Top Ten Best Jet Songs

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1 Are You Gonna Be My Girl

It was the first song that I herd from jet and it still the best...

Real Rock n' Roll... Today? Almost thought it was all over- thought wrong!

By far their best.

2 Look What You've Done

Just one of those songs that reminds you why humans need music in their life, easily one of the best slow songs ever.

Sure are you going to be my girl is upbeat and catchy, but this gets me into the song like very few slow songs can. I love the minor veriation at the end of the 2nd and 3rd choruses, beautiful.

The third best slow song I've ever heard!
Laugh out loud not really the third, just following the other comments.

Great song. Can you imagine this band and Badfinger together writing songs.

3 She's a Genius

Best song ever! Never thought I would happily be addicted to listening to a song, but the way just makes this such an awesome song.
The intro is probably my favourite part

Bloody legendary. I think I've played it a few too many times on my iTunes.

"Love is when you wanna kiss and you get bit"

I love this song SO much. As a dancer, I want to use it in every dance I'm in. The music video rocks too. Glad it's in the top three!

4 Cold Hard Bitch

Hands down their best song. Huge AC/DC fan and this song is the only reason I started to listen to them after seeing them sing this on the Tonight Show.

Its stupid catchy. I mean this in a good way. Liked it the first time I heard it.

Why is this not on top of the list?

Should be top three

5 Shine On

Can't belive this isn't in the Jet top 10 - I'd have it in my all time top 10!

Great song & great video. A classic

Great slower song by them, but Eleanor should be in the top ten too

6 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Amazing, couldn't stop listening to it! Didn't know that Nick's high pitch voice could be so sexy...

One of the first songs that I heard from jet, And still the best one!

This is one of the best songs of jet, after are you gonna be my girl

7 Skin and Bones

Shine On needs more love. In my opinion it's their best album by far, their hardest and most "rocky", including its own deep moments as well. Skin and Bones is one of those songs that has the lot. Great rock track, with a really deep meaning for a lot of listeners. Give it a listen, it's a fantastic song.

Guys, lets get it to the top 3 because that's where it belongs.
Simply love it!

8 Seventeen

BEST SONG EVER! I played it all day on my seventeenth birthday. So catchy. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

I love this song, I was never really into jet, this song made me become a fan.

9 Rollover D.J.

This is really the best!

Love the beat

10 K.I.A. (Killed in Action)
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11 Goodbye Hollywood

Not only one of my favourite songs on the Shaka Rock album, but one of my favourite songs ever. I highly recommend Shaka Rock!

A great song with an awesome guitar rift! This is why JET are one of the best Rock bands out. Love Shaka Rock!

Just a fantastic song by the boys from oz. Best song in Shaka Rock! This is probably my favourite Jet song, and I have 63 of their songs.

12 Get What You Need
13 Hold On

WWhat? Are you guys insane? Just listen to this once and then come back to vote for it! Man such a beautiful song from spiderman 2... Fell in love at the first listen

I hear this song from spiderman 2 movie...

This is d best song

WOW such UNDERRATED SONG just because it is not an official song, doesn't mean its bad people. It was one of the best OST from Jet, and no true fan will know this song because they will never know EVERY SINGLE song form Jet, but it is the BEST SONG from JET.

14 Black Hearts (On Fire)

Why this isn't on top 3?

15 Bring It on Back
16 Rip It Up
17 Get Me Outta Here
18 Come Around Again
19 Eleanor
20 Move On

Should be top 5

21 Radio Song

This is a perfect slow song for me other than "Look What You've Done". Just listening this song for the first time, it makes me want to hear it again.

22 Holiday
23 All You Have to Do
24 Come On Come On
25 Sgt. Major
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