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"Fossils" is the first Bengali Death Metal Band of Eastern India. There Genre ranges diversely from R&B to Grunge. They are hugely popular mainly for the histrionics of their lead-singer Rupam Islam. If You Grew Up Listening To Them, You Surely Would Love The List.
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1 Hasnuhana

Awesome ballad! Matches even the quality of the likes of the legendary rock bands like the Scorpions and the Europe! I had tars in my eyes, as I went 'O MOU'!

The intro guitar riff, the Rupamesque lyrics, the slow pace, everything makes this their best Love (or Pain) song ever. Period.

Recently started listening to Bangla rock and I stumbled upon this song. Fell in love immediately. Really, really awesome song.

2 Neel Rong Chhilo Bhishon Priyo

Amazing Song... Touches the very chord of our hearts...

Feels like I'm in the middle of blue ocean in a ship.

Awesome song it hearts touch...

3 Ekla Ghar

Wonderful song. Thanks for composing such a great song.

A complete combination, comparison and connection between the external world with the internal emotions of a broken up guy

This is the best songs for alone boys.

4 Keno Korle Erokom
5 Aro Ekbar

The last musical portion of this song is just mind blowing...amazing guitar work. Lyrics is also very heart touching... Fossils rocks

Lyrics is mind blowing

Love the lyrics of the songs!

6 Acid

This song is pretty heavy. One of the best Bengali Hard Rock Song.

7 Sono Amra Ki Sobai Bondhu Hote Pari Na
8 Tomar Chokher Kalo
9 Bishakto Manush

I just love the guitar and band combo! Love it & it increases the energy...

Its almost like a metal song.. Awesome composition and lyrics. Rupam Islam is a genius!

This deserves to be higher in the list. The solo is just epic.

10 Maa

This should be in best 5

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11 Bicycle Chor

My favorite fossils song... One of the best rock song ever composed in bangla...

12 Bhoot Ar Tilottoma

Lyrics at its best... And a true experiment with rock. A poetic rhyme and harmonic rhythm with a creative use of the instruments. Rock with a soul.

Simply poetic lyrics and a wonder with the music...

13 Harina (Unplugged)
14 Phire Cholo

Really it's a nice song.

15 Dekho Manasi

What music... It gets headbang in bloodstream... Adrenaline jolts out... WOW. Should be on top 3

Awesome song it touches hearts...

It is the best love song

16 Nemesis
17 Khnoro Aamar Fossils

Excellent piece of music... I expected this song to be in top 5... huge surprise cause it is in 18th

One of the best songs ever..

What a lyrics! Must be in top 5.. When I heard it first tym.. I felt guss bumps! Awesome one

18 Sototar Bilasita
19 Millennium
20 Joan of Arc
21 Tritiyo Biswa
22 Tobu Dur Akasher

Best song... Simply best.

23 Baari Esho
24 Mohakaash

This fossils4 song is one of fossils best song. Should be in top ten. Vote for this everyone and for gods sake listen to this wonderful piece of art.

25 Resolution

It's a song man... Awesome lyrics and riff words...

Best Metal song of them...

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