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1 Servant of Evil

It's so sad! Not only is the song extremely sweet, but it also teaches a lesson. Rin is a selfish, evil princess taking over a country and torturing innocent people. Len is her brother, and ironically, her servant. He goes out of his way to make sure his sister gets everything she wants and is happy because that is what he truly wants. Eventually, a big revolution starts and Rin is sentenced to death. Len does not want his sister to die, so they switch places and Len dies for his sister. In my opinion, Len has the voice of an angel, along with Miku (she doesn't sing in this... Just my opinion). I love Len Kagamine's Servant of Evil – the saddest and sweetest song ever!

Story of Evil is not an overrated fairy tale! It has one of the (Seven?) sins in it, which is Pride. It tells a meaningful story and has a manga and light novel adaptation. Honestly, though, myself, I have heard the classical version BEFORE the real Mothy version. The classical is probably the one that makes you cry.

Also, to people hating Servant of Evil, I know it gets old but this song shows love, and makes Rin realize her mistake. Actually, in the Vocaloid Wikia, it says Servant Of Evil is arguably one of Len's most well-known songs (aside from Migikata no Chou which is fairly lower than this song).

2 Meltdown

This has been my all-time favorite VOCALOID song ever since the year 2008. Back then, the song just had a meltdown effect on me. I could feel the cold, stale air, and my heart pumping fast, along with all those late-night regrets that were making me a total insomniac.

Now, the song just has such nostalgia attached to it. I've been completely in love with Rin ever since I first discovered VOCALOID, but it feels like an eternity has passed since then! Back then, the story made me anxious and nervous, but now, it makes me feel calmer and happier. I even sang an 8-bit remix of this song at school some years ago (in my own language so that everyone could understand). I totally failed to capture the emotion, and normally, I would be ashamed and would keep my distance from the song that made me so embarrassed. But I continue to listen to it still.

Servant of Evil is sad, but it's also pretty unrealistic. World Is Mine has barely any meaning to it. But Meltdown is about being so torn with guilt that you can't eat, your stomach hurts, you can't sleep, and when you can sleep, all you get is nightmares. This is a feeling many of us have experienced. While it's mostly just dark, it's also just as sad as Servant of Evil because someone does, in fact, die - Rin kills herself in the end. And unlike Servant of Evil, this song describes an event that could very well happen in real life.

3 World is Mine

I was so damn late to this one, but it sounds great. I remember after I listened to it for the first time, I went onto YouTube to look at this channel that makes Vocaloid covers of Japanese songs, and the most recent one was World is Mine. It's fitting too.

This was my first Vocaloid song and is what officially got me into more of Hatsune Miku's songs and led me on to the other Vocaloids! World is Mine is a cute little song about a childish Miku singing about her boyfriend and how she thinks she deserves his heart more than anyone else. It describes all the things he should do for Miku as they are dating. At first, Miku sounds a little stuck-up and selfish, but then you realize she only wants to confirm that her boyfriend loves her. This song completely wins my heart for Hatsune Miku and her music! It will always remain a classic!

Like a lot of others, this was my first Vocaloid song that got me into it. But also, the lyrics explain quite a few feelings that are relatable, such as wanting people to notice you changed something, or wondering what they really think. Also, a lot of people seem to dislike Miku. Granted, she isn't the best (Rin & Len! Whoop! Whoop!) but she still must be respected!

4 Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story

I think it's sad that so many people aren't even bothering to listen to the song!

I love this song because it has a deep meaning, and IA's voice really suits it. The song itself sounds mystical, and I feel both soothed and energetic when listening to it.

It also goes extremely fast in the chorus, and I like IA singing it because she can keep up with the tempo, and the song suits her.

Furthermore, unlike other songs, most people can sing along (except for the chorus) because it stays within a reasonable range. It doesn't go extremely high.

I was so obsessed with this song that I listened to it every single day, close to six trillion times in total!

"Wow". The single word I said for the whole length of the song. But it was because I couldn't close my mouth at the awesomeness of this song. This song will completely capture you after the piano intro, and you'll find yourself pressing the replay button non-stop. I'm a big fan of Miku, but I must agree, this song is definitely the best of all Vocaloid songs. The song is so upbeat and catchy, yet the meaning is so emotional. After this song, you'll find yourself wanting to listen to it every second of the day.

5 Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

I have no idea what people are thinking when they vote based on the 'LOID who sings.

Trust me, every VOCALOID has at least one extremely catchy song that belongs on this list.

Migikata no Chou tops them all - interesting meaning, an abundance of mixes, incredible covers (Luka's is my favorite, go check it out!), and I remember the first time I heard it, I was scribbling butterflies and humming the tune for weeks! You can't call yourself a true VOCALOID fan without having heard this tune.

This is a catchy song. It WILL get stuck in your head, but it's worth it!

