Top 10 Best Immortal Technique Songs

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1 Dance with the Devil

This is not a story; this is what happens every day, everywhere. People grow up without parents in a poor and criminal society, without considering what is good and what is not. Today, people are willing to kill for material objects like a nice car or a Rolex because they are obsessed with material possessions. They were born in loveless environments, like Harlem, for instance. These individuals strive to become something and someone, and they stop at nothing to achieve their goals. However, this is nothing compared to the actions of the government, which cowardly allows people to starve for money. Understand the song and wake up. Viva la revolución, brothers and sisters.

2 You Never Know

It's hard to choose between dance with the devil and you never know. I chose You never know as I first heard it in an unofficial video on YouTube which made the song come to life. Granted dance with the devil also has an unofficial video and the scene when Billy's mom holds him is really touching, it doesn't compare to hearing immortal and his love reading the letter together. Music that makes you think is always the best!

Alright I can understand why dance with the devil is on number 1 but this song should be on 2 simple is that man! People should listen to this one then you won't dare to vote to the other songs! One of the best rap in the HISTORY!

3 The Point of No Return

Great song by Immortal, talking about the end of the world, great lyricism. Immortal Technique always comes out with the best choruses in his songs. This is by far his best song, Dance With The Devil wasn't really a rap song, it is more like a story, BUT A GOOD STORY, anyway this is the true definition of rap. A man who speaks out about the truth and is not afraid to take a stand. He is better than some mainstream rappers and is so overshadowed by hollywoods stupid so called "GANGSTA" rappers that they did not pay attention to this man. A truly great rapper. So my final conclusion will be that this is his best song, because it is a real rap.

4 Leaving the Past

This song is unbelieveably real. It has always held near and dear to my heart and has a strong message that anyone can adhere to. This is a true piece of artwork that will stand the test of time and change the life of those who hear it, remember you make the future but it starys with leaving the past!

This song deserves to be played on the radio it is so good! The lyricalness is unbelievable and Immortal Technique should be proud of such a great song and an excellent album!

This song is so amazing! With the acoustic just makes it better! Just listen to it, it will become your favorite Immortal Technique song of all time!

5 The Cause of Death

The lyrical flow of this song is outstanding and the messages within the lyrics portray his enlightened level of reality and understanding so well, this is definitely my favourite song of his. I also think the prophecy should be on here but I wouldn't remove any of the current ones on this list so...

This song is so intense, definitely the most profane Immortal Technique song.

Just so real. Everyone needs to hear this

6 Caught in the Hustle

This track is an example of music, particularly Hip-Hop, at it's best. The kind of music that actually means something, that makes you think about life, society and the world. If tracks like this were number 1 in charts, we would be living in a very different (better) world.

Its an amazingly meaningful song with a great message it definitely needs to be higher it has meaning it has power in the lyrics truely demonstates the wonderful message of immortal technique the lyrics will hook you to this song for me I love it because I really relate to the song.

7 Voices of the Voiceless

This song is his latest and it doesn't disappoint! The song has some amazing lyrics and beat to it! I can't wait for Middle Passage to come out!

A song that doesn't disappoint! It has some nice vocal work and deserves praise by todays media!

Amazing song with British rapper lowkey rapping about the Middle East

8 Harlem Streets

The greatest song in Technique history! The underrated and underground rapper is the best ever shown!

He talks about Harlem and the crime taking over! Immortal Technique has produced his finest song yet!

Immortal Technique will smash any rapper straight out! Best East Coast rapper of all time!

9 The 3rd World

This is one of his best songs, it is the best of the third world album and almost as good as point of no return, also has the best beat

10 Peruvian Cocaine

Tonedeff has a special place in my heart, and that's reason number one for my vote.
Besides, it has a very ironic and humorous vibe on a serious subject. This is some NWA, exposing the government for its flaws. It should be number 6.

I'm not saying it is his best song! But it is good, and should be in the top ten, every tEchnique fan knows that! The lyrics of this song are amazing and should be listened to more! He talks a lot of Drugs

The greatest Immortal Technique song of all time! should be in the top 3! I am so over dance with the devil, listen to this!

