Top 10 Best Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy is one of the best headphone and earphone manufacturer and the best thing about it is that each product offers high quality sound at a reasonable price.
The Top Ten
1 Skullcrusher

Though skullcandy is garbage with poor quality, this is probably best, but still pretty bad.

Bought these recently. Sound is awesome and really comfortable

Their sound is great

2 Mix Master

Originally wanted the crushers but got these instead. Awesome decision on my parents behalf. I think the price difference between the crushers and the M. M could play into affect.

I love them... Better than beats

3 Hesh

Amazing and top quality sound. Nice and fitting. Great for comfort.

Cool bass and treble

4 Roc Nation Aviator
5 Double Agent
6 Crushers

Bass is the highlight of this headphone, but you can still expect good vocals and clarity. VERY happy with these, comfort is pretty decent, not great. Excellent for watching movies.. You feel the explosions in action scenes, without the need to turn up the volume too loudly.


I already got the Skullcandy Immersive Bass Headphone Crushers for my birthday and it cost like $149.00

Have you even listened to this bass?

7 Hesh 2.0

Hesh 2 is a major improvement over the original Hesh, and over many other Skullcandy headphones. I don't know much about specs, but these sound fantastic and are some of my favorite headphones I own.

8 Lowrider
9 Uprock

Very rare headphones. I got these for free along with the Ipad I bought. This is so awesome you could really feel the bass drop.

I too have these in blue color and the bass is really really awesome.

These headphones are awesome! Yeah!

Hey this is too cool for any songs

10 Ink'd 2 Earpiece
The Contenders
11 Cassette
12 Titan
13 50/50
14 Navigator

Man, I love these guys. They're comfortable, stylin', and the sound is great! Especially the bass here. Finally! My skullcandy headphones have bass!

Very good headphones, comfortable and stylish, very nice sound quality. Would recommend to a anyone looking for some headphones to be stylish

Best headphones ever I got it as a gift and have been using it ever since

15 Uproar
16 Grind

Comfortable and great sound quality. Has good looks.

Amazing sound quality.

17 Plyr 1

Wireless over-ear headphones especially made for gaming. They are compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

18 Phase

Just love these. I agree. The phase is an amazing product by skullcandy, and since we have low budget, I feared I'd never get quality headsets, but I was wrong. Its stylish, its cool, it sounds positively boss, what more does it need?

I love these got em for about $15 and their quality should make em at least 30 bucks. complete recommendation to low budgeters who are looking for the quality they deserve

Completely boss. I love the price and quality.

19 Icon

Icons are amazing snowboarding headphones so they should be in the top ten on this list

20 Smokin Buds 2
21 Heavy Medal
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