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1 Skyscraper

This is definitely her best! Its her best charting song and her vocals were way over the top. The critics also praised her breathy vocals at the beginning and I personally honour her for hitting all the notes well- particularly towards the end of the song. She rocks! This is definitely her best! Its her best charting song and her vocals were way over the top. The critics also praised her breathy vocals at the beginning and I personally honour her for hitting all the notes well- particularly towards the end of the song. She rocks!

I believe that the lyrics to Skyscraper targets any audience. Not just teenagers. It personally makes me feel that I'm not the only one out there who is going through a painful experience. It allows me to believe that I could get through any hardships and struggles no matter what. That if I stay strong and believe I could overcome the conflict. Honestly my favorite song she has ever written.

Demi is certainly an inspiration and people that think that she can't sing, you have no talent yourself. Demi has taught me to be strong no matter what happens, bad or good. She has been through thick and thin, and I have been here since the start. I'm proud to say that Demi is my idol, and I personally don't care what other people think of her. She doesn't care either.

Stay Strong Demi Lovato, you are beautiful

I love this song! It has helped me so much. I have depression, and Demi is one of my saviors. In this song, she gives me courage. She is the person who tells me it's ok. That I can make it. She powers me through my darkest moments. There's a Demi song for every occasion, happy or sad. She taught me to love myself, and is the person who taught me how to be a Skyscraper.

2 Heart Attack

This song should totally be number 1! It's amazing! I love it so much! It's really great and the melody is just... I dunno how to describe it, it's practically just AWESOME! I listen to this song like... Every single day, I put it on repeat on my music library, it's the best song I've ever heard.

This song is the song that will further her career because it showcases her vocal range / ability while being catchy enough to become popular and sell well. This song shows how powerful her voice has the potential to be - like a mini Kelly Clarkson!

This song should be number 1! It is her best song yet! She is a very impressive singer. She can reach the high notes and the low notes! I think she is such a strong inspiration to everyone. She was bullied and fought against it as an adult! I love her!

I think this is Demi's best song so far, I love it when she sings the high notes. It should be a worldwide phenomenon (In my opinion). This songs show a great improvement of Demi's vocal range. Keep up the good work Demi!

3 Give Your Heart a Break

Hey guys this song rocks, this song was in the billboard too it was 16 or 15 number well. You can check it it is really awesome if you think your cool then must vote it. Cause it is the best. And I think this website is awesome and people should only come in this website cause it rocks babe!

Give your heart a break is the best song that I've ever heard in my whole life! I always listen to it and sing it all the time! I love the song and you! Love A.L.

I love Demi Lovato very much but after hearing this song I love her even more. She is fab in this song. She is my most favorite singer. She is awesome. She is the one who has many qualities like, she is a superb singer, she is beautifuland cute too. She never gives herself a break but in our break we enjoy her songs much and I love her so muchh...

This is for me my Fave Demi Song it's a inspiring song Actually it means something to me that Girls actually Care about the Fears that a Guy Has when your in a Relationship!

Sometimes our Hearts are so fragile if we make one wrong move it will Break our Hearts!

4 This is Me

The first song I've ever listened to of Demi Lovato's, and I have to say I love it! I loved the film too, Demi is such an amazing singer, she's got something different about her voice which makes her amazing.. Love Demi Lovato! She's the queen of Disney Channel! X

The best song sung by Demi Lovato! All her songs are very much meaningful and Demi's voice is just marvellous... She is one of my favourite singers. I would like to meet her if I can someday...

This song made me fall in love with her. I relate to it so well - it's basically my life. It was my favorite song in 2008 and it STILL is my favorite song - forever will be. It's just so beautiful.

Demi lavato has a very high voice and I like this song. It makes me feel like this is me it makes me feel like I'm me and don't be afraid to show the real you. This song inspired me this isba really good song I don't know why it came in third place. Demi Lavato rocks and she is so talented singer ever

5 La La Land

I love this song so much and it is really inspiring because like it's all about it doesn't matter what people think of you. I also love skyscraper heart attack and this is me but I had to pick one so this is my choice.

