Top 10 Best Gospel Singers of All Time

Ranking the best gospel singers from gospel music's golden age to its enlightenment period of today.
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1 David Phelps David Norris Phelps is an American Christian music vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger, who is best known for singing tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band.

David Phelps is number one, the best, no one can compare to David. He is the top choice among the Top 10 Gospel Singers of All Time. With David's great and awesome tenor voice, he could make the rafters ring. David uses his God-given talent, his voice and singing, to praise God. He gives God the glory and, through his songs, tells others about God, Jesus Christ. Thank you, David, for being a true and sincere Christian.

I love to hear you sing, and I appreciate your humor and smile. May God bless you, David, always, and also your wonderful family. I love you, and you are still so good-looking, sweet, and kind.

David, you are and always will be number one and at the top!

2 Sandi Patty

Is there any other choice but Sandi Patty? Truly the "Voice" of Christian music. A beautiful person, blessed with an incredible gift, an amazing entertainer, and always giving back. The first concert I ever attended was Sandi Patty's in 1986 (Let There Be Praise tour), the ticket was a gift from my grandmother. Over the years, her music has continued to be part of my spiritual journey. Often, the only way God could speak to my heart was through her music "In Heaven's Eyes".

I still say no one's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" comes close to Sandi's. Last year, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting my "spiritual mentor" at a concert and doing her makeup. I work in TV/film production as a makeup artist/hairstylist and was so delighted to share my gifts with someone who has shared hers with us. Truly a blessing. Sandi is number one, top of the list, best of the best, a class act in my book.

3 Keith Green

I agree. If we're talking about those who made gospel songs into radio play, beginning the move of contemporary Christian music being played and sung outside of church, then we are certainly talking about Keith Green.

Keith Green's For Him Who Has Ears to Hear belongs in the top three albums that shaped modern Contemporary Gospel Music. Your Love Broke Through (written by Stonehill) and You Put This Love in My Heart are timeless gospel rock classics.

Keith Green is the only Christian songwriter who has impressed me. And does he impress! He is absolutely fantastic.

4 Michael English

Michael is one of the most anointed singers I've had the privilege to see and hear. His ministry is unlike any other. I've sat there and watched as it seemed you could see the anointing dripping off of him. His humble heart and openness about his life's story make him such a tremendous minister of the gospel.

I've heard many say that their lives have been changed thanks to Michael allowing God to move through him to reach people who otherwise have no hope. My own life was changed when God led me to Michael's music and his life's story. Being raised in church all your life doesn't mean you have a grasp on what grace and redemption are all about. Thank God I learned to live under grace, and by God's mercy, I walk with Him daily.

Michael's ministry stands alone. God has a special anointing on this man to reach lost and hurting souls. His heart is for ministry, and it's been a privilege to witness it. God bless you, Michael English.

5 Don Moen

I wonder how people rate gospel musicians. Is it just by voice, or also by life and impact in the Christian community? Don Moen should definitely be in the top ten. He has impacted life all over the world, and I have not heard any bad record of him tarnishing the name of Christ. Why should we be encouraging people who are not born again but are singing gospel songs?

This man of God is sent from God. His spirit is always uplifting the congregation. And he is ready for ministration at any time. Even his lifestyle is worshiping God always. I think for Gospel, Don Moen is connected. He might not be interested in all these effects and so forth, but he can take you to God's presence. This is top ten spirits anointed.

6 George Beverly Shea

To place Whitney Houston above George Beverly Shea demonstrates either a shallow knowledge of Gospel throughout time or a complete lack of knowledge of what Gospel Music is. Shea has sung before more people than anyone in history. He holds 10 Grammy Awards. He lived to be 104 because he walked with God, not with dope.

After George Beverly Shea, you begin your list of the top gospel singers of all time.

7 Yolanda Adams

All of her songs bring me to tears. They inspire me. There have been times when I lost faith and wanted to just give up on life, and I listened to one of her songs and it brought me up the mountain. She is not the only one, but is definitely my favorite. Peace, love, and God bless.

She is not only a singer of gospel music. She is straight up a Christian. I love the way she carries herself. She is simply a class act. Her music reaches deep down in the heart and soul and is meaningful for today's time. I love anything she sings.

8 Steve Green

Amazing voice, just as good as Phelps. He has a missionary heart and is a very strong Christian brother.

9 Donnie McClurkin

Just listen to him sing the old hymns and you will know what I mean, especially Holy, Holy, Holy. Just a pure, sweet voice with a large vocal range, from the highest range of Baritone to the highest range of Tenor. He is without doubt the best male Gospel Singer of the past two decades.

His ministry through music is without par! Totally anointed, and there is no comparison to anyone else. He is a total original! You know it's him as soon as you hear his voice!

I am his admirer. I am always inspired by his voice and the lyrics. I wish I could have the opportunity to see him physically.

10 Chris Tomlin

My greatest male gospel singer. You are the best, and may God continue revealing His messages through your songs, Chris.

Chris is one of my favorite singers ever. I love his singing, and I love Jesus and Gospel music!

He is amazing! I listen to him sometimes. His voice is non-pitchy, and he can hit high notes.

The Contenders
11 Larnelle Harris

How Larnelle is not in the top is mind-boggling. Any of you try singing with him note for note and then you'll get it. There's a reason he sang duets with Sandi Patti on I've Just Seen Jesus and More Than Wonderful. He's the best male vocalist in gospel.

This man's voice is so very powerful. I am disappointed to see many individuals here whose hearts were not filled with what they sang. This man is not one of those. His love for God is clear. He should be further up.

12 Ron Kenoly

I love this guy and he is one of my favorite gospel singers.