Love this song! Though I wish they had Rin on the stage too with Len in the 2016 version concerts. Now that they only have Len on stage and Rin only singing backup, but not being seen anywhere on the stage, is sad. I thought the ones where both Rin and Len are on stage were cute.

This is my favorite song ever, not just because Len sings it. It's a love song about regret and how we try to compensate for the hurt that comes with love through material goods. The beat, the lyrics... I love everything!

6 Triple Baka

YES! I was listening to this song just now. It's so catchy! I think especially for people who are new to Vocaloid, it's less harsh than Servant of Evil or Trick and Treat, where Rin and Len are evil and Miku is the innocent little girl who gets killed by them.

This one is by far the best. Teto sounds adorable singing the harmonies, and I love it when Neru hits Miku with the leek. And Neru's expression when she looks up from the phone... it's the best.

This was the first Vocaloid song I heard. I showed it to a friend at school, and she fell in love. Then I showed it to another two friends, and they loved it. Triple Baka is awesome like that!

7 Senbonzakura

If you like rock, Vocaloid, deep-meaning lyrics, and Hatsune Miku, then Senbonzakura is a song you have to listen to. The upbeat tune may fool you at first, but the translation seems too dark to be the actual song, right? Wrong. This is my favorite song and always will be. Hatsune Miku rocked this, and this was the song that made me addicted to Vocaloid, and even interested in learning more about Japanese culture! It must mean a lot if just one song has enough power to do that.

It makes me smile at any time or mood and powers through my problems to make me smile. It's a masterpiece that I'll never forget, and you won't either.

11? That's one away from 10... I think this deserves a 10! Senbonzakura wasn't one of the first songs I ever heard, but it's one I haven't forgotten. The rock-style music, the voice (Miku completely rocked this!), and the deep meaning behind the lyrics made me completely obsessed with this song and everything else about Vocaloid. If you think I'm crazy and you haven't heard the song yet, please listen to it before you ignore this comment.

8 Matryoshka

I love this song. Let's be honest - it's addictive, fun, catchy, easy to sing to, upbeat, and much more. I also love the amount of covers you can find that explore all possible ways to sing this song.

And the meaning? 524.

One of the few VOCALOID songs that I listened to 2 years ago for the first time (when I first got into them) that I still think is underplayed and still would listen to anytime.

You can't dislike this song. Everything about it, I just love. The vocals, lyrics, creativity in the costumes and art. It seems like such a fun and crazy song to dance to, yet it really has a sad but in a way beautiful meaning and story to it. This will always be my favorite.

This song will always be one of my favorites! I feel strong friendships when I see cosplay videos of this on YouTube! For me, I think when I see them, they are expressing how crazy friends can be, but they'll always stick together!

9 Paradichlorobenzene

I love Paradichlorobenzene so much! I'm even listening to it while writing this. It is my favorite song and always will be. I remember when I first got into it: I was watching a Top 10 Fastest VOCALOID Songs video, and that song was featured. Back then, I had to look at the words on the video to spell it correctly! Over time, I began listening to it more and more, and it eventually became my favorite song. However, I never really learned how to pronounce it.

This song should be first on the list. I love it so much that I've even come to spell it without looking at the word itself! It's the best song ever – you HAVE to listen to it. I love so many covers (my playlist on YouTube is 'My Favorite Songs (almost all VOCALOID)'), but it's not all Paradichlorobenzene, although a lot of it is. I've even memorized all the lyrics!

I've made my own songs that are a mix between Paradichlorobenzene and Antichlorobenzene, and I'm really hoping to send it to Owata-P. He became my favorite producer just because of Paradichlorobenzene. Len was already my favorite VOCALOID. This isn't my first Len song nor my first VOCALOID song, but it's my favorite of both!

10 Gekokujou

I have fallen in love with the song. It's funny, upbeat, has a samurai setting, and the Kagamine twins! That's all I need!

Great song. Funny and with a nice beat as well.

Declare war on all Vocaloids? Yes!

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11 Piece of Thought

You. You right there. I was like you until I listened to this song. I listened to it once before, maybe like you. I had thought, "I don't see what's so good about this song. It's pretty slow." I deleted the song. And now, I've listened to it again. Please give this emotional, beautiful song a chance. And then it will surprise you.

This song is really nice and emotional, and the fact that it could be pointed toward many different characters made it stand out for me.

I can't find this song! Please tell me who sang it!

12 Just Be Friends

Miku this, Miku that... What the hell is wrong with people? All the Vocaloids need a chance. Just Be Friends has over 6 million views and is my favorite Vocaloid song. World is Mine is just a stupid auto-tuned chipmunk song about a snob who claims "the world is hers". How is that entertaining? All there is to the song is a high-pitched "AHH!" that sounds like helium had a stroke.

Just Be Friends is auto-tuned as well. All Vocaloid songs are. But even though Just Be Friends doesn't sound perfect, it still sounds better than any of that Miku crap. In fact, it actually has lyrics that touch people's hearts. Please, think about that.