This song is one of my favorite songs. It says that even though she's famous, she's still herself. She's not always fancy dressed, she's still like she was before, and I love that about her!

I think that this is like... really cool. I love her pink wig in it! She's really amazing in that song. it tells the viewers about a superstar who wants her personal space. like when she just met that guy in the video their were pics of them in the magazines and all over. like come on! What the hell! 'she needs her space' is what the song wants to convey.

Demi is so awesome! This is my favourite song because you can really relate to it. She is just so awesome! More people need to know about her!

6 Confident

Love this song, first Demi song I ever bought! And is so true. What IS wrong with being confident?

Awesome song should at least be in the top twenties...

Deserves the top ten. It's powerful.

This is my favourite Demi song!

7 Stone Cold

Oh my God. How is this song so low on this list, not a hit and so underrated!
Guys, Please listen to 'Stone Cold'... A pure masterpiece by Demi. A strong, powerful and emotional ballad. It will make you cry and also realise the talent and potential of Demi (If you haven't already)! Listen to the live versions as well, it will leave you awe.

This made me cry. you know when you're singing silently but your chest and heart hurt so much because that song is so emotional? this song makes me break down in tears it's so mesmerizing. I expected this to be in top 10!

This should be at the top I just love how much love she applied to this song please. Bring it up.

Stone cold is the best Demi's ballad. This song should be number 1, no kidding!

8 Here We Go Again

It's such a good song.. In everyones life there is a person you really can't let go.. It as a very nicely written song and can only be sang by Special singers like her.. Forever Demi Lovato!

I think the best song of demi lovato is here we go again because I always ask myself why I always playing this song so I realize it's my favorite song ever! It has proper voice! Haha

Its an awesome song! This is rocking and could have been no1. She rocks like something and is amazing! I like demi! Rock demi rock!

This song make me shiver, it's just perfect. I love it SO MUCH, and her voice.. Oh my god, her voice...

9 Really Don't Care

All of her songs are rather good and she expresses her personality through them. But this one is not like her. Don't know what she was thinking. And yes it should never be in the top ten.

This song is just awesome because she says, even If the stars and moons collide
I never want you back into my life
U can take your words and all your lies
Oh, oh, oh, I really don't care!
Just makes me com out of depression!

This is why I started to like her. She should make a lot more songs like this and change her album name to Really Don't Care or a song that's even better. But in my opinion there's not.

Awesome song a lot of people can relate to it
It should be in the top 3 according to me
Love the beat and the rap part
The lyrics are great
The theme is also really awesome!

10 Don't Forget

This song is so powerful and a very meaningful song, this is the best song ever she wrote and sing!
Every time she perform this song called DON'T FORGET she cries.
She is so awesome singer and very talented girl. All the way demi lovato
We love you!

This song is so awesome she sings so well... And I love how she sang the song I have the song on my iPod and I listen to it everyday. It's so powerful and meaningful I love it so much. Great song Demi!

I LOVE the meaning of her songs- especially this one. The verses are so simple and the chorus is so powerful that makes this song simply amazing to hear.

This song is so beautiful and every time I hear it, my heart just starts breaking. It's one of my top 5 favorites by her for sure.

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11 Let It Go

Best song ever! It has cartoon mixed with real life acting and it sort of explains that you don't have to hold back your feelings and just let it all go

The song is amazing as usual, but the video is so Lovable.
I watched it 23 times and I'm still not gotten bored of it.

This is literally the best song ever written to be added in a cartoon film.
It's amazing.
Love you Demi!
You rock!

This should be on the top! This such an amazing song! You rock DEMI!

12 Warrior

This is my favorite song by Demi Lovato and my favorite song in the whole entire world. This song has such deep, personal, and emotional meaning to me. My life has been saved thanks to Demi speaking out about all the things that she's struggled with and this song has helped me to stay so strong and reminded me that "Now I'm A Warrior"!

