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1 Just So You Know

Ok so... I happened to accidentally come across this song when I was looking for a different song. Just the prologue of the song made me continue to hear the rest of the song and I must say the song was exciting to tears and I was thrilled with his performance. The song that can speak for everyone. And I can tell just from listen to your voice that you really mean to this lyrics. Although I did not like his other song because their too much popi and their should be heard like this one. Good luck man with the other albums and I hope you release most of your songs album in this style and be sure I buy it first in Israel.

2 Beautiful Soul

Really beautiful song! Every girls wants a guy who loves her beautiful soul... And Jesse McCartney is the best for me! Love you Jesse! I love the music video too... I love the chorus part the most..

I listened to this song for years now and I will never grow out of it! I remember waking up every morning to my alarm clock and this song would always come on! I just melt every time I hear it!

Everybody knows this song! Great message and easy to love and listen to again. His voice sounds great and the song is perfect!

3 Leavin'

Seriously, this songs is so, so good. I can't stand people who say Jesse isn't as good now as he was back then. Before he was cute and sweet, and had really meaningful music. Now he is more hot, mature and writes meaningful but still great music!

Why don't you tell him that I'm leavin' never looking back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry
No more them gray skies
Girl we flying on a g-5, g-5
And we're leavin' never looking back again
So call your shawty you tell him you found a new man
The one who's so so fly
The one to keep you high
Have you singing all night, like that

4 Because You Live

World needs more song like this one. Simply enchanting even with simple but meaningful lyrics and also make us realize that we have to be thankful that our beloved one is still beside us.

Love this song! It has been my favorite song for forever! I love where he's staring out at the rain in the video! He's such a passionate singer, not to mention that he's easy on the eyes! He's better than Justin Bieber

It actually has meaning to it unlike his newer songs. Anyway its such a sweet song that makes you happy to listen to.

5 That Was Then
6 Right Where You Want Me

There's something 'bout me that you ought to know.
I've never felt the need to lose control.
Always held on back and played it slow.
But not this time.
Baby, don't be gentle,
I can handle anything.

Take me on a journey.
I've been thinking lately,
I could use a little time alone with you.
Let's do something, maybe.
Please don't take your time,
You got me,
Right where you want me.

I'm gonna let you have your way with me.
But when you move like that,
Its hard to breathe.
I never thought that it could be like this,
But I was wrong.
Baby, don't be gentle,
I can handle anything.

7 It's Over

It is very beautiful song
It is so different from others songs
Keep it up my boy I love you

8 She's No You

The lyrics aren't the most deep but I really love the guitar and the R&B beat. Musically, hands down best Jesse McCartney song of all time. I wish this was more popular.

Definitely one of my favorite Jesse McCartney songs. It means a lot to me when I hear it because it reaches into my heart. This song reminds me of my boyfriend every single day

Best song. Should be number onehis song hits every heart!
His voice, smiley, eyes... It does this song so wonderful
I know, it's old, but when I listen this song my heart starts beating like a race

9 How Do You Sleep?

This song is so catchy and bouncy and deep at the same time. And I love the lyrics... "I've been missing you crazy. " I just love this song more than others, it's better than leavin at least.

This is the best song ever! Very touching. "It's been about a year now, ain't seen or heard from you, I been missing you crazy, how do you, how do you sleep. " Totally awesome!

How in tarnation is this not top 3 at least? I know, this same rant is on every list here, but listen to this song and I guarantee you'll vote it higher than 30. Guarantee it.

10 Body Language
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11 Invincible

This made me cry because of what it says and means. A song with a great message and sound

This song is so perfect. It's really personal and emotional, you can tell

12 My Baby

Awesome song... And his voice is so good... People should listen this one... Good for partying and for couples... He is so better than justin bieber!

It talking about boyfriend and girlfriend/ lover. Every time I listen to it, it makes me think of my boyfriend. He is my baby.

It's so different from other songs!
No other song like it :)) love the chorus. Great voice Jesse. Keep up your singing career. love your songs!

13 Shake

I actually used to hate this song. A lot. But they kept playing it on the radio and I was getting really pissed by then. The song got stuck in my head...and it grew on me till I found myself spending a $1.29 on itunes purchasing it. It really grew on me and I love it

I love this song! My favorite by jesse McCartney. wish he was more popular

14 Right Back in the Water

This song is so beautiful and it sounds perfect for listening when you're in the mood to actually feel something. I cry when I listen to this song because it has such a beautiful meaning, his voice sounds amazing, and it's so sweet sounding.

His first two albums were the best. I wouldn't put any song from Departure in this list...
Right Back in the Water is so deep, makes me feel all sort of things

15 Best Day of My Life

This is a soundtrack, but it's a great song! Definitely worth downloading Like all his songs, catchy.

This is a great song of jesse. I don't know why it on #16
it should be higher

16 Just Go
17 Mrs. Mistake
18 Back Together

Back together is Jesse's newest song at the moment. It is very upbeat and catchy, and overall just a fun song to listen to! Jesse is making new music now, he has changed his sound a bit. Now his songs are more Justin timberlakey. He still sounds great and his lyrics are still amazing!

19 Up
20 We Can Go Anywhere
21 The Writer

This song is beautiful, try to listen it and you will know what I mean

22 Bleeding Love

This is so much better than Leona's version. Considering that Jesse co-wrote it. He wanted to record it but ended up giving it to Leona. But I just love Jesse's style when he sings.

Jesse's version is a thousand times better than Leona's! Probably because he co-wrote it, so he knew what he wanted it to sound like and how he wanted it to feel.

It is better than Leona Lewis' version in many ways...

23 Told You So
24 Come to Me
25 What's Your Name?

This should be way higher.
It's the catchiest song ever.
It might not seem that great at first but it grows on you

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