Top 10 Best Blind Guardian Songs

The very best music created by the German power metal band, Blind Guardian.
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1 And Then There Was Silence

There is no song more epic than this. Period. As someone who prefers metal but listens to everything from polka to classical to metal to rap to country, there is nothing more epic and uplifting. It lifts you up. Brilliant songwriting, brutal riffs, amazing melodies and harmonies. Hands down spectacular.

The greatest piece of music I've ever heard. I've been an avid metalhead for years, and I truly believe this is the absolute pinnacle of musicianship. Joyous and wondrous melodies abound, amazing lyrics, and just an absolutely huge and epic feel. This is the song I've listened to most and dare I say my favorite. Blind Guardian are masters of the craft.

2 The Bard's Song (In the Forest)

This song is amazing. It's the only song in all of music history that the crowd sings the whole song at the same time. Thanks to Blind Guardian for this.

Bards are indeed a central piece in fantasy and storytelling, and this song is probably one of the best about them and about fantasy in general.

Such a soft and calm song can be so powerful. My second favorite Blind Guardian song (my favorite is And Then There Was Silence).

3 Mirror, Mirror

An epic song stuck right in the middle of one of Blind Guardian's best albums. The song builds up to a chorus that is a pure, unadulterated distillation of the fantasy genre.

The riff and the way the vocals go along the line of the riff are what make this song the best one from them. Once you listen to it, you'll understand how hard yet stable life is.

Absolutely fantastic and exhilarating song! I'm a huge Blind Guardian fan, but this song has a special place among my absolute favourites.

4 Nightfall

The voice of Sir Hansi, these lyrics, these melodies, this chorus. Nothing in this song is to throw away. Everything is perfect. To me, it is the best song from this band. Simply epic.

Wonderful lyrics, amazing music, and incredible epicness:

Quietly crept in and changed us all
Quietly crept in and changed us all
Immortal land lies down in agony!"

I love this song. I also love the other songs, but Nightfall is... Nightfall is special. I'm from Italy. Sorry for my English.

5 Wheel of Time

An amazing song about an amazing book series. Book-based songs are always great. You guys may know all of the lyrics, but I understand all the terminology. I suggest that you go and read the books, pronto.

Really epic. I was thoroughly impressed by every aspect of this song. One thing to notice is that the band paid tribute to Robert Jordan very vividly as the song is based on Jordan's novel series of the same name. Kudos to Blind Guardian.

I remember being hyped for At the Edge of Time at age 12. When I first heard this song, it blew me away. Sick song.

6 Sacred Worlds

This should definitely switch places with Wheel of Time, and that over-produced song from A Night At the Opera shouldn't be number one. Either this or Journey Through the Dark should seize the crown with disdain. Just because a song is over 10 minutes long doesn't necessarily mean it's epic.

I really don't feel guilty loving this song to death, as it's from the album which I intensely loathe. If it wasn't for this song, I would've done the same thing with this album that I did with Drum Thutter's "Train of Thought", i.e., battered, shattered, and dumped it in the big piles of rotting garbage.

7 Battlefield

This song isn't for most people trying out power metal, but it has an unmatched epic quality to it. One day, I will surround myself with speakers and blast this amazing song.

Amazing drumming, amazing guitars, amazing vocals and lyrics. Too bad they don't play it live anymore.

It hasn't been a single week I haven't listened to it at least once since its 2002 release.

8 Valhalla

Also one of the must-haves at a concert!

Should be in the top 3. A perfect combination of Hansi Kürsch and Kai Hansen.

A perfect combination of epic and thrashy. The chorus is so epic. Hansi rules! Great solos too.

9 The Throne

The high point in a long and fun story. One of the few songs from Beyond the Red Mirror that is easily understandable from the text without great effort. It shines for its fast pace and power.

This epic part:

"Can't you see?
It's your innocence they'll steal away.
Yes, they're coming for you.
They've come to deceive.
You are betrayed.
You admire these liars.
They'll never fool me!"

This is so epic! A lot going on but it fits really well, and a lot of varying choruses that are all equally as catchy. Great instrumentals too.

10 Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)

Not only am I surprised that this is so low, but I'm shocked at some of the songs that are ahead of it. Just one man's opinion, but there should be a lot more songs from Twilight World - Nightfall dominating the top of this list. This is one of the songs that best shows off how Blind Guardian is able to combine heavy metal with fantasy elements, which is something almost impossible to do. I know they're extremely successful, but I still think they're underappreciated.

Wow, I'm going to get hate for this one, but I think these guys bury Helloween. Like it's not even close... but the latter still get ALL the respect. Now, they did innovate the genre to an extent, but I think BG is the better band by far.

