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Top 10 songs of this punk rock band. If you don't agree, add your favourite songs and help to expand and proove this list, they have many other good songs...
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1 Only One

In an interview with MTV News in May 2004, Yellowcard vocalist Ryan Key revealed that a riff for "Only One" was discovered by accident.
He said, "We were testing something else out and just tracked it right away. We then added a drum loop to it and just kept adding tracks. We built it track by track in the studio, and we've never really done that before." Key also noted that the song was based on one of his previous relationships; "It was a weird breakup. It was one of those where I felt like I had to do it, even though she didn't do anything wrong. I just needed some space to figure life out for a while on my own. And I think that's what the song says."

2 Ocean Avenue

I first heard this song when I was in first grade, before I barely knew what music was. I fell in love with it, it quickly became my favorite song. To this day, it is still my favorite. It's amazing.

YEAH! This song should be number one by a long shot. The instrumentals to this song are awesome and the lyrics. This may be the best break up and make up song ever!

It's a really good song. Very rhythmic, creative with a good ending and the fact that Ryan sung very well in this song, this song should be the best song.

3 Way Away

Best song Yellowcard ever made. Period. I mean all of their songs are just plain AWESOME, but this one right here tops them all.

Number 14?! Are you serious, this song is their best! Incredible intro., bass, vocals... Everything about this is amazing!

Definitely top ten. Good violin intro and a really catch chorus.

4 Breathing

How am I supposed to feel about the things I've done?
I don't know if I should stay or turn around and run
I know that I hurt you, things will never be the same
The only love I ever knew, I threw it all away

When I'm about to cry, I just listen to this awesome song...

Its just the best song I've ever heard..
Listen it when you down, and the song will raise you up..

This should be higher! This song is really awesome!

5 Lights and Sounds

Haven't stopped loving this song since I heard it on Burnout Revenge. You can't get this out of your head! Love it.

Coolest song ever... You can just go all out on this song... It can really set the mood

Stop trun take a look around all the lights and sounds! Just awesome son

6 For You, and Your Denial

This is one of the best songs I have ever heard and its one of my favourite all time. I think it deserves to be number 1 or 2. Because everything about this song is simply amazing!

A 20-hour flight halfway across the world. Bored. Go to music selections. Best song I've ever heard on an airplane. Hell, this song is just purely incredible and magnificent.

Haven't stopped listening to this song ever since I was introduced to it! the awesome violin solo and ridiculously catchy beat makes it one of their best by far.

7 Sing for Me

Was searching high and low for the perfect song for the Father Daughter dance at my wedding. I was obsessed with Yellowcard as a kid, and decided to see if anything would work. I listened to this song and tears started rolling down my face. It describes my relationship with my dad perfectly!

Such an inspirational song! Especially if you watch the official music video for it. It's all about staying positive even though you may be going through difficult times. Just persevere, work hard, and you'll make it through. I love listening to this song whenever I need motivation.

8 Empty Apartment

Seriously? This song is so awesome.. It's the song that actually made me fall in love with yellowcard in the first place.. People should start appreciating good music instead of the just the most popular singles..

This is a very emotional song by Yellowcard and is my top favorite. Howcome it's just in top 23!? Come on guys I don't think you people never heard of this song or this is just so underrated.

This song is so deep, it just speaks volumes even though it's so quiet. One of my favourite Yellowcard songs for sure.

9 Fighting

How is this not number 1? The only song that could possibly be considered higher than this song is Ocean Avenue because this song is highly addictive. This song is at least top three material!

I just had to vote this one up, although I was very tempted to go for Gifts and Curses, that probably their one, complex layered song. But I honestly like this song better than Ocean Avenue. Anyone who hasnt heard this, obviously check it out

This is truly one of the best songs from the early 2000s, not just by Yellowcard, by any band. It pumps me up and gets me excited!

10 Here I Am Alive

Oh my god! This song is so good It really picks you up when you feel down. For me it's an inspirational song and it has absolutely great lyrics and great tune! Just listen to it and see what you think because this song should definitely be in the top ten! Please vote an get this to numbe one!

