Top 10 Most Satanic Songs of All Time

In the shadowy recesses of the music world, there exists a genre that has been the subject of controversy and fascination for decades. A genre that dares to defy convention and embrace the darkness, invoking images of infernal legions and blasphemous rituals. As the mighty demon hordes spread their wings and rise to the sky, the whispers of the damned echo through the air, their voices rising like a cacophony of torment. The seven gates of hell open wide, unleashing a wave of diabolical music that not only pushes the boundaries of art but also challenges the very essence of morality.

As we delve into this macabre realm, one cannot help but feel the icy tendrils of fear grip our hearts. With each sinister beat and guttural growl, we are drawn deeper into the abyss, where the lines between good and evil blur, and the only certainty is that darkness shall be eternal. But who are we to shy away from the forbidden? For it is in the exploration of the unknown that we gain a deeper understanding of our own nature.
This list is dedicated to those who dare to walk the path of shadows and explore the sinister depths of music. It is a celebration of the artists who have sold their souls to an evil cause, crafting masterpieces that resonate with the darkest corners of our minds. These songs have earned their place in the pantheon of the most Satanic tracks ever recorded.
The Top Ten
1 The Oath - Mercyful Fate

The lyrics are literally taken from a black mass; how much more evil can you get? With the sound of thunder, a haunting organ, and King Diamond's shrieking falsetto, "The Oath" is basically a love song to Satan.

No comment it's hands down the demonic piece of music ever seen recorded

2 Lucifer - Behemoth

Who cares if it's really real or not. The point of this kind of music and gimmick is to believe in it for between 4 and 40 minutes (Depending whether you're listening to one song or the entire album). I find myself enjoying this for some underlying strong tie with my love for autumn, and a not so well understood perception of what my ancestral livelihood was like. The presentation is awesome, the music is really heavy and chunky, which gives me a rush of adrenalin. All I'm saying is; Until Gabriel or Belial comes down (Or up respectively - laugh out loud) and says "Hey, bro. Turns out all this stuff is real", I'm just enjoying the way the music makes me feel. Behemoth wins.

Could you believe the lead singer of this band is a judge on the Polish version of The Voice?

God is in control

3 Incipit Satan - Gorgoroth
4 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem

6? Seriously? This song is the mean of satanic

Amazing, one of the best.

5 Year Zero - Ghost B.C.

The insignificance of man and how GOD's 'greatest' creatures are just as low as the things that crawl amongst the dirt and decay. It's quiet literally how Lucifer viewed man and was baffled as to why GOD wanted the angels to bow down to such disgusting things.

The whole song is about how Satan will rise up above god and bring mankind to its knees. And there's also the fact that the chorus is "Hail Satan" and it opens with six different names for Satan which it repeats throughout the song.

6 Satanic Mass - Coven

More like empty mass

7 Homage for Satan - Deicide
8 Con Clavi Con Dio - Ghost

The title means "For our Corns, For Our God". The full line is "Siamo Con Clavi, Siamo Con Dio, Siamo Con Il Nostro Dio Scuro" which means "We are here for our Corns, We are here for our God, We are all here for our Dark God".
I think the title is enough.

9 Possessed (By Satan) - Gorgoroth
10 Altar of Sacrifice - Slayer

This song talks about a Satanic Ritual and sacrifice to Lucifer.

I'm not a Satanist I just know these things cause I worship the true Lord, Jesus.

The Contenders
11 Christraping Black Metal - Marduk

Just look at the name.

12 Death to Jesus - Deicide
13 The Antichrist - Slayer

Actually the whole album contains some of their most satanic: black magic, evil has no boundaries, the final command is about the ww2, crionics is about conspiracies, die by the sword is about the crusaders while metalstorm/face the slayer and show no mercy is about serial killers slaughtering in the name of satan.

Well, the Antichrist is known as a Satanic anti-thesis of Christ though, so...

14 Inno a Satana - Emperor

I don't know about Satan being real or not, and I don't care, but the way this song is makes me feel the love. This song is full of love, no matter who is being loved. Good job Emperor.

15 Blessed Are the Sick / Leading the Rats - Morbid Angel
16 Dominus Sathanas - Burzum
17 Welcome to Hell - Venom
18 When Satan Rules His World - Deicide
19 O Father O Satan O Sun! - Behemoth

Should be in first. 8 minutes of nonstop praising

20 Raping Christianity - Tsjuder
21 Hail Satanas - Venom
22 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

How is this song satanic?

23 Jesus' Tod - Burzum
24 Satan Prayer - Ghost
25 Satanic Propaganda - 1349
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