Like many many other Demi songs, this song is absolutely incredible. From the first verse, I feel I can relate to this song. It's emotional and an absolutely breathtaking song to listen to. I can't wait to hear it live in June! This song has gotten me through so much and without this song, I wouldn't have joined the beautiful fandom of lovatics. I am so thankful for 'warrior', this song means the world to me and I think it needs to be a lot further up in the list, but, all of Demi's songs are absolutely amazing ❤️

This song is so incredibly beautiful I don't see how it's not in the top ten. Anyone going through a tough time can listen to this song and honestly it's so powerful It could help them. definitely one of her best songs.

Only 20? Seriously this is the best song of her guys! The lyrics are so strong and moving, and her voice ** this shows how strong demi is and the melody is simply awesome!

13 Get Back

What Makes this Song so great is that it's written by Demi Lovato Herself!

Really catchy song! Great beats, and lyrics by demi herself!

This is so amazing! This should be number 1!

14 Neon Lights

This song should be the first one of them all. It's the best song she has ever made. It has beat, and when you hear it, it makes you want to get up and dance. Baby when they look up at the sky, we'll be shooting stars just passin by! Best song, Demi.

This song is INCREDIBLE I love cool for summer, heart attack, something that we're not and really don't care too. I only heard this song recently and loved it. It's really upbeat and the video is AWESOME

I can sing this song really well and I know the lyrics really well! My friend told me that when I sing Neon lights, I sound like Demi.

This song is amazing its one of my favorites from her new album.

15 Fix a Heart

This is my favourite song at the moment (it changes a lot and mostly to Demi songs) because it's so soft and raw and honest. We all know and love Demi's belts, but this song shows a different side of her voice, a softer, quieter sound and it perfectly fits the heart-wrenching lyrics and melody of Fix a Heart.

The emotions that Demi put into this song make me love it even more. You can feel she's sincere. The first time I listened to it was when she made this video to her fans on her YouTube page and this song was in the background, It was in that moment I felt the love that Demi has for her fans!

Haha, I'm a guy and I played this at a party, in which everyone was intoxicated. It had like three men in tears. For that memory alone I voted for it. Demi Lovato is extremely underrated as an artist.

Holy cricket! This song is at no 33? This deserves to be in the top 10 at least!
It is so awesome, demi did an OUTSTANDING job! This song is just brilliant!
Love you demi, you rock!

16 Made in the USA

This is not made in China... (I'm just joking)... This is amazing song... Can't get out of my mind! No matter how far she go... I want the whole world to know, she's the best forever its made in the USA!

It's an amazing song! Demi is the best! The lyrics and music are heart touching! It should be in the top 10 songs. Please vote for it.

Damn please guys vote for this song this song should be in top 3 list. I just love the song and the video of it.

Awesome! Beautiful lyrics! Especially 'We touch down on the East Coast
Dinner on the sky rise
Winter is the best time for walking in the city lights'

'Baby, I'll bite the bullet
And take the blows for love'

17 Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry not sorry always makes you want to tell the teacher to raise her hand, before she talks to you.

It's got something about it that makes it worth listening to often

18 For the Love of a Daughter

Such a moving song. Her broken voice, the way you can feel her pain when she screams "don't you remember I'm your baby girl, how could you throw me right out of your world". This harsh moment is awesome. And those strong lyrics common guys this is probably the best song of demi lovato even if it's way more different than the others. Each time I listen to this song, it makes me cry so hard.

SO sad and yet so beautiful. I think it kind of shows what she had to deal with and how she just wanted her father to love her. It's very emotional and sad. I don't even think there are words to describe how perfect and opened it is. Great work Demi!

I think it's the best because it's so depressing but she sounds so good. I also think it's the best because if you really pay attention to it you will understand that she had trouble with her father and she's trying to tell us what the trouble is.

This is great and among the songs she sang, for me this is the most emotional because it shows her family background, and mostly her struggles with her father. This deserves to be at least in the top ten because it shows the DEMI LOVATO

19 Nightingale

Nightingale has such a fragile and powerful tune that makes me fall in live with it every time I listen to it. Demi poured her heart and soul into it. This song has a meaning that makes it twice as special as any other!

