

This is way better than that stupid ugly arthritis causing floss

19 Foot Shuffle

Hardstyle makes you very tired than most of the dance moves.. And once you start doing it, it's hard to stop it. You get lost in it haha.

You can't stop this move once you've started it!

20 Ultra Spin

Its amazing the wind get caught it your hair, it feels great!

I love doing it to.

21 Running Man
22 The Carlton

Maybe it was too good for people to vote on it.

An iconic dance move of the 90s.

This should be higher than the stupid floss because the floss is number dork

23 Duckwalk

Chuck Berry's greatest move. Really he was hiding wrinkles.

24 The Disco
25 Crip Walk
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