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1 Burn to a Cinder - Design Your Universe

This is a pretty much perfectly constructed song, with the catchy piano lead-in, the beautiful vocals, and the short but sweet guitar solo.

The whole song is really a masterpiece!

After the rhythmic part, the calm part at the end makes me cry.

My favorite Epica song. The riff is so awesome.

2 Kingdom of Heaven - Design Your Universe

This is more than a normal song. It's everything positive about Epica and similar bands put together. And that isn't just a little bit, as this band has almost nothing negative. Long story short, this is more than just a mortal song-being.

Non Intellegens Nil Explicas
Videre Nolens Nil Capies
Non Intellegens Nil Explicas
Incognita Non Vides.

I actually bothered to learn the Latin parts of this song, not that there are too many. There is an incredibly cheesy spoken word section towards the end, but seriously, who even cares? This song is so good that you will end up liking everything about it - cheese and all. I really wish they'd play this one live more often.

3 Tides of Time - Design Your Universe

It's hard to imagine how one person could come up with such a beautiful piece to play on the piano. Indeed, one of the best ballads ever. I can't help but feel that the song is not long enough and that it deserves to be the intro to a 20-minute epic.

One of the most epic ballads ever, with Simone's vocal talents on full display. Lovely piano riff and an awesome guitar solo!

Perfect voice, perfect melody, perfect lyrics, and perfect alternation between "hard" and "soft."

4 Fools of Damnation - The Divine Conspiracy

This is by far my favorite EPICA song. I cannot believe I've only discovered this band in 2020.

Again, really catchy vocals and a nice rhythmic section with the guitar and drums in the middle.

5 Chasing the Dragon - The Divine Conspiracy

Epica has signed its name under many masterpieces. However, Chasing the Dragon rises above them all. The combination is just too perfect - the amazing music, touching lyrics, Simone's voice woven into the song, and of course, the powerful buildup that incorporates Mark's deep grunting.

I'm moved just by talking about the song, but when I listen to it, the impact is so intense that I experience an emotional trance. Bravo, Epica!

I really love the progression of the music. The buildup was really epic, especially the throat (grunting) part. Words can't describe it - EPIC. By the way, they are very underrated.

6 Consign to Oblivion - Consign to Oblivion

It's really hard to pick one song from this band. They have a lot of good songs. By the way, this is an amazing song. You feel so good when you play it on the guitar.

The most complete Epica song so far. Perfect balance between all instruments and choir and many amazing guitar riffs.

I've got goosebumps every time I hear this song.

7 Storm the Sorrow - Requiem for the Indifferent

How is this at 20? This is Epica through and through. It's the first song that comes up when you search their name on YouTube, and it's a beautiful song.

My first Epica song, it's so awesome!

It's got such a great melody, and Simone's voice is perfect!

One of the best songs of Epica by far.

8 Cry for the Moon - The Phantom Agony

Most beautiful song of theirs I've heard. It portrays an atmosphere that's ex-reality while conveying a deeper meaning. "You cannot hide yourself" is such a powerful line. It stands by itself.

Above all, its orchestral version beats the normal version by far. I'm just addicted to it and can't stop listening!

Not only is this song epic, but it's also one of the best protest songs I've ever heard.

9 Blank Infinity - Consign to Oblivion
10 Unleashed - Design Your Universe

Woahh... The best song ever from Epica. I started listening to Epica because of this song. Well-balanced music, powerful lyrics, and the drums made this song awesome.

Has the perfect combination of everything that makes Epica great. The orchestra and choir are perfect. I stop breathing at the intense moments. Pure amazingness.

Awwwesome! Seriously, why isn't it in the top 10? It's one of the most epic songs by Epica! Best atmosphere ever! The symphony blows the mind!

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11 Design Your Universe - Design Your Universe

One of the band's ultimate masterpieces. The intro is perfect, with the sudden transition into a brutal rhythmic section before Simone's calm vocals come in. It sounded really amazing live in Sydney!

Number one in my book! This is my all-time Epica favorite!

My favorite. Wonderful live.

12 The Phantom Agony - The Phantom Agony

I accept that not everyone is into long songs (this one is nine minutes long), but if you listen to it completely, you'll understand this is the most beautiful song of Epica. It is complete and can be used to introduce someone who has never listened to Epica. Because this is Epica. The lyrical style, the melody...

Okay, for me this is the masterpiece of Epica.

It has taken a long time for me to like Epica as much as I do now, but this song has been among my favorites since I first heard Epica.

Nah, I think this is the most underrated Epica song. How come this epic song is so low? Should be at least Top 10.

13 Sancta Terra - The Divine Conspiracy

I feel like this is their best song by far, but then again, I'm only just getting into these guys (as of 5/24/20). This is the song that made me want to really dive into Epica. I saw a video of them performing this song live with Floor Jansen, who I am a huge fan of. By the next day, I had all their studio albums.

I've been slowly going through their catalog, but I still haven't found any song better than this one. I am amazed and super confused that this is not number one on this list or at the very least in the top 3 or even 5. In my opinion, it's clearly better than every song ranked above it.

14 Beyond the Matrix

This song is truly a masterpiece. Even though the album just came out, I think this song will become a classic.

The album is pretty mediocre, but at least it has something in it. That thing is called Beyond The Matrix.

This song will become a classic of the band.

15 Our Destiny - Design Your Universe

I like how the first verse begins with a groovy bassline, then builds up into the chorus, which of course has Simone's signature vocals, full of emotion.

I'd place this higher up, but apparently, there can be only five songs in the first five slots.

16 Sensorium - The Phantom Agony

First song I heard of Epica... Instantly hooked... A banshee kind of voice...

This is the best Epica song for me. One of the first and best.

17 Reverence (Living In the Heart) - The Quantum Enigma

One of the most (or simply the most) energetic songs by Epica. It's awesome too!

18 Mirage of Verity - The Quantum Enigma
19 Divide and Conquer - The Holographic Principle
20 Facade of Reality - The Phantom Agony
21 Serenade of Self-Destruction - Requiem for the Indifferent

This is a really original piece of music, almost an instrumental but not quite.

22 Universal Death Squad
23 The Last Crusade - Consign to Oblivion

The main riff is an orgasm for my ears.

24 The Obsessive Devotion - The Divine Conspiracy

This is one of the songs that originally got me into the band. The lead-in from the prologue "Indigo" is perfect, with the killer orchestral riff combined with the thrash-esque metal beat!

This song is one of the times where you just love Mark's grunts and Simone's vocals together. Not to forget, it's catchy!

25 Once Upon a Nightmare - The Holographic Principle
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