Top 10 Best The Glitch Mob Songs

The Glitch Mob is a three-piece electronic group based in Los Angeles, CA. Coming from electronic and hip-hop backgrounds and influences, the Glitch Mob is becoming one of the most popular electronic dance music groups to date. How would you order their best songs?
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1 Fortune Days

Such a great song/ I've probably listened to it 100 times and I hear something new every time. The pauses are great, and give the listener a break from the not-quite overwhelming drums and synth. It almost disappoints me that its over at one point in the song, and then comes back even stronger, surprising me every time. Amazing song

Fortune Days is an excellent representation of what electronic music should be. It starts with a rhythm that draws your attention and then builds into an incredible beat and rises to a fantastic intensity. Definitely one of the best songs I've heard in the genre period.

2 Animus Vox

The sound cuts deep and bleeds emotion. Everything fits together so well and sounds amazing. In my opinion, this is the best song from The Glitch Mob.

I think it's probably best track of The Glitch Mob. Nice for the skiing, track for the active sport.

Unique. Calm yet intense. The Glitch Mob take themselves to a whole new level with this one.

3 We Can Make the World Stop

The combination of the different instruments all being played in rapid succession and then the drop near the end makes it feel like something you should be waiting for while enjoying the journey to it.

This song's the main reason I began listening to Glitch Mob, it's amazing

4 Seven Nation Army

Why is nobody talking about it!

5 Drive It Like You Stole It

Awesome drops and beats, to me it's the most special song they've ever made. It sounds mesmerizing and complex.

Great music. I Think It Should be on No. 1

6 Warrior Concerto

The intensity through the whole song never falls and never let your heart go away. Definitely a masterpiece which brings the classical and modern electronic music together in a beautiful compose. Thanks for making it real.

Most intense song I've ever heard and it really envelops your entire being. Easily their best song. The drop is godlike, never heard anything that compares to the feeling it evokes.

Amazing Song, really gives a classical and futuristic feeling at the same time. Immense feeling of excitements as you lose yourself in the beats of the song!

7 Can't Kill Us

WHY is this song not on the list yet?! Besides Fortune Days, this is hands down The Glitch Mob's best song. It's so badass and it really sticks in your head after one listen. LOVE this song!

This is great. Personally my favorite.

8 Our Demons

The progression from calm to hyper energetic gets me revved up.

It was my first song. You never forget your first time.

9 Bad Wings
10 A Dream Within a Dream

The beats in this song are incredible if you don't like it as number one your crazy!

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11 Skullclub
12 Beyond Monday

It Had fatal's theme and it was so catchy!

How in the world did yu guys miss this Glitch Mob Masterpiece! Easily number 1 anyday!

13 Between Two Points

This is the BOMB! Listen to this once using some descent earphones and you are going to love it forever...

14 Carry the Sun

This song is so unique... It doesn't sound like any other of their songs. It's fast and aggressive, but also calming.

15 Fly by Night Only
16 Head Full of Shadows

Hands down my favourite song. Starts of chill and picks up. Great for if you need something to pump you up! The melody and beat just gives you the chills.

17 We Swarm
18 Fistful of Silence
19 Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
20 Between Two Dreams
21 Becoming Harmonious
22 I Need My Memory Back
23 Skytoucher
24 Apple Tree
25 Mind of a Beast
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