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1 X Gon' Give It to Ya

One of the first rap songs I ever heard.. this 'Lose Yourself' and 'Changes' were all I bumped until 'In the Club' and 'Goldigger' came along. Only got into pac, rap and biggie at 19 LOL - but *this* and 'Party Up' were the

back in the day. Always will have love for X! He connects to my childhood. Great song!

This is the catchiest DMX song, It is also his best, he is rep himself

Catchy song. No wonder it's in Deadpool.

2 Slippin'

This should easily be #1. Ruff Ryder's anthem and x gon give it to are both great but this song is just so deep. Not only that but it's very catchy. Should be number 1 in my opinion.

Easily one of the greatest rap songs ever made, the meaning behind it is really one to take note of.

It's just his life, many can relate to parts, maybe not all of it... It's real all across America it's LIFE!

3 Ruff Ryders' Anthem

Stop, drop, shut 'em down open up shop
Oh, no
That's how Ruff Ryders roll

Love the song, and love some O.G rap.

This song was the one that put him on another level, blew up after this

4 Party Up (Up in Here)

Not one of his lyrically best songs but one of his best mainstream songs. This song is different from his usually grittier and darker songs. It just seems x was just having some fun when he was writing this. This song just pumps you up.

5 Damien

The storytelling on this track is just amazing. Through the change in pitch of his voice, DMX can tell such a compelling and chilling story. This story is reflective of hood life in the etho, the fight between your conscience and the devil.

This song is the prime example of DMX's ability to tell a moral story. The struggle between the conscience and the devil

6 Where the Hood At

Great dissing. Other version than dirty is not worth listening to. Anti-homo, just as you'd expect from a real rapper.

My favorite song! It's one of those songs that gets you're head rocking and everything!

This song really needs to be higher on the list. Great song!

7 We Right Here

Easily his most killer track out of all the music he has made!

8 Lord Give Me a Sign

I'm not Christian but I must admit that 'Lord Give Me a Sign' is an EXCEPTIONAL song. It's a must listen for the hip-hop fans.

One of his deepest songs. So much emotion. deserves to be a lot higher

9 I Can Feel It

This is better than Phil Collins; his Is so slow and this is up beat! But that's just my opinion

This should be a little lower considering its using old beats but decent lyrics

10 Look Thru My Eyes
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11 How's It Goin' Down
12 I'ma Bang

His most underrated song it goes hard!

13 Damien 3
14 The Omen

This one is the second installment of the Damien series and everyone sleeps on this song, In my opinion it should be in the top ten because the song grows on you the beat is good and he even gets a feature from Marylin Manson himself I recommend a listen.

15 Stop Being Greedy

I like how he switches his voice from bad to good and this awesome to play when its night time

16 F*****' Wit' D
17 Get at Me Dog

I'm suprised that this song is not even words can describe how monumental this song is

18 Let Me Fly
19 Who We Be

This track should be in the main Top 10 list, though I wish for it to be #4 or #3, which may not be possible according to other music-related websites polling DMX's hit tracks. Damn shame.

Underrated song probably, one of his quite nice sounding and catchy ones. I would put it higher, maybe not absolute top or even top 10 but at least quite high. But for myself it's like the number 5 song from DMX I think.

20 X-Is Coming

This should be way higher on the list, higher than X Gon' Give it to Ya. It just shows what X willing to do to thrive, making sure people know their place.

21 Coming From
22 One More Road to Cross
23 What's My Name?

Shocked that this is not higher up. I used to hear this being played all over the place in the 90's. Was a hit so should be top 10 at least.

By far his best track, I'm really surprised this and Blackout aren't higher up

24 Already
25 Get It on the Floor
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