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1 Take Me Home, Country Roads

I just love this song, it's an all time classic. I remember hearing it as a young child and it's amazing that so many people still listen to it to this day. It not only connects to the older generation but the young generation as well.

Even people who don't like country music love this song. It is an all time classic, and if you've never listened to it, what are you waiting for?

Since Bethesda put this song into the Fallout 76 trailer, this song gained the recognition it deserves!

I love this song,I have been hearing this song since 5 till now. it has already been 5 years since I started listening to the song. I am from the tiny island of singapore.

2 Rocky Mountain High

This song has always meant something to me.. Something special. It's like I can understand what he's saying in the song. It always has a special place in my heart

I really love this. It doesn't need to be the first one on this list to be the best - it just is. The lyrics are very emotive and moving.

"They say that he went crazy once
And he tried to touch the sun
And he lost his hand
But kept the memory"

I love this song, likely one of the main things that compelled me to move to Colorado for a while, once upon a time

3 Annie's Song

You fill up my senses like a night In a forest, like mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain, like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean. Come let me love you, Come love me again. These lyrics are beautiful, heartfelt, and poetic. Absolutely Pure Genius! #1 and it belongs here! We love you John Denver! R.I.P.

This will always be my favorite. Best song by the best singer.

Yea, this one is truly beautiful.

Such a beautiful song!

4 Thank God I'm a Country Boy
5 Calypso

I think this is the one John Denver song that no one else could cover simply because they don't have the ability. His vocal is amazing.

John Denver is too underrated. He's fantastic, and this song proves that.

This song is amazing and simply makes you feel carefree. Timeless

Hi ware the best

6 Sunshine on My Shoulders
7 Leaving on a Jet Plane

I don't caree what anyone says, His version kicks the paul and mary versions ass. Not a up beat gitty pop song but a Slow sad ballard like its supposed to be

One of the best

8 I'm Sorry

This song is so honest. When your heart is broken, you can list all the things you did wrong, but ultimately you feel sorry for yourself.

9 Rhymes and Reasons
10 Sweet Surrender

A little like calypso, just great lyrics.

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11 Goodbye Again

I can relate to the message and lyrics in this song and it's pretty underrated.

12 Back Home Again
13 Poems, Prayers and Promises

Why oh why is this at 31? This song has great lyrics... How sweet it is to love someone how right it is to care.. How long it's been since yesterday, what about tomorrow... You'd rather have Thank God I'm a Country Boy? Seriously?

A positive outlook on life, very inspiring.

14 Fly Away
15 Follow Me

By far the most underrated John Denver song. Fantastic lyrics and melody. I cannot believe it doesn't get more love! It is so powerful that I sang this song to my wife at our wedding.

16 The Eagle and the Hawk

My Favorite.. short and sweet. Gets it said and moves on. How can you not soar with those majestic birds when you hear this song?

17 Looking for Space

He himself thinks it's one of the best he's ever written and I agree.
The lyrics are so beautiful and I think I can relate to them really well and well when he sings,they always sound good.

I seriously don't see why this isn't #1. It is my all time favorite song and I think it's the best.

Love this song, reminds me of someone very special in my life.

18 Shanghai Breezes

This song has such a beautiful message. His most meaningful song of the 80's

19 Matthew

Another magical Denver song, a great lryic and a great story. It makes you feel good about the circle of life.

20 This Old Guitar
21 It Amazes Me
22 Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)

No song is better than is one for getting through a rough patch in life...I love this song!

23 For You
24 Wild Montana Skies
25 I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado

It is such a peaceful, calm down song. It is unassuming but when you listen to it it has that special something, that makes you love all the more, even when you can't name why. Listen to it when you are looking for something different, and you will just be.

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