Top 10 Controversies of Madonna

Madonna is often called the 'Queen of Controversy'. And no wonder at that - there never was any other personality in history as voluntarily controversial as Madonna.
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1 The 'Like a Prayer' Music Video

Madonna has combined spirituality and erotica in many of her works. But the music video for her legendary hit single Like A Prayer was outrageous and universally banned. The Pope himself spoke against it - he also forbade Madonna to enter the Vatican and called a boycott of Madonna's music. But this only generated interest and finally made Like A Prayer one of the best-selling singles of all time. Today the music video is regarded as the second greatest music video in history, behind Michael Jackson's Thriller.

2 The 'Justify My Love' Music Video

Sexually explicit and bordering on porn, this video was banned by MTV and most other music stations. But Madonna justified the video. Today, the video is considered one of the greatest music videos of all time.

If someone misses this song and video, he misses half of his life. Best song ever.

Utterly amazing artistic video but so controversial. I love what Madonna can do.

3 The 'Sex' Book

I happen to own this book! Awesome narrative and it even has some interesting stories. This is a unique piece of pop history I feel lucky to own. I bought it the day it hit shelves and wouldn't sell it for any amount of money. If you're lucky enough to find one, PAY THE PRICE! It's worth it. I just wish I could have been in the book.

After it was banned by the ALA, Madonna wrote another one, which is aimed towards preschoolers, entitled "The English Roses" because "English Roses" is a children's picture book similar to "Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie" and "Show Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie" by Sophia Grace Brownlee & Rosie McClelland.

4 The Performance of 'Live to Tell' on the Confessions Tour

This was a case of everybody wanting to judge the performance without even seeing or understanding it. If you watch this complete performance, you would actually see that her message is in line with the message of Jesus. This was an outcry to help the children in Malawi. Yes, she used a strong symbol in order to get attention, but it was not meant in an offensive way. She was using the symbol of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. It symbolized the fact that these children are dying while we might be in a position to help them. At the end of the performance, she comes off the cross and removes the crown of thorns in an effort to say that it isn't too late, and we can make a difference. Incredibly powerful performance.

5 The Late Show with David Letterman, March 31, 1994

Madonna spoke openly in this interview with David Letterman - TOO openly, leading to the show being heavily censored, and also to the show having one of its highest viewerships and ratings.

6 The 'Erotica' Album and Music Video

It was hard to choose. Madge is the real Queen of Controversy. Erotica is one of my favorite albums from her, but it was a very scandalous and controversial period.

Madonna's most sexually proactive period was full of signs of career concerns and controversies.

7 Truth or Dare
8 The Blond Ambition Tour
9 The 'American Life' Music Video

The atmosphere was tense and tentative - the US had just waged the war against terrorism - and Madonna released the music video for her song American Life. In it, she openly disagreed with her country, stating that further war on the Middle East was futile and would lead only to further death and destruction. Americans branded her as anti-America. She publicly declared that she was neither pro-Iraq nor anti-America, but only pro-peace, and would continue to be a revolutionary in her own small way. Sadly, this resulted in a great drop in her popularity in America - her later albums sold very few copies there, though they deserved multi-multi-platinum status. But years later, Obama would cease the war against Iraq.

10 The Performance of 'Like a Virgin' on MTV
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11 Britney Spears Kiss
12 Like a Virgin

This song is one of the most famous songs ever and was Madonna's first international hit. Even today it is a favorite among many and is considered an immortal classic of music. But the lyrics, older generations pointed out, referred to premarital sex. Nevertheless, this song became a huge hit and is considered one of Madonna's signature songs.

13 Madonna in Playboy 1985

Nude pictures of Madonna from the 1970s, printed when she became famous in 1985. Madonna responded by saying "I am not ashamed."

14 Body of Evidence

This movie came around the time of "Erotica" and added to the controversy that Madonna had already been receiving. The movie portrays vivid sex scenes in which Madonna and her partner partake in a sadomasochistic relationship.

15 The MDNA Tour
16 Madonna Kissing Drake
17 Papa Don't Preach

This song was a global hit and a favorite among the youth, but older people thought it glorified premarital sex and teenage pregnancy. But Madonna said she only meant to speak against abortions.

18 Madonna's Playful Relationship with Sandra Bernhard
19 A Certain Sacrifice
20 The Performance of ‘Express Yourself’ at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards
21 God Control Music Video
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