Top 10 Best Chevelle Songs

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1 The Red

Love this song for its ability to express so much using a word choice that is relatable. This song expresses anger beyond one's control as well as the violence and the power of anger. Being emotionally controlled is an addicting and frightening feeling.

Some days I prefer Send the Pain Below and some other days I prefer this one. Confused, but honestly, I'm thinking right now this is the song that must be number 1. Well deserved!

Stunning chorus. The emotion is superb, and the simplicity of the overall theme makes it shine.

2 Send the Pain Below

This song rocks! To me, it's really soothing and just does wonders to my ears. It sounds like they put a lot of passion into this song. Not like they don't on their other songs, but this one has plenty of passion. The best part is that this song never gets old. I still listen to it often.

I discovered Chevelle within the last two years. Send the Pain Below is absolutely excellent. It has so many layers. The musicianship is terrific. It is now one of my all-time favorites. I am 65. A huge Led Zeppelin, Tool, Cure fan. These three artists have a powerful sound and are unpredictable, original.

3 The Clincher

Not only is this Chevelle's best song, but it's one of the best rock songs ever. Send the Pain Below and The Red are almost as good as this song, but The Clincher is Chevelle's masterpiece. The last minute and a half of the song is probably the best, a mixture between great, meaningful lyrics and screaming like no one else. The music video... Well, I'll admit it, it sucked. But the song itself is amazing, and recommended towards everybody who likes rock, Christian rock, or just plain old good music!

How is this song not in the top 5? This is one of the only songs I would keep repeating, it's that good! I'm a huge fan of Chevelle, but this song is absolutely brilliant!

4 Vitamin R

The best Chevelle song ever. Look at the lyrics, dude! This is Chevelle at its best. No wonder it made the top of the list! I notice Sleep Walking Elite hasn't been added. Care to correct the deficit?

Best all-around sounding song they have. Hard-hitting moments and then slow moments to make it more dramatic. Chevelle best band hands down!

Wow, I can't believe this is only number 3. It is probably my favorite song. Just feel the lyrics rattling inside your brain. Love this song.

5 Sleep Apnea

Funny how you scroll through 100 songs, reading comments throughout saying, "How is this not top ten?" In my opinion, this describes Chevelle perfectly. They have 40+ top ten worthy songs. Do yourself a favor, pick an album, and click a song. It will be beautiful.

Okay, so, in my opinion, Chevelle makes the best music ever. Their entire music catalogue is top tier. Sleep Apnea is their best song. What does that make Sleep Apnea? One of, if not the, best song ever made.

Guitar riffs in the beginning pull me right in! Can listen to over and over again and still get chills. The brief pause after the solo is a perfect lead-in to its hardcore finish.

6 Face to the Floor

Love this song! And great album also! Has that Queens of the Stone Age edge to it while still staying true to that awesome alt metal style. Get this to the Top 3 please!

The first song by Chevelle I've ever listened to along with Closure. Might listen to more in the future.

Nothing not to like about this song. My favorite Chevelle song ever. The song has it all.

7 Jars

Better than any of the songs above it, with the possible exception of Sleep Apnea.

Best Chevelle song. It never gets old.

Amazingly good chorus, great lyrics, and fantastic bass and guitar sounds.

8 An Evening with el Diablo

The shizzle. The way the groove goes on and on at the end, and of course, there's the patented Chevelle kick-ass chorus.

Definitely should be in the top ten, and where in the top ten is another matter altogether!

Awesome tune! I can listen to it over and over and not get bored with it.

9 I Get It

This song truly rocks. The tone of Pete's voice is beautiful and intriguing. The bass is heavy and rippling. The emotion is there, and the scream is perfectly timed.

This song is true genius. Anyone claiming to like Chevelle has to listen to this amazingly brilliant song!

No doubt the best Chevelle song. The band truly outdid themselves with this song.

10 Letter from a Thief

Dude, epic song! Master poetic genius, that tricking Pete. A lot of the words hit the spot in this song, it's crazy. Definitely top 3!

"Letter From A Thief" is an amazing song, 10 out of 10 for sure. This is Chevelle at their best right here.

"Best of Chevelle"... I don't know why it's on 9. Video and the song... I give 10 on 10.

The Contenders
11 Emotional Drought

God, this song is so hyping. The bridge section is the best part, and it's just so full of emotion and good rhythm. Love this song, one of many greats by Chevelle.

At 3 minutes, you get probably the best scream in any of Chevelle's songs.

Deserves number 10! Really great song!

12 Well Enough Alone

The scream in the first part blows your mind, and the guitar riff after, oh shoot, the slow smooth mind-blowing verses take your breath away. And the chorus, all I could say is, Oh My God, why is this song at number 8? This song is much better than Vitamin R. Holy smokes, guys, I promise this song is the one you need.

The first Chevelle song I've ever heard. I recommend it to newcomers.

This should be the second song on the list!

13 Forfeit

"... I want to fight, I want to fight, I want to prove I'm right..." Well, I'll just say that these guys are amazing. This song is one of my favourites.

