Top 10 Best Lil Wayne Albums and Mixtapes

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1 Tha Carter III

This album was absolutely beast. The way he pulled the lyrics off with the beats was brilliant. Lyrics such as: "Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth" (Mr. Carter) Just completes this album. Well done Lil Wayne!

Mr. Carter is honestly one of my favorite songs even though I don't particularly like Lil Wayne. All the other songs in this album are great too.

SOngs like A milli and Lollipop are songs that are gonna go down in rap history as one of its finest...

2 Tha Carter II

The rawness of tracks like "Oh No" make this album easily his best. Not to mention the soulful feel to the album with tracks like "Shooter" & "Get Over". Even the mainstream ones like "Fireman" pull through. All around Wayne's best work to date.

Nice lyricism and beats. His rapping is really good in this one, and he really cemented himself as a good rapper... Too bad he sucks now.

The Carter IV is NOT better than this album. Almost every track on this album is so smooth. the Mobb and Best Rapper Alive are the best tracks on the album.

3 Tha Carter IV

Most emotional and real out of all his albums, even has some sweet bangers like megaman!

Coming lyrically stronger than any other work, you always get Wayne's best on the carter series. Look for it on the carter v

Lyrically his best album and overall one of the best ever created.

4 No Ceilings

No ceilings is just a great work! There are so many great beats, great songs, this is just amazing! The lyrics are one of the best I hear in my life! My favorite songs are watch my shoes, run this town, ice cream & banned from T.V.!

He kilt Swag Surf freestyle. That go Hard

Lil Wayne at his peak

5 Da Drought 3

Huge Wayne stan and I rank this above everything else.. people who hate him still bump this

Every track is pure fire.

6 I Am Not a Human Being II

Just a misunderstand work of art by a work of art. Thanks Wayne.

Amazing depth in his work in this album.

This album was terrible!

7 I Am Not a Human Being
8 Tha Carter

Its Wayne change his flow..

9 Dedication 2

Dedication 2 bang bang

10 Rebirth

Prom queen.
American star.
One way trip.
Ground zero.
These are some of the best songs off this album and the experiments he did for this album has made a huge impact on his style and lyrical compound. Right up there with the carter 3,4 and I am not a human being. Major success for weezy.

Not a bad album actually, only a 1 or 2 songs I kinda dislike but the others are great!

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11 Like Father, Like Son
12 Sorry 4 Tha Wait
13 Tha Carter V

Should be higher, every type of song and very cohesive. Has bangers, personal/introspective songs and even songs just showing off how good he is at rapping

14 Dedication 6

He snapped all the tape

15 The Drought is Over Part 4
16 Tha Block Is Hot
17 We Are Young Money

I love this album esp. Bedrock and Every Girl... Guys pliz vote for it.

Bang it one of the best songs on his album, this is by far the best album of his after the free weezy album

18 Dedication 5
19 Dedication 3 (Mixtape)
20 Sorry 4 the Wait 2
21 Free Weezy Album

This is actually great no lie. Extremely underrated.

22 Lights Out

Better than rebirth

23 Haemoglobin (Red)
24 Good Kush and Alcohol (Mixtape)
25 Lil Tunechi (Mixtape)
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