Top 10 Best Dance Moves

A popping moonwalk or a smoothly executed salsa spin that requires a mix of balance, timing, and a dash of style... these aren't your everyday two-step shuffles. They're the moves that separate the casual dancers from the pros.

Then again, some dance moves are famed for their cultural significance. Imagine the flamenco’s passionate expressions, the salsa's enticing turns, or even the unyielding discipline of ballet's pointe work. These moves aren't just about the technique; they carry with them a sense of history and a connection to cultural roots that make them truly special.

And let's not forget the hilarity that comes from those daring enough to attempt these intricate steps and... well, fail. You've seen it before – your friend at a party trying to breakdance or a brave soul attempting a tango dip gone wrong. These moments are as unforgettable as they are laugh-inducing, reminding us that part of the joy of dance is in its playfulness and the shared joy (and sometimes embarrassment) it brings.

So what do you think are the best dance moves? What steps can't you help but admire when you see them pulled off with perfection? Which ones make you laugh when they don't go quite as planned?
The Top Ten
1 Moonwalk

This breathtaking, jaw-dropping dance move is awesome. Michael Jackson rocked the moonwalk. I'd love to be able to do it.

Michael Jackson's way of defying gravity is his signature move. It's worthy of the number one spot. If you have any ideas, please add them.

The moonwalk is definitely the world's best dance move. I learned how to do it at age 11. I love doing the moonwalk. It's really easy!

2 Anti Gravity Lean
3 Crotch Grab
4 Axl Rose's Snake Dance

Axl looks pretty cool when he does this, not gonna lie.

5 Twist
6 Robot

I was watching an old episode of Soul Train and saw someone doing this! It always makes me laugh so hard that I wet myself.

Even if you weren't born to dance, you can still do the robot and not look stupid.

Michael Jackson rocked the robot dance!

7 Backflip

I was in third or second grade when I did a backflip but landed on my back. I had to go to the nurse. I wish I could do a backflip now, but I can't because I was traumatized.

It's so much fun! Probably my favorite gymnastics/dance move. They're quite hard at first, but once you get them, they just let you relax and have a fun time!

8 Dab

It went viral! Just wait until you see my mom do it.

9 Gangnam Style
10 Headspin

Oh my god! Seeing people in Step Up 3 do this is incredible, especially in the Battle of Gwai. This is the only move I can't do. I can already do the moonwalk, and it's cool, but not this cool.

It's the coolest move by far. Other moves are cool too, but this one requires so much upper body strength!

The Contenders
11 Worm
12 The Floss
13 Toe Stand

If anybody other than Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson does this, they are at risk of breaking their foot.

I can even do it, and I'm not a ballerina! Warning: You might sprain your ankle!

I'll call it Toe Freeze. The name Toe Freeze is better than Toe Stand.

14 Harlem Shake
15 Nae Nae
16 Cat Daddy
17 Dougie
18 Knee Drop

This is way better than that ugly, arthritis-causing floss.

19 Foot Shuffle

Hardstyle makes you very tired, more so than most other dance moves. Once you start doing it, it's hard to stop. You get lost in it!

You can't stop this move once you've started it!

20 Ultra Spin

It's amazing. The wind gets caught in your hair, and it feels great!

21 Running Man
22 The Carlton

Maybe it was too good for people to vote on it.

This should be higher than the stupid floss because the floss is just for dorks.

23 Duckwalk

Chuck Berry's greatest move. Really, he was hiding wrinkles.

24 The Disco
25 Crip Walk
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