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1 Theme of Laura

This is my favorite song of all time. Silent Hill 2's soundtrack is perfect. Literally, there is nothing I do not like about this game's music. Every single song is wonderful in its own unique way. But Theme of Laura trumps them all.

It isn't just a beautiful representation of the inner struggles of the game's characters as well as the melancholy themes of Silent Hill in general, this is a beautiful representation of life to me. Theme of Laura is one of those rare instances where you could listen to it in nearly any scenario and it would fit.

The song wonderfully captures nearly every emotion on the spectrum: sadness, peace, happiness, fear, angst, and so on. It is perhaps the greatest comment Akira Yamaoka has ever worked on. Silent Hill 2 is one of the greatest games of all time, and the soundtrack is a perfect example as well.

2 Silent Hill

Simply awesome. Scary, melodic, and fits perfectly to the world of Silent Hill. Every time I listen, I want to travel there. The music is a huge part of this game saga.

3 Promise

It's the perfect song to feel scared, lonely, and distressed. You have to listen to it with headphones, walking in the rain or at night.

It's an amazing song for survival horror, a perfect combination of terror and sweetness. You'll have to listen to it.

One of the only things on God's green Earth that can make me cry.

4 You're Not Here

There are many great songs when it comes to Silent Hill, but this will always stand high and close to my heart. It defines the whole game perfectly, the kind of game that circles around a character you can't help but grow attached to. I mean, she's Cheryl reincarnated, then takes back her true self to accept that there's no reason to run or hide.

I'd never skip the song in the intro to SH3 because I enjoy it too much, and it all goes together. Heather has no more time for tears, like the song says. She goes through hell, beats god, remembers her dad, and looks towards what's ahead. The song will always remind me of Heather and always of this great game. It deserves to remain as a favorite.

5 Room of Angel

Eerie, depressive, cruel, and extremely beautiful song. I have no doubt: this one is the best.

6 Acceptance

Time flows. Nobody knows. The saddest song ever.

7 Hell Frozen Rain
8 Waiting For You
9 I Want Love

That's such an underrated Silent Hill track! It sounds so good, like an actual band. It deserves to be in the top five at least.

10 True

It's my favorite song ever. Don't judge it too quickly and listen to it more and more.

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11 Shot Down in Flames
12 Betrayal

Creepy, ambient, emotional, and terrifying... is that not what Silent Hill is all about? This track manages to capture what this series is - and SHOULD be - perfectly.

13 One More Soul to the Call
14 Your Rain
15 Hometown
16 Lisa's Theme (Blood Tears)

I really wish this was on the main list because it is a very calming song that has emotion.

17 O.R.T.
18 The Terminal Show

You can really tell that you'll get a good emotional story with this soundtrack.

19 When you're gone
20 Not Tomorrow
21 Hole in the sky
22 Killing Time
23 Always on My Mind
24 End of Small Sanctuary
25 Alex Theme
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