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1 Illmatic

Top 3 couldn't be any more accurate. Illmatic is the greatest Hip Hop album ever, even though there is 10 tracks. Stillmatic and It Was Written are also brilliant. Nas is one of the greatest.

To me this is the greatest Rap album ever made. There's many amazing albums but I consider Illmatic the best one there's nothing like it. There's Illmatic and there's everything else.

Greatest hip hop album ever made. When I tell people about it they think differently and say if it's the best why haven't they heard of it. While they're listening to yung money. Hip hop is definitely dead

2 It Was Written

This album is better then Illmatic in my opinion. No hate on Illmatic, absolutely love the album but it was written has more songs and The Message is one of my personal favourites by Nas.

This is a great album with songs like "The Message" and "If I Ruled the World". Perhaps it shouldn't be ahead of "Stillmatic" but it is still a great album.

In my honest opinion this is Nas best album. Every song is flawless. I think from a lyrical stand point Nas is at his best here.

3 Stillmatic

Best diss track (ether), top five ever nas song (one mic), two great political hip hop tracks (what goes around, rule), most underrated nas song (got yourself a gun), and arguably his best production to date. A textbook nas album.

Stillmatic is a great album. This was when he was beefing with Jay-Z and he destroyed Jay-Z with his track "Ether" and the real standout song was "One Mic". One Mic is one of the best songs I have ever heard.

The most underrated album of all time. It has some top songs and it has sold a lot of records. It is just as good as Illmatic!

4 Life Is Good

Absolutely seller album! Behind Illmatic, this album ties for second place with The 18th Letter/Book of Life. Nasty, but classy, this album has everything you need. It has its share of everything good in hip hop: Hardcore, classy, nostalgia (lots of it), love and breakup, dealing with issues, and the party jam (sorta breaks the flow of the album, although I liked it some people hate it). All that makes the pot of Life is good with a flavor of Nas and a touch of soul. 18 classics, each with their own spirit and meaning. Competing with The Lost Tapes, I'd say this album has the best production/beats (even though no DJ Premier). Although we have 4 years yet, I'd say album of the decade, barely edging out Good Kid m.a.a.d City. Deluxe edition is an absolute must.

Top Tracks Include (In no order): Loco-Motive, Accident Murderers, Daughters, You Wouldn't Understand, Back When, The Don, Stay, Cherry Wine (R.I.P Amy Winehouse), Bye Baby, Nasty and Roses (Best Track).

5 God's Son

I can see Illmatic and It Was Written up there... but Stillmatic is overrated and I'd move God's Son up also you guys are sleeping on Street's Disciple (I know it's not top 5 but better than Untitled, HipHop is Dead, and Distant Relatives)

This album is great from track 1 to the end. Nas proves that he is gods son. This is not as good as illmatic or stillmatic but is still a must buy. Top tracks 1) Made You Look 2) Thugz Mansion 3) I can 4) Mastermind

This album is so underrated. So many emotions, with his mother passing away. The song dance is definitely one of the most emotional nas songs you will ever hear.

6 The Lost Tapes

I think this is the most underrated album by Nas. Some of the tracks on it show that he has more talent than most rappers and I think it was this album that made me recognize him as truly one of the greatest rappers of all time.

It's not my favorite, but I already agree with the top 3, and than I had to think if to vote for this or to God's Son, and I chose this because there is just no way that I Am is better!

My favorite Nas album. Lyrically he is off the chain and the beats are perfect. Just perfect. This is a really chill album. Love it.

7 I Am...

I Am... is a mad album and should be more praised in the legendary albums of all time! Nas is without a doubt the greatest rapper of all time, it is a masterpiece in Hip Hop

I Am is really good, and the song "Nas is Like" really improves this album. This is not the best rap album of 1999, but Nas is Like is the best rap song of 1999.

The second finest Nas album because of Illmatic. This is a great album to listen to in the car, because of the lyrical and beat songs

8 Hip Hop Is Dead

Still Dreaming is the highlight on this album which overall is just underrated in general. People think he took a commercial approach with this, not at all, it's all a part of his evolution in sound

Probably Nas' most underrated album, this is brilliant, not really a bad song, and it's probably top 5 for me. Not outstanding but deserves more praise.

It was with definitely Jam so it was frowned upon, but it still had a few good tracks like Playa to Playa and also the great hit Hip Hop Is Dead!

9 Distant Relatives

This album is one of the view by Nas that can be enjoyed by people who don't even like rap. Not saying his other albums are bad, but I wouldn't feel weird playing this around my friends who hate rap music.

It's arguable whether Illmatic is the best or not but I do think that Distant Relatives should be up there. Very underrated album.

Love this album! It just preaches such an amazing message. Its literally like philosophy! Seriously underrated!

10 King's Disease III
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11 Untitled

His latest album which is so underrated. Hero is a mad song and should be played on the radio! Some great appearances by other pop artists as well!

A great album way ahead of its time and should be cherished as one of Nas' finest work!

Nas' most political album. Gets a little more hate than it deserves.

12 King's Disease II
13 Street's Disciple

Street's Disciple is Nas' most slept on album, and his best since Illmatic. Like his debut, it features a cohesive and uncompromising artistic vision, which he started on God's Son. The elements that are carried over from God's Son are refined, and he expresses far greater maturity on it.

Has gotten less media attention than his other albums, therefore Street's Disciple is often overlooked/forgotten definitely deserves to be number 5.

I think I stopped playing this album once I heard the line "I treat the nipples like pimples to get the puss, get it? ". So much cringe.

14 Magic
15 Nasir

I have enjoyed listening to NASIR, a new but similar kind of Nas with a mellow mood. All 7 tracks are well written and the two standouts for me were 'Adam and Eve' ft. The-Dream and 'Cops Shot the Kid' ft. Kanye West (who prodoced the album). This album shows that after a wait of 6 years since 'Life Is Good', Nas has still got it.
"Escobar season begins."

Kanye West produced the whole jawn. And the beats are hot and Nas was still potent as ever here, it just got overlooked and underrated. Given a few years I'm sure this project will rightfully be reappraised

16 Magic 3
17 The Firm: The Album
18 King's Disease
19 Magic 2
20 The Lost Tapes 2

Lost Freestyle and Beautiful Life are lit. The whole production tied with the album is fye

21 Nastradamus

Nas usually never puts albums out in the same year, but in 1999 he released this album and I Am and I think it shows why you shouldn't rush to release albums don't get me wrong there is a couple of good songs but no truly classic songs.

His worst album, an an identity crisis which he thankfully recovered from. The song Big Girl features Nas going full pedophile.

The most disappointing, weak rhymed album by the best artist, this album sucks, no wonder it has 0% of voters, at only place no.15

22 QB's Finest
23 Illmatic XX
24 Greatest Hits
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