This song will take you back to the time of your life. One simple guitar and Billie's voice, that's enough.

14 Bend the Bracket

Probably 95% of my music play is Chevelle and I understand everyone has differing opinions, but how this is not in the top 5 Chevelle songs I will never know. A mistake, surely?

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Chevelle.

15 Clones

I love all of Chevelle's songs, but this is the one I can never get enough of. I smile every time it comes on. The bit just after the guitar solo when everything gets really quiet and then suddenly it all starts up again is just amazing. Pure skill.

Can listen to this song over and over. Love the riff and the vocals.

By far, Clones is my favorite Chevelle song of all time. It's the anthem to my life.

16 Still Running

I'm not sure why, but ever since I first listened to this song the first time all the way through, it kind of struck me. To this day, out of all the music I listen to (which is a whole heck of a lot. I've listened to Gojira's Magma album over 40 hours to put this in perspective...), I have never had a song hit me quite like this. The way it hit me was not by the intensity, or anything like that really. Just knowing that some of Chevelle's best songs aren't even singles led me to dig deeper into their discography. And, after listening to literally every single Chevelle song, this is my favorite, hands down.

17 Closure

This song has just the right mix of anger and calmness. It makes you want to yell with him and then it goes calm and it makes you feel all good inside.

One of the first Chevelle songs I listened to along with Face to the Floor. Might listen to more in the future.

Chevelle is underrated, this song is even underrated, maybe what made their music good in the first place.

18 Comfortable Liar

If you're looking for the heaviest Chevelle song, then hands down, this is it! One of their best songs if you like their heavier stuff.

This track is simply phenomenal and doesn't get enough pub.

This song depicts angry sadness perfectly. Chills.

19 Shameful Metaphors

This song is so intensely beautiful, sad, and mournful over loneliness yet also somewhat angry and hopeful. It builds beautifully up to the Shameful Metaphors part, the climax, if you will. Seriously, I love Chevelle, and this song is 100 times better than their other stuff.

If you haven't felt what this song is saying, don't vote it up. Are you kidding me, guys? This song is too good. It inspires me so much to make myself worth something and be important in the world.

Wow, my favorite song didn't even make the top ten. I have all their albums, but this song gets the most repeats. Honorable mention to "The Meddler," "Well Enough Alone," and "Hunter Eats Hunter."

20 Take Out the Gunman

Awoke when the light hit me right in the temple. Felt something cold touch my toes as it passed. Might not be the face you'd expect, but he is clearly insane, God. Got me pegged in the back.

This song is not like any other song of theirs, and that really expresses their musical talent. This song is somewhat eerie and it rocks at the same time.

I love this song. Because it is new, it has yet to rival the great Chevelle songs, but with time, it will grow to become a classic.

21 Get Some

From Chevelle's album "This Type of Thinking" (Could Do Us In), the track "Get Some" is a song about something we all enjoy doing from time to time... Getting Drunk! This song has some sick double bass pedaling from drummer Sam Loeffler, an amazingly catchy chorus, and a Metallica-esque (the song "One") drumbeat during the song's bridge. This upbeat Chevelle song will surely stick with you, and that's a good thing! "A blackout. Touching new life, face down." (Passing out drunk) "Set the pace again." (Doing all over again the next night/weekend)

22 Joyride (Omen)

How can a song be so sick and catchy? It's not fair, reminds me of Danzig's appeal! They are like the only band ever that can tour with Bush, Metallica, and Danzig on separate two-band tickets! This says a lot about Chevelle! This is one of the best songs and bands I've ever heard!

Great bass line at the start. The best climb up of any Chevelle song, to the blissful climax of Pete's apoplectic scream. If Tool had a child of its own kind, this is it.

This song is great. It's hard to decide if it's the best, but I think it is.

23 Hats Off to the Bull

Should really be higher on the list. I love the album because of this song. Sure, Face to the Floor is a great song too, but this song tops it in my opinion.

This should be number one. Red was my first favorite Chevelle song, but this one takes the cake.

Best Chevelle song. Pretty heavy and very upbeat at the same time.

24 Family System

It would probably be higher if the very, very beginning of the song was harder, but it comes in hot and heavy 20 seconds in. Everyone likes The Red for its anger feel. I get the same feeling from this song. "What a man's got he'll learn to hate" is probably my favorite line in any song.

This song is simply awesome. Somehow Hats Off to the Bull, Bend the Bracket, and I Get It are ahead of this song. And why isn't Dos even in the top 80?!

This song is probably one of the heaviest songs from Chevelle, including Forfeit and more. Deserves to be higher on the list.

25 Saferwaters

There aren't many songs that give me chills as intense as Saferwaters. This song has been my favorite Chevelle song ever since I first heard it. I can't believe that it is so low on the list.

I love this song so much. The lyrics and meaning are really deep. One of my all-time favorite songs ever. Great job, Chevelle.

That intro just sucks me in every time. This is my all-time favorite song. This song needs to be higher on the list.

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