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1 Inis Mona

Very much glad that this song is on the top because this songs deserved it, the music that Eluveitie make is something unique, pretty amazing... Especially in this song the melodic tone of bagpipe, hurdy gurdy & the thundering sounds of guitar adds a ton to it. ELUVEITIE ROCKS!

Inis Mona is a wonderful folk metal song. I mean the music is extraordinary. There's electric guitars being backed up by Bagpipes!

Nothing to say, just superb. And most importantly, the flute. Woh, mindblowing... Mindblowing. What a use of flute, what a combination. Hats off boss, just hats off. Inis mona is really best.

2 A Rose for Epona

Its an awesome song... Beautiful music and wonderful vocals.
Every time I hear this song I feel as if I am in paradise.
I started loving this band after listening to this song.
It definitely remains as one of the best track I have ever heard in my life..
Definitely should be in top 3

The last stuff my crush made me listen to, almost leaves me in tears when I listen to it now
But frankly, the words are lovely. The vocals are just incredible.
Love it, and perplexes me to find this beautiful song at #7, come on!

One of the most beautiful songs of Eluveitie.
It has charming music, that envolves anyone.
Perfect lyrics, so touching.
And a lovely voice that matches perfectly with the music and lyrics.

3 Calling the Rain

This song is a masterpiece. Perfect blend of traditional (bag pipes) and modern instruments. Doesn't matter if I'm tired or hyped up. This song works every where.

Unique creation... Something that is great to listen to at all moods (sad, happy, angry, lively)... Definitely the best of Eluveitie (my favorite band)...

The beginning is just amazing with the bagpipes and the guitar merging together... Simply beautiful.

4 The Call of the Mountains

I can't believe this is at 22! One of the best songs in the genre of Folk Metal. Beautiful, rallying lyrics with powerful music. Absolutely deserves to be in the top 10

A great song with Anna Murphy on vocals. Bombastic, uplifting and everything that a folk metal song should be.

This song should be a lot higher! Its perfect!

5 Rebirth
6 Tegernakô

A fantastic flok song with heavy metal! Definitely no. 1 for me!
I personally love all eluveitie songs, but tegernako stands out!

Perfect sync of instruments, absolute masterpiece.

Such a beautiful track with an awesome feel as well!

7 Thousandfold

The song that got me into the folk metal genre... This should be Up high along with Inis mona if not above it.. The songs like A rose for epona and calling etc are great but they don't hold a candle to Thousandfold

No doubt 'Inis Mona' is the best Eluveitie song..
But 'Thousandfold' should be at third position after 'Calling the Rain'..
'Siraxta' is also a very good, it should be much higher up in this list..
Honorable mention - 'A Rose foe Epona'...

This song is so awesome it grooves my senses and increases my dopamine level so high man this song is best song of the eternity... !

8 Ambiramus

With the new album now out Ambirambus has just driven itself into my head and won't leave. Some people may groan at it's more poppier structure, but honestly it's just a wonderfully delightful song. It just makes me want to get up and dance, And considering that this is Eluveitie we're talking about here, every song makes you want to get up and dance, that's saying something!

9 Slania (Folk Medley)
10 Slania's Song

This song is the best!
It deserves at least the 2nd place... This song always make me feel like I'm on the top of a scandinavian mountain.. HAIL!

The Contenders
11 Epona
12 Uis Elveti

Very epic song! The instrumental part in the middle of the song is just epic! This is my second favorite after Inis mona. This song should be second on the list!

For me, they Best song Of Eluveittie. I have not words yo describe this song. Just epic.

13 Gray Sublime Archon

Awesome. The song is so good and way better than thousandfold. Should be a bit higher

14 Isara

It's as if the music is telling a happy story, but makes you sad inside. Really awesome, makes the mood go up.

Epic song... Makes us cry inside... I mean what great intro played... My lord its just awesome awesome good/...

I listen to this at least once a day... It's amazing... Don't know what it's doing here in twelfth...

15 Setlon

All of their folk instrumental songs are great, but this one just stands out.

You'r gonna find yourself headbanging when you are listening instrumental song. This is all I can say about this song!

16 King

First song I heard from them and my mind exploded. I lost the count on how many times in a row I listened to this song that same day. Perfect solo sync (violin - flute) Masterpiece.!

This song is probably one of the best I have ever heard in my entire life, so melody, every time I listen to this song gives me goosebumps.

An awesome song with the combination of heaviness and melody in it.

17 The Slumber
18 Luxtos

Just amazing, chills every time. My personal favorite, but at least top 5.

Please listen to this song before voting.. It's my humble request!

For me this will always be their best song.

19 Quoth the Raven

This one Is the Best Eluveitie song! It will sooth your heart! If you hear Eluveitie songs and want to judge them, you must listen to this one, Thousandfold, Of fire, wind and wisdom!

Love the violin on this one, great song.! Love Anna's growls too. Masterpiece!

20 Threefold Death
21 Sempiternal Embers

I don't know why nobody added this song yet... The bagpipe work is just awesome... Try out this one.. Guys..

22 The Somber Lay

When I first listened through Slania (my favourite album of theirs), this one somehow slipped past my radar, and I don't know how. My attention was drawn to songs like Gray Sublime Archon, Slania's song and Calling the Rain.

After listening through the album many times over, this one has become one of my favourites. The melody for this song has merged itself with the grey matter of my brain and refuses to leave. It is going to be in my head forever. Makes me kind of sad that their set lists get dominated by the most recently released albums, because it means I probably won't ever get a chance to hear this live.

23 Deathwalker
24 Alesia

The perfect combination of Anne's vocals and death growling. I have never heard a more heavenly combination of voices.
And the music is completely out of this world.
I fell in complete love with this song the first time I heard it, and it is my favourite song by eluveitie

I'm in love with this song! Masterpiece!

21! You have to be kidding me! Unreal!

25 Omnos

Why not top 10? It's my favourite of them.

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