So touching, it really speaks of needing someone next to you that matters. She really outdoes herself vocally sounding sweet and fragile. This needs to be in the top ten at least

This is my favorite song on the Demi album. I adore this song and lyrics and it stuck with me for the longest. This should be in the top 10. #21 is such a disgrace to this beautiful song

Nightingale has a clear meaning and Demi knows the story behind the song, which you can hear in every single note. that's why I love this song so much!

20 Cool for the Summer

I think this is a successful attempt at pop music by Demi. It's catchy, powerful, and fun. I like the electric guitar in this song, and the synths during the chorus make it feel like a party.

The only thing that I don't like about this song is the bad word. My friend Keira is literally OBSESSED with this song. I am too.

This song needs votes! It's AMAZING, and so catchy I could listen to nothing else forever and all I would feel is bliss!

I don't understand why this song would be ranked so low. It's amazing, and amazing, and amazing. Try it, you would understand what I'm trying to say

21 Remember December

This is definitely her best what a great song! It really means a lot to me and you can tell she sings it with such emotion! I wish I could sing like her! This should be at number three in the list not six!

This shows her rocky side- which suits her voice so well! She should really do more songs like this, full of emotion and quality! This is definitely her best song by far- Well Done Demi! Xx

COME ON, 17? Are you kidding me?Well, Demi was so sweet and all good before she became mainstream (yes, talking about unbroken and the rest) and this is a song we should give credit to.

It is so catchy and reminds us of younger Demi, before her first go at rehab.

22 Gift of a Friend

That's the best song describe your love for your friends. I just love this song because I love my friends very much... I often sing the song to them and they also love the song... "sometimes you think you'll be fine by urself cause dream is a wish that you make all alone, it's easy to feel like you don't need help, but it's harder to walk on your own... "

Best song ever love you demi! I I always dedicate this song to my friends... this song is awesome... no word can describe how good the lyrics and music R. If I were to rate this song I would have given 101 out of 100! Demi you simply rock, just keep going we are always with you.

I love this song demi is amazing and I love her. Could you add made in the USA cause I love that tack and I can't get enough of it. Demi your an inspiration to all and I love you. You are truly amazing and honestly, this song makes me think about my best friend.

Why this song can't caught anyone's attention? I love this song (the music & the lyrics) so much! Anyone who love to listen to demi lovato's song must listen to this!

23 Lionheart

I heart this song, it's so catchy. Demi's voice in this song is so powerful. Should be higher! Come on guys!

31st? Seriously? This one was the best track on Demi's latest album.

This song is really one of the standouts of this album!

My second favorite song by Demi.

24 Every Time You Lie

This is one of the best demi songs ever and the thing which makes it really good is that it is different from other songs.. Listening to Every time you lie has a different feeling, which I thing anyone would like... So on the whole, I love demi... She's my inspiration and I love this song! Demi, don't pay attention to the haters, they are just jealous of your talent! Keep on rocking! With love, Sazuna

I am so glad this song is in the top 10, I still think it can do better than #9... This song displays Demi's vocal talent and her personality as a performer beautifully.. She can pull of ANY genre. HWGA was Demi's best album in my opinion, I love give your heart a break and skyscraper... Her camp rock songs had good vocals but weren't DEMI.

I love this song, probably my favorite of Demi's because it had this amazing swingy, jazzy feel to it, and it just shows how versatile and classic her voice is! The music is just so great, and I get so transported to the 50's. Reminds me so much of my childhood friend who's in love with my best friends, but he lies to me and says he doesn't love her, even though he's pretty much addicted (;

This should be number one. Perfect song to get over someone. This is definitely one of my favorite songs that she has ever made. It has great emotion in it and that's all her.

25 Kingdom Come

"Skyscraper" used to be my favorite Demi's song. This one is not exactly the same kind, but the structure, rhythm and air are so entertaining... I think "Kingdom Come" is underrated (like "Lionheart").

Love love love this song! Beautiful! Her voice so full of passion which is rare for artists these days

This song rocks! Demi please make music video of this song.

Amazing song! It deserves more recognition!

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