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In other names Satchmo or Pops, he is the popular American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana.
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1 What a Wonderful World

We are truly living in a wonderful world. This song demonstrates the beauty of life with such a slow-paced melody.

It's such a shame that in the old days we had better music than now. I love this song.

All of you brothers and sisters should love everything, even your nightmares, because it's all a part of life. Everyone experiences it, even if it's only once. What a wonderful world.

This song brings me peace, yet reminds me of Armstrong's death, the same way See You Again reminds me of friendship and Paul Walker's death. Some songs represent a person's life.

Best Armstrong song.

2 Hello, Dolly!

His voice is so deep and so rich. It's just beautiful to hear during this song. When he comes on stage, he just lights up the whole audience.

He is truly one of the greatest singers ever!

3 Potato Head Blues

When I first heard this piece, I was blown away. This is truly a masterpiece and something that everyone should listen to.

This was recorded in 1927 and was so ahead of its time. Still sounds great today.

My favorite trumpet-playing song. I'm in awe.

4 Heebie Jeebies

Adore Louis Armstrong. Adore Heebie Jeebies. Thank you very much!

5 La Vie En Rose

I absolutely adore this song. I could listen to it all day! It is just so beautiful.

My favorite song at the moment! Something tells me Louis Armstrong is the only singer I will be listening to for the next few days!

My son, who's three, and I love this song! He does because it's featured in the Disney movie Wall-E, and I do because it is just such a great, emotive, heartfelt song!

Beautiful song. Could listen to it all day. Makes me feel like I am in France!

6 Ain't Misbehavin'

I am a college student working on a podcast for an education class. I want to center it around introducing the topic of jazz and blues.

Great song!

7 When the Saints Go Marching In

It is the greatest jazz song ever.

This song is known all over the world!

8 Mack the Knife

Heard this recently. Just gorgeous. I love this man.

MatrixGuy, check out my list of Best Male Jazz Singers Of All Time if and when you feel like it.

9 St. Louis Blues

I play the trumpet myself, and this piece is incredible!

Easily the greatest song of Louis Armstrong and also one of the 10 greatest songs of all time. The way he sings and plays the trumpet elevates this song to an ethereal sphere.

What an unalloyed genius!

I'm currently playing this at Upper Darby High School, and it's by far my favorite Louis Armstrong song.

10 All of Me

It was either this or A Kiss to Build a Dream On. But I've made my choice, I'm sitting right here.

Love him in High Society. Sweet!

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11 Gut Bucket Blues
12 West End Blues
13 A Kiss to Build a Dream On

The mix I have of this song is bad, and the solo is way too forward, but this is still my number one Louis Armstrong song.

Louis' voice is just right for this love song, and the tempo puts me in mind of watching the clouds on a sunny day, daydreaming. What a Wonderful World is right up there with this one.

Fallout 2 turned out to be a pretty average game, but when this song came on, their great taste in music helped me forgive them.

This song is closely followed by "What a Wonderful World" and "La Vie En Rose."

Fallout 2 did its job brilliantly by opening this glorious song to me. Love all Louis' work, but this one is special.

14 We Have All the Time In the World

Recorded in the late 60s as the B-side of a secondary Bond theme, it came to mainstream public attention in 1994 when it featured in a Guinness advertisement campaign and reached number three on the UK Singles Chart. It remains his last UK hit to date.

Like What a Wonderful World, it's a great traditional-sounding jazz love song. I've got it on vinyl.

If you're American, you may be unaware of the song as it is best known here in the UK. Click listen to sample before you make your mind up.

My pops was always singing this. It was his absolute favorite. The lyrics seem even more poignant now.

15 Porgy and Bess
16 Go Down, Moses
17 (Back Home Again In) Indiana
18 When You're Smiling
19 You Are So Beautiful
20 'Zat You, Santa Claus?
21 That's My Home
22 Blueberry Hill
23 Kiss of Fire
24 Solitude
25 I'm In the Mood for Love
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