Definitely top 5. Uplifting music.

13 Rich Mullins

From the first time that I ever heard Rich Mullins, I was moved by his music and the words he spoke in his songs. When I think of Rich Mullins, I envision a man who could have worn haughty clothes, shoes made in Italy, and had $100.00 haircuts, living in a regal manor within a highbrow, gated community. However, Rich couldn't be defined by riches. He was often barefoot, clad in shabby clothing, and in need of a haircut. His home resembled a hut more than a manor. His pride was placed where it belonged - in God.

He died too soon for those of us still living on this earth. He remains a spiritual inspiration. Although our spirit is willing, our flesh is weak. Our eyes and hearts are drawn to the world when they should be fixed on Heaven. Rich was different. He was humble and dedicated his life to good works rather than the consumption of worldly goods. Yet, God took him in His perfect timing.

Many people sing Rich Mullins' songs during praise and worship. Many Christian singers have released covers of his songs. Many hear his songs and know his name, but few truly understand how Rich Mullins lived the words he wrote. He was a man who loved God and did not want it to be about "Rich Mullins". He wanted it to be about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

Rest in Peace, Rich. God truly blessed us with your music and your example of how to live. I'm sure you and King David are together, playing music with the angels singing along, praising our Awesome God.

14 Sonya Isaacs

Beautiful voice with an endless range.

15 Carman Licciardello

Carman shakes your soul with his music as he personally leads you into the presence of Jesus.

16 Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell has a range like no other. In my opinion, she was not given the credit she deserved in the past due to her size. Queen Burrell is a beautiful individual inside and out. She is down to earth and anointed.

Simply anointed, the voice of our time, Kim Burrell has the love, passion, and zeal that produces her riffs and runs. You feel every note she sings. She pulls you into praise and worship.

Kim's riffs are crazy, and she mixes it up with the meat of the word. You can't be a gospel singer if you don't know God.

17 Paul Wilbur

One of the best classic gospel. Great of all kinds.

The best Messianic worship leader ever.

18 Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia was given the title "The World's Greatest Gospel Singer." I think this title is a higher honor than the queen of gospel. She was responsible for taking gospel music beyond the church to concert halls. She had star quality. Her voice was unique. She could soar to high notes and drop to low notes in one breath. She would often clasp her hands together, take deep breaths, and make facial expressions whenever singing a soul-stirring hymn. Mahalia drew all races to her concerts.

I love listening to Mahalia Jackson. I grew up in my grandmother's household listening to her almost every day. I wish there were still traditional gospel singers. My God, that woman had a beautiful voice and made me fall in love with traditional gospel music. I do not like contemporary or inspirational gospel. It does not sound Christian. Or should I say, good to my soul. Thank you, Jesus, for wonderful gospel singers like her. I wish the old-time way of gospel would come back.

19 Jason Crabb

I mean, who doesn't like that Jason Crabb rasp? Jason Crabb has a God-given voice. He could sing any genre of music. I think he's one of the best artists in Christian Music.

The ministry of Jason through his music is unparalleled. His voice is incredible. He is a godly man with a voice given to him by God. Many have been touched through him by Christ.

When I am down and out, I just put his CD in and I praise my LORD as I sing along. You can feel the spirit in his voice and action.

20 Isaac Joe

One of the best music composers and motivational speakers in South India.

21 Elvis Presley Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the "King of Rock and Roll", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style, combined... read more

Elvis was the BEST! He really was a gift from God. Something just came over him when he sang gospel. You can hear it and see it. He knew every gospel song that was ever written. Let's not forget he won three Grammys for Gospel music. Sure do wish he was still with us...

What can we say? His Hand in Mine, How Great Thou Art, and He Touched Me. Just listen to those albums, and you will see the man deserves even better than number 8! To me, he is tied with Mahalia...

Elvis was my most favorite gospel singer. He sang from his heart and gave a message that could have come from no one but God. I get emotional every time I hear one of his gospel songs.

22 Michael W. Smith

I have a collection of over 2500 songs by different gospel artists. Michael W. Smith's only album was all it took for me to listen to all 2500 plus songs. Delirious? is the only one that came close to Michael W. Smith. A friend who gave me these songs turned me to gospel music, but Smith turned me back to God. Thanks, Bro.

I really love Michael W. Smith, and I really love all of his songs like Healing Rain, Here I Am, Bridge Under Troubled Waters, Hang on. Michael W. Smith is so handsome, very cute, and I am a big Michael W. Smith fan.

23 Darlene Zschech

She's the great leader, the best songwriter, and an inspirational singer filled with the power of God. I love her. May the Lord bless her and her family in Jesus' name.

Greatest worship artist! She brings in the Lord's presence when worshipping.

Beautiful voice. Her song "Victor's Crown" is inspiring.

24 Vestal Goodman

I am not sure if your list here is ranked or just listed. However, if it is ranked, this grand lady of gospel should be right at the very top. After all, she helped pioneer gospel music for many years and was well-loved and respected across many genres. She could sing it all. Vestal's voice was a national treasure and the most dynamic voice ever to be heard in gospel music, according to Bill Gaither. Right up until her passing at 74 years old, her voice was still clear and powerful, and was truly an instrument anointed by God Himself throughout her life. Vestal will always be number one with me. God bless!

25 Israel Houghton

Now here is a Man of God who has taken the Word and made it alive in song. He brings youth and classical Gospel style together. The gift God gave him is more than I have seen with any other artist.

He has a true love and heart for God, and it shows in his music. I can feel the anointing of God to minister to the people of God. May God continue to bless him and his family.

I just cannot get Again I Say Rejoice out of my head. It's literally his best song ever and it makes you want to party at a concert with millions of people.

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