I know this may sound lame but this is the first song I've heard of Yellowcard and so far this is the most memorable song so far. I love the tune. I love the beat. I love everything about this song. Should definitely belong in the Top 10

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? Cut Me, Mick
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11 Light Up the Sky

How come this song is not even in the top 10? should be at least top 3 after ocean avenue and only one dude..

The lyrics have so much meaning and power! The guitar in the beginning is awesome! I'm surpised it's not higher on the list!

Ah! This is like my #1 favorite song by them I think this one should be in the top 5!

12 Believe

It's beautiful, you know? This song got me into Yellowcard. Just listen to it. The lyrics are so meaningful and the song is so catchy. And the guitar playing is just epic.

Needs to be way higher on the list, I'm sorry guys. The other songs are wonderful, but this song tops all. It's deep with the great violin and vocals, you can't go wrong with this one

This song is so much better than its low percentage of votes say, if it's in the top 5 on spotify I expect it to at least be in the top ten here.

13 Rough Landing, Holly

Just the perfect song...!
Love the lyrics too. Should be up on the list man...

We came down to watch the world walk by
And all she found was trouble in my eyes
From the sky, she pulled me down tonight
Let her go!

Are you guys crazy! This is Awesome song man. I still can't stop listening to it. The yellowcard fans plese vote it up, it has a top 5 quality. My top 10's are>>>>>>

1) Rough landing. Holly
2) Hollywood died
3) Believe
4) Breathing
5) For You, and Your Denial
6) Miles Apart
7) Lights and Sounds
8) Way Away
9) Fighting
10) Keeper


Rough landing holly is a mix of a crazy stuff song with a hint of a bit of love in it too.

14 Holly Wood Died

This song is the best song by them, because it has an epic guitar part, an epicly incredible chorus, a guitar solo, which is rare for them, and an incredible outro that left me waiting for the next album.

Fantastic track with a brilliant outro for the whole album.

Accidents out on the highway... What a voice. I am totally spoiled by this song

15 The Takedown

Holy Moly! I started air drumming so hard when I first heard this song that I almost crashed my car! The first track on one of their most underrated albums, this is easily one of their best! The drums and the grittyness of the guitar just proves Yellowcard is still the greatest!

16 Awakening

This Song... It was great. Awakening is a song that gives me energy, power. It is a song that makes me believe I can go on, even when everything around me tells me it is impossible. This song may not be the one with most meaning, or even the best lyrics. But it is the one that speaks to the raw stream of energy inside you, that makes you get out of your bed and face another day. And that is what music SHOULD do to you.

COME ON PEOPLE! This song is perfect!
How can this not be in the top 10? This song speaks to my soul. From the moment I heard the first note, I loved it. It's catchy, exploding with talent and power, Yellowcard's ultimate best song.

17 Always Summer

This is the best song ever! It has the best violin solo I've ever heard. This is a really fast and fun, upbeat song. This is my #1!

Great Violin Solo.. Something that you don't hear in pop rock genres... Great and unique style.

18 Ten

If this song doesn't end up getting top ten, I will be thoroughly surprised. This song made me cry. It was the highlight of Southern Air for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is moving.

This song is so emotional but original. Not a cliche song about a relationship, but a unique beautiful one about a miscarriage

Such a beautiful and really sad though.

19 Shadows and Regrets

... This song at under 30? Man Just listen to it once! For me, it's top 5 material. Alt Rock at its best!

What a chorus. The tune of the song is just awesome. You can't stop singing this one

Amazing lyrics. Nice acoustic guitaring. Amazing Song. Deserves top 10.

20 Afraid
21 What Appears
22 Rest in Peace
23 Hang You Up

Too bad this song is not popular, it's actually a really good song, I recommend people to listen this.

This is a great song.. Should be much higher in ranking...
Awesome song.. Must be heard once by every1

Reminds me of my little friend. It totally describes my relationship with him

24 Life of a Salesman

I relate so much to this song. My dad showed me a photo of myself when I was little standing on the beach and how precios that moment was to him. I miss him a lot.

25 Sleep In the Snow

I can't believe this is so low.. Such a great song.

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