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1 Bonfire

Bonfire is something I think is one of my Knife Party favorites. It's electronic harmony coupled with a simple beat to dance to (yes, & the drop) makes for a jam that you'd most likely want to blast in your house. Also, I think Tourniquet & Centipede should both be higher on the list; those have some killer beats.

I am a huge fan of Knife Party and I have gotta admit, this song is really great! Its even better that breaking bad put it on which got more people (especially my friends) into them. I would have chosen internet friends, but this song is a bit better.

2 Internet Friends

The intro to the song with the woman speaking is hilarious! Not everyone will have the the sense of humor but I personally love it. The towards the middle the song build up and then the peaking point. You can hardly wait for the drop then BAM! Your struck with the most epic drop in history! Absolutely amazing and best song of 2012.

I honestly cannot belive that these guys are Aussie! This is one of the greatest tracks of 2012so far and Knife Party's best. This song introduced me to them and I can say that I love them! One of the most dirtiest beats in a long time. A sure number 1.

3 Centipede

BEST song I have heard. Awesome noises. I have been searching for awesome dubstep and knife party always shows up. I always want more in my music files. There is always more to get. Centipede is something everyone has to hear. I've mail so many people I know trying to tell them to listen to this terrific song. =)

Man, this song is the best song of Knife party in my opinion. Being a skrillex fan, I can say this song is more catchy than Bangarang. Seriously sick song and I have no idea what it is doing in 7th place. Laugh out loud.

4 Destroy Them With Lasers

This song is just what Knife Party is all about!
I mean serously... it has the best electro drop (besides internet friends) and it picks up in a very awesome/rapid way!

Dope! Much better then internet friends, lasers has two good themes within the song

This is the hardest drop they've ever made.

5 Fire Hive

Fire Hive is just so good and it doesn't take long to get to the good bit unlike Internet Friends. So catchy and you wouldn't realise it but you would be listening to it for like 10 minutes straight.

Go Knife Party they are the best Electro House/Dubstep artists to date. And I also can't believe that they are Aussie WOO!

It's just so awesome! This song, along with every other Knife Party song, made me switch from Skrillex to this Australian duo. Go Knife Party!

I think this song is more better than internet friends... It must be at the top...

6 Power Glove

By far the most electrifying intro to any song I have ever heard! I don't know how it is only number 9 on the list. Should definitely be number one. Also, LRAD shouldn't even be on this list, it is just annoying. Possibly Knife Party's worst song.

TOTAL banger. When this first leaked out I had to listen to it because I knew knife party will not disappoint. And they didn't. Probably one of my favorites up to date.

This should be the one because it's a party song! What else could do any better than this? This is like a club party, a beach party, any party!

7 Rage Valley

To chose this or Bonfire was a tough choice but I decided Rage Valley because the drop is not the only good part of the song, the guitar solo like part is absolutely amazing.

Among Fire Hive and Bonfire, Rage Valley is plain perfection, flawless intro and and unforgettable and brutal drop. And the buildup is almost orgasmic it's so intense!

If you were to look up the definition of badass in the dictionary, you would find this song. The intro, the melodies, and the drop... My god, the drop...

8 Antidote

Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party are the perfect collaboration. They are like the best house/dubstep artists right now and them together, is just wow.

Please listen to this knife party remix. Skip to 1:30. It has to be the best one yet!

9 Internet Friends VIP

In my opinion way better than the original and a much better drop

10 Tourniquet

A nice track and although if you would ask anyone which song was best on the album 95% would choose Internet Friends because it was so popular. Bu this one was infact a lot better than Internet Friends.

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11 Begin Again

This song might not be very popular compared to Bonfire, LRAD, Boss mode, etc, but is is one of the best songs on the Abandon Ship album I've ever heard. Ever since Pendulum split up, some people have been waiting to hear Rob Swire's voice again. Finally, this song has been heard with Swire's voice.

Heard this on their Ultra Festival performance and was hooked!

This song reminds me how much I missed pendulum. Especially when rob singing in it


A deep banger that, while not changing the genre, definitely makes some major moves. Also their remix of Crush On You and Unison are godly!

It's a club banger! Hell Yeah! Listen it!

13 EDM Death Machine

This one should be at least #5. The song is so catchy, especially the first minute of it, and uses so many different sounds. It's an excellent song.

This song is catchy and has a cool intro definitely needs to be higher on the list.

The best knife party song ever! This song should be number 1! Try to listen to this. It will chang your mind

14 Zoology

Amazing song that features Skrillex in it. The first part of the song is way better than the second part but it is still just amazing. Knife Party are my new favourite Ducstep artists.

15 Lost Souls
16 Sleaze

Not only does Sleaze have a mean drop, the vocals are very well edited. Also, that intro sound like a sick remix of Jaws; I'd be happy with a song that was just that.

Yeah I have to agree because of the vocals and the drop. Very good song.

Absolutely amazing drop! Easily my favourite song right now!

17 Battle Sirens
18 Give It Up

Best song sounds like bonfire but better. Must listen please listens please good song fantastic song

Only dubstep track on their album, and is it great! The drop is hard!

The drop is great, I expected this to be higher on the list.

19 Last Time

Awesome intro and perfect drop! This will always be one of my favorite KP remixes

20 Boss Mode

A much newer song in comparison to those of 100% No Modern Talking and other earlier song collections, Boss Mode does not share a fair chance at sitting in the Top 10. But it should most definitely be up there.

I never get tired of this song. The drop is AMAZING not to mention the vocals and the rest of the song. Definitely Knife Party's best song.

Number 18? What are you guys smoking? Should be in top 5. The drop is awesome.

21 Unison

Just love this song. I will have to try it on my guitar!

Amazing mix by knife party, the drop of this song is just so amazing

22 Where's the Bloody Knife Party
23 Crush On You

This song is packed with adrenaline, always has been a great workout song too in my opinion. Maybe not as good as Internet Friends and Bonfire, but definitely Top 5 material.

Just rocks my headphones off. I love the drops and transitions, they just make the song flow so well.

24 Apex

For those of you who have never heard of Foreign Beggars, do your self a favor and explore more of their songs. They are very talented in my opinion compared to the other rap garbage making millions of dollars and getting tons of views. But when I found out Knife Party produced this, it made me love the song even more. This is my second favorite song by Foreign Beggars and one of my top favorites by Knife Party. Love this and wish it was higher on the list! (by the way, if this song sparks your interest for Foreign Beggars, look up Contact ft Noisia. This song is such a killer and it's their best song to me! )

25 Save the World
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