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1 Clouds Over California

In my humble opinion, there should be a tie for first among most of these songs, except for bound by the moon.

This is Devildriver in a nutshell. Heavy, in your face. Dez and the boys excel on this one

2 End of the Line

Definitely my favorite song from Devildriver. It is their opening song for live shows, which is smart because the beginning is very silent and then slowly goes towards heavy metal and BAM, there you go, you have an awesome pit!

Clouds over California is a bit overrated in my opinion. Definitely the best intro of any DevilDriver song.

Definitely the best song played live!

3 Daybreak
4 Pray for Villains
5 Hold Back the Day

Beast chorus. Enjoy the citation. This should be top 5, maybe top 3.

This just awesome

6 I've Been Sober

Wow! I recommend this song to all! Everything about this song is great. Melodic Heavy Metal at its very best. The intro and outro are insane! Not their heaviest stuff but it's my favorite tune by DevilDriver. TEACH ME TO WHISPER and KNEE DEEP should be a lot higher on the list as well!

Are you serious!
This song should at least be in the top 5!
The solo and chorus is amazing
But DevilDriver is general is awesome

I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful outro in my life. If anyone has an outro you think is better one I'd love to hear it

My favourite songs, maybe top 10.

7 Horn of Betrayal

Wicked powerful, lyrics are sweet.
Super strong lyrics, musical composition, and song all the way through.

8 Grinf***ed
9 Not All Who Wander are Lost

Great song! Cool music video too! I CANNOT believe this song is not in the top ten!

10 I Could Care Less

It's a really cool track, It also sounds like there's a hint of clean singing at the very beginning, which I think it's the only song that DD has done with clean vocals.

Sick!... Total apathy listen this...

Would be in my top 5

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11 Head On to Heartache (Let Them Rot)
12 Trust No One
13 Dead to Rights

Heard this for the first time in the radio last night, fell in love with DevilDriver instantly.

This song is so excellent, specially in the drums! John Boecklin is an amazing drummer!

Not nearly as good as previous albums. the song ripped apart should definitely be in here somewhere

14 Ghost Riders in the Sky
15 For What It's Worth
16 Cry for Me Sky

Love the Heavy riffs

17 Shudder
18 Forgiveness is a Six Gun

The breakdown at 2:22 is cool. DevilDriver is hands down my favorite band!

19 Sail

Cool cover song. I like this version better than the original.

20 Back With a Vengance

Should be top 10.

21 Bitter Pill
22 Swinging the Dead
23 Ruthless

Best metal song 2013

24 The Appetite

This one will definitely take over clouds over California or go 2nd place, you should listen to it!

Such an awesome song, the music video is basically like a day in my life and the life of my friends

25 I Dreamed I Died

A very original song, it has such a unique rhythm and should be in top 10 for sure!

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