The Contenders
11 Bright Eyes

This song always comes with a shiver on my skin. The instrumental greatness of this song can't be told in any words. Just beautiful. For me, number one.

You could listen to this all day and night long. It never gets old.

Epic song (like most of Guardian's work), sends chills down my spine. Amazing vocal performance by Hansi.

12 Lord of the Rings

This song totally and utterly blew me away when I first heard it. I have always been a huge Tolkien fan, and before discovering Blind Guardian, I used to wish that there was a good metal artist dedicated to Tolkien-themed, fantasy genre music. When I first discovered Blind Guardian and this song, they instantly became my favorite band. This is the definition of beautiful and epic music. That chorus gives me the shivers every single time I listen to it.

From now on, every time I do my annual Lord of the Rings viewing, I'm going to make a playlist of Blind Guardian songs that I'm going to listen to as I'm eating dinner before the movie, with Lord of the Rings at the end (so hyped, it's gonna be epic). This song should have been chosen for the end credits in the movies.

13 Majesty

Majesty is awesome, guys. Great chorus. One of the best speed metal songs out there and, of course, my personal favorite from this subgenre (alongside Banish From Sanctuary).

This song is amazing. Should be at the top. This is their first song from the first album. And it's a masterpiece.

This isn't on top? Brilliant combo of technicals and ingenuity!

14 Skalds and Shadows

I love this song. It's so medieval-like, I can't help but love it.

I love the medieval style of the song. It's amazing.

15 Into the Storm

Can't get enough of this song - killer riff, great vocals. I agree it's very intense and I love it for that (same for Thorn).

The biggest problem with Blind Guardian is that they have about 50 songs that deserve to be in the top 10!

This song is what intense wants to be when it grows up.

16 Thorn

I don't know why this one isn't more popular. It's so full of emotion and is easily in my top ten favorite songs by them, probably top five as well.

This is one of my favorite songs by them - it's awesome. An ocean of deep emotions. Hansi's voice at its best. There's a very low note at the beginning, which is unforgettable.

Just epic, there isn't a better way to describe it. Some of the best vocals I've ever heard from them. It's just too good to pass up on.

17 Banish from Sanctuary

Banish From Sanctuary is one of my favorite BG songs - aggressive and fast. Love Hansi's raw voice and the solo is really amazing, too. The live version is even better - from 'Imaginations Through the Looking Glass'.

Amazing chorus, and the lyrics have a profound reflection on religion and intolerance.

The solo for this track is pure genius, one of the best and most memorable melodic speed metal solos in history.

18 Theatre of Pain
19 Ride Into Obsession

Best power metal song ever. Great tempo and amazing chorus!

20 Mordred's Song

The acoustic version of this song is the very best by Blind Guardian, in my opinion. Not by far, but it beats The Bard's Song.

Very good song, with beautiful melody and lyrics. Hansi could really transmit the feelings of Mordred and his fall as a knight.

Yes, the acoustic version is awesome too.

21 Imaginations from the Other Side

My Favorite Blind Guardian Song
It's criminally unjust to see it so low in the ranking. Song full of energy, a true power metal masterpiece.

This song is epic. I can't understand why it's so low on the ranking. It's my favorite Blind Guardian song.

This song hits you harder after 20+ years of listening to it, especially when you are 40. Happy birthday to me.

22 The Ninth Wave

Maybe the best from the 2015 album? Or The Throne? Or The Holy Grail? Or Sacred Mind? Or Distant Memories? I don't know - love them all! But I think The Ninth Wave is the most impressive.

The choir in the beginning is booming, ominous, and epic! The chorus is phenomenal, and the entire song is just one rollercoaster ride of awesome. This song is underrated.

This song is the first Blind Guardian song I ever heard, and it is still by far my favorite. It's unmatched in epicness by most other songs I've heard.

23 Turn the Page

Hello? Is it only me who loves this awesome song? This song is worth being in the top ten!

So much energy in this song! I'm also surprised this isn't higher up.

24 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

Brilliant song. Ah, Féanor, what have you done? Look. I understand you could not stand Fingolfin, but these were Morgoth's lies. Burning ships is never a good idea. I always thought you less of a fool.

This song I can listen to on eternal repeat and never does it get boring (along with Nightfall, Ninth Wave, Wheel of Time, Curse My Name, Prophecies, Lord of the Rings...). Well, one does not simply choose a single Blind Guardian favourite song - this would be a great sin. Blind Guardian are the Tolkiens of metal. No other band can do them justice in terms of complexity, variation, and lyrics. Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, and Nightwish come close, but are far from equal.

25 Secrets of the American Gods
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