Top 10 Best Steve Aoki Songs

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1 Just Hold On

Great song! Inspirational and addictive. I listen to it every day. By far the best Steve Aoki song!

So beautiful and deserves so much more recognition. I'm so proud of Louis and Steve.

2 No Beef
3 Turbulence

Lil Jon might suck, but Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke's DJ skills cover that up.

4 Boneless

Purely epic. It is the inspiration behind KFC's I ate the bones campaign.

Listen to it... Then you will be like, Are your nipples glowing?

It will make your body move. Good job, Steve.

5 Beat Down
6 A Light That Never Comes

The best DJ with the best group! Perfect combination! Legendary awesome!

This song is so sick and addictive. I love it.

7 Tornado

It's got a catchy beat, and it just pumps you up! Features Tiesto, an awesome DJ, and Polina, a singer:
"Caught in a tornado
It's too late to run"

This song is epic. It should definitely be in the top.

This song is awesome. It should be in the top 5.

8 Annihilation Army
9 Pursuit of Happiness

A classic remixed for the better. Drop it in a party and you're guaranteed good times.

Dope! You will feel optimistic and happy.

10 Back to Earth

The techno is serene. I feel high.

The Contenders
11 The Power of Now
12 We're All No One

Hear it just once... Damn sure everyone would like it!

13 Born to Get Wild

Vote for this song, guys! This is one of the best Steve Aoki songs! It should be in the top 10 for sure.

Awesome and just crazy song. Will make your body move!

14 Phat Brahms

An absolutely mean beat! How else would you want it when it features the dynamic duo of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike? Nothing but pure hard electro music to psych you up at any time of the day!

15 Home We'll Go (Take My Hand)
16 Ladi Dadi
17 Steve Jobs

It's weird, but something about it is addictive. The bass?

Hmm kind of... Mario music + progressive house... Cool!

Great track. Why isn't it in the top 5?

18 Paradise Poltergeist
19 Bring You to Life (Transcend)

Such a great song! Why isn't it in the top ten?

Vote for this. The tune will never get old!

This should be number 1, in my opinion.

20 Afroki
21 Get Ready (Steve Aoki Remix)
22 Delirious

Addictive beat, fun to dance to, and Kid Ink makes the song 1000x better.

23 Livin' My Love
24 Dangerous
25 Feedback
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