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1 Shock

One thing any good album needs to do is to hook you right away with the very first song you hear off the album. "Shock" absolutely nails this to a tee. Powerful, straight-forward, and one of the go-to songs for leading a battle, "Shock" not only comes off as one of the tracks that would DEFINE Fear Factory during their unstoppable force in the late 90's, but it stands the test of time well enough to the point I'd argue its one of the best songs in the industrial metal genre.

No doubt...1st song I ever heard from them, been hooked every since.

2 Replica

First song I heard from a band and remind me so good real nu/ alternative metal times I Think This is the FF totality song. They've got so many great songs should be top one (Archetype, Powershifter, Demanufacture, Self Bias Resistor, Linchpin, or Edgecrusher) and no one got powerful guitars like them but replica is must hear from a band.

Shock is good don't get me wrong but it isn't better than Replica or Demanufacture.

Awesome drums at the beginning and the ultimate Roadrunner anthem truly kickass

3 Demanufacture

In my opinion, the definitive fear factory song, a very raw, thick sound, mixed with some electronic parts.

Fear Factory is definitely the 2nd heaviest band ever next to Pantera. This rules.

DUDE if you like metal this the man better than Metallica definitely

4 Pisschrist

A powerful song that hasn't been able to be matched even to this day. Still remains as one of my all time favourite Fear Factory songs. The fact that it isn't any higher is a disappointment, but still, it's Fear Factory, so I can't argue against that.

Absolutely amazing album and this song is no different. It blends melody and aggression so well which is what I love Fear Factory for! Another great track is Demanufacture

The entire album is their best, but this song is really powerful. This song by far is the best Fear Factory has ever done.

5 Linchpin

"All my life I've felt discarded / Never feeling a part of it"

Definitely my favorite Fear Factory lyric. Also, this song plain slaps. Just rocks!

How the hell did it get 11 should be 1! Killer song

6 Zero Signal

This is by far the best Song from FF.
When you hear the intro you now there is something epic about to come.
Than suddenly its just an explosion of hard riffs, the double bass,
And peaks with the unmatched melodic hook.
Simply a Masterpiece.

Should be Pisschrist at number 1, self bias resistor 2nd and zero signal 3rd. Then resurrection 4th and a struggle between hi-tech hate, timelessness, big god, replica, descent, demanufacture, shock and their version of school for 5th.

This is their most dynamic song and an epic journey from start to finish.

7 Resurrection

Revive all my fears, Revive wasted tears, Revive void within, Revive once again, Again, again, again.
Reach for the sky, Touch the sky, Revive a hope, For mankind.

A brilliant progressive song that always has melody and a damn good rocking momentum!.

8 Securitron (Police State 2000)
9 Edgecrusher

The main riff is honestly one of my all-time favorite riffs to mosh too.

Killer guitar solo, that is all

10 Fear Campaign
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11 Powershifter
12 Descent

Lyrics, melody, emotions, energy - it has it all. Just listen the damn intro, gets me hooked every time.

It's got a bit of a grungy sort of sound I think. Probably my favourite by these people, a great song

Something about burtons vocals and riff that is just fear factory

13 Self Bias Resistor

This song is incredible. All of 'Demanufacture' is, but Dino palm-mutes like no other, and on this one he opens up the power chords and rains hellfire upon the listener mid-track with the biggest industrial breakdowns I've ever heard. Yeah, this track and album are Fear Factory's gold standard.

Pure genius. The growl and melody are complimented perfectly. One of the best bands of all time.

That intro gets me every time. And the ending melodies is mesmerizing.

14 Archetype

Of all the top ten lists, this one is the most ridiculous, seriously, this isn't number one? This song is a masterpiece on every front

Probably FF's most emotionally uplifting tracks. Powerful, hits hard.

Hands down best Fear Factory song of all time.

15 Freedom or Fire
16 Body Hammer
17 Recharger

Great one off the latest album! A real beast of a cd that one best since Obsolete in my opinion maybe even better

18 Timelessness
19 Martyr
20 Digimortal
21 Slave Labor
22 Cyberwaste

One the best songs with a lot of energy and aggression just like there band

Deserves at least 2nd The best of these guys energetic

23 Mechanize
24 Dielectric
25 Obsolete
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