The Contenders
11 One

So good! It is so underrated! The greatest song by immortal Technique, I thought the only good song, was ThE Point of no Return and Dance With the Devil, BUT I VENTURED ON and found this song and I am into him fully, and he is a my favorite rapper of all time!

The greatest song in history and is my favorite at the moment, this is definitely the number ONE song of all time! Technique is the greatest underground rapper of all time, and should be able to sell on the surface with mainstream singers!

One of Immortal Technique's new songs! It is so good, one of the greatest songs in history!

12 Freedom of Speech
13 Obnoxious

This song is so sick I wont say its his best but its really good. The best part in the song in my oppinion is when he's says "Jerking off with the sheets, when I stay at hotels

One of the best songs of I.T. Should definitely be in the top 10.

14 Bin Laden

Great song. Not my favourite musically but the subject matter is what makes it great. It's often not mentioned and it's not as well known as it should be. Probably because of censorship rules or something.

15 Positive Balance

Wow! I listen to this song once, and I thought what the hell is this crap? And then I listened to it again and I thought it was a great song that should be enjoyed by all hip hop fans! The song is so amazing and it deserves more recognition, I love the way It was rapped!

The greatest song ever produced! It beats Eminem's songs even though I like Eminem, but he is not as good Immortal Technique! I love this guy so much, TECH KNOWS BEST! When it comes to rapping, he is a very influential figure in the underground scene!

16 Industrial Revolution

Not been listening to technique long but this really stands out for me especially the hook

17 Revolutionary

Immortal Technique is the great and most poetic rapper I've ever heard, he should be more listened to. People should hear out what he speaks. This is definitely his best song, It keeps a good beat and amazing lyrics at the same time, this is the problem Dance With The Devil had, it sounded more like a story, this song you can listen to the beat and listen to the lyrics at the same time. This is what the game of rap should be about, he has a great singing voice as well

This song is so great! I thought Dance With Devil was his only good song, But I dared to venture into Technique's style and I found this song to be one of the greatest songs of all time. It is so underrated and Immortal Technique is an amazing lyricist in many ways, He is really a great, creative and intense rapper

18 Dominant Species

This song is too good, it has amazing lyrics and it has that Hip Hop feel to it. For sure it smashes up Dance with the Devil

In my opinion, this is what you get when you ask for an immortal technique freestyle. Period.

This song definitely shows how powerful Immortal Techniques lyricism is.

19 Crossing the Boundary

I love it for its witty lyrics. I mean Immortal technique is full of witty lyrics, but this is just some of his best.

Should be number two on this list: but it's the gong show, amateur night at the Apollo
My dick is like my music, but harder to swallow best in the whole world

20 Parole

I love this song to death! When my cousin got out of jail, I was thinking about this song because I was so happy and I play it now and then, it is one of my favourite songs!

Immortal Technique expresses the happiness a prisoner feels when he hears that he is on Parole! This has to be in the top 4 what happened!

Parole is quite possibly the greatest Technique song ever! Dance With The Devil has a few flaws but not this!

21 Angels & Demons

His verse might just be one of the greatest displays of lyricism I've ever heard. The beat is dope as well

There are words than can describe IT's verse in this song.

This song deserves to be heard by everyone tech fan or not it won't disappoint

22 Rich Man's World (1%)

Best song for people new to Immortal technique. This probably has the catchiest beat of all his songs and one of the best beat, hook, lyrics and other media integration combinations.

"You get up and howl about america and democracy. There is
No america there is no democracy, We no longer live in a world of nations
And ideologies. The world is a college of corporations... Inexorably
Determined by the... Immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business. "

23 Toast to the Dead
24 The 4th Branch

This song gives me the chills it's so good! By far the best immortal technique song in my opinion. Surprised its not higher on the list. "How could this be? The land of the free, home of the brave. Indigenous holocaust and the home of the slaves. Corporate america dancing off beat to the rhythm. You really think this country never sponsored terrorism"

This is one of the many songs Technique has released that has educated me - I understand a lot of more favoured songs are his stories such as Dance with the Devil, however this is a story in itself over how America exploited the Middle East to gain its dominance which still influences the politics of the modern day.

25 No Mercy

Immortal Technique did amazing on this track and also did good in the whole album. But this one should have been in the top ten chart!

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