Top 10 Best Jane's Addiction Songs

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1 Three Days

This is a masterpiece, as long as the drug fuelled orgy that inspired, even more astounding when listened to with And She Did (died). It's one long eulogy to Xiola when you listen to both songs together. And his mother... Amazing... Craps on bean caught stealing

It's either this one or "Then she did" for me. Both are masterpieces and I can't believe "Then she did" isn't even on the list. Anywho... This one is amazing as well.

This is miles better than Been Caught Stealing!
One of the greatest, (if not the greatest) rock songs of all time.

2 Jane Says

This song is far superior to been caught stealing, been caught stealing is catchy, but this song has a better rhythm, it's really a true work of art.

For some reason the live version is better than the radio version. Also this song gives me nostalgia.

I didn't even know they had another hit besides Jane says.

3 Been Caught Stealing

This song has dogs barking... What else do you need to know?

4 Stop
5 Mountain Song
6 Ted, Just Admit It...

This song's got it all. Groove, great drums/bass, fast high-energy ending, and 100% Janes.

Bass line says it all. The groove in this song is just so amazing.

7 Ocean Size

Always surprised this doesn't get as much love as it should. Massive song

The intro is so powerful!

Ocean size kicks butt.

8 Classic Girl
9 Then She Did

Such a beautiful song. Guitar in middle of this song is full of textures. should be second only behind masterpiece Three Days

This song is so beautifully sad. It should be higher on the list!

10 Had a Dad
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11 I Would for You
12 Just Because

I was a little sketchy about janes addiction until I heard this song. The bass and guitar riff is amazing, and Perry's vocals have never been better. Absolute favorite song of theirs

Their best song and might even be in top 20 songs of all time. The guitar licks are everywhere and the vocals are a classic.

All I can say is... One of the BEST songs I have ever heard!

13 Irresistible Force

The irresistible force met the immovable object.

Banging, banging, banging and banging together.

Just because it is new it doesn't mean it doesn't rock. I think it should be on the top 10.

This song is so boss! I can't get enough of it.

14 True Nature

Navarro's guitarsound in that bridge section is absolutely amazing. And what a powerful riff too.

Very catchy and good. I love the guitar riff.

15 Standing in the Shower... Thinking
16 Summertime Rolls
17 Obvious
18 Whores

Great solo early in the song, cool riff!

19 Idiots Rule
20 Ain't No Right
21 No One's Leaving
22 Pigs in Zen

How did no one think of Pigs In Zen? This song is so rocking! One of their best songs by far.

Great song. It deserves more recognition.

23 End to the Lies
24 Superhero

Great album, but I always thought this song was one of the lesser ones on Strays.

25 The Riches
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