I have to say, "Just Be Friends" is not the best sounding Vocaloid song, but it still is one of my favorites. Most of the time, it is not the singing or the music that makes a Vocaloid song so wonderful. It's the content and story behind it. "Just Be Friends" tells a story about breaking up with the one person you have loved. It is such a bittersweet story, and many people can relate to it.

I recommend this song. It has a nice, catchy tune and phrases that you might be singing for days (I know I did). So, even if Luka is not your favorite Vocaloid, still listen to "Just Be Friends". It's fantastic.

13 Gemini

My favourite song by the Kagamine twins!

Such an adorable, cute, and lovable song, with a great song map. And seriously, if you DON'T LOVE the Kagamines, what are you doing here?

I love Len's voice here. Love the Kagamine twins. It's a really comforting song. I usually listen to it when I'm about to sleep. It definitely deserves more than the 13th rank!

14 Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~

This song is amazing! The animation and story are beautiful and actually tell a story. It would make an awesome plot for an anime, book, or something similar. I'm not very good at describing things, but just go and listen to it already!

Awesome graphics, beautiful tune, beautiful lyrics. What can I say? This is one of my favorite Vocaloid songs. I love its story. It's one of the best in all of the Vocaloid songs. In my opinion, it's even better than the Story of Evil. So well, this shouldn't be the 30th song.

This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with Vocaloid. Telling a story of a fallen angel (datenshi) and her forbidden love with a beautiful girl. The first time I listened to it, I cried at the part where Rin/Len disappears. I really don't know why this is down at the bottom.

15 Two-Faced Lovers

I adore pretty much all of the songs on this list, but for me? Two-Faced Lovers takes the cake. Not only is it extremely catchy and fast (a joy to the ears!), but it also has a deep meaning, which is portrayed wonderfully. This song has moments that I just want to replay again and again. I never get tired of this song. Wowaka is such a good producer, and Rolling Girl is a gem as well, but this has got to be my favorite.

It's upbeat, fast, catchy and has a meaning. I love it, it's absolutely addicting to me. I agree the video was a bit weird, yet I also enjoyed it because it was different than most videos I've seen. It's about how love isn't always love when the other one isn't committed, and how it hurts.

Deal with it, it is about sex, but is that all? No, it is about a young girl going into it too fast, ending up regretting, and repeating like many teenagers today. It poses a really important message to all of modern teenage society.

16 Melt

This song is seriously adorable! Ryo is a genius. Go away, you Len fangirls! Why are the Kagamines number 1 in every list? Because of you fangirls! I mean, seriously, I adore Len too, but at least I don't go around saying that everything Len does is the best! Oh, and Miku's voice is not too high-pitched! If anything, Rin's voice is. Did you hear Meltdown? "This ringing in my ears won't stop." Yeah. Probably because your singing is deafening!

Melt was my first Vocaloid song, and I loved it. It'll always plant a smile on my face, from the blissful voice to the wonderful tune. Its PV was a captivating spectrum of colors, dancing figures that made my heart fly in joy, and was a memorable song I will forever treasure.

I love this song. It gets stuck in my head so often. It was the first Vocaloid song I heard. I have to smile whenever I hear it. Why isn't it at the top? I mean, I can relate to it, and so can many of us.

17 Imitation Black

I LOVE THIS SONG! It's my absolute favorite Vocaloid song ever! One, it sounds like a rock song, which is my favorite kind of music. Two, it has my first, third, and seventh favorite Vocaloids in it. And three, Kamui Gakupo is in it (I LOVE THAT GUY!). Why is it so low on this list? It should be number one!

I love the contrast between Len and Gakupo, with KAITO filling in the middle.

I love this song! With Kaito, Gakupo, and Len all in the same song, it makes it even more awesome! It's pure epicness!

18 The Lost One's Weeping

I can't believe this is Number 67. If I had a party and got to put on Vocaloid songs, this would be my first choice. It's even more awesome when you watch her just slamming her guitar on the ground at Magical Mirai. But seriously, I can't believe this song is way back here. Personally, I'd choose this as Number One, or at least higher.

I always listen to this song when I'm just not motivated. The first thing you hear is drums and guitars playing. Then Rin's awesome voice kicks in. I've been listening to this song for only 3-5 months, almost every day, but it's still awesome. This would actually be a good pick for an anime opening. Lost One's Weeping also helps me if I start hating school so much. I can actually relate to the guy in the song. Like, I have so much stress when it comes to school. But when I listen to this song, it starts calming me down for some reason. If I only got to listen to one Vocaloid song, it would be Lost One's Weeping.

19 Kemono No Uta

I have to say, it's a really nice song. It's sung by Akita Neru, and this is the first song I have heard by her. I like her voice.

The song is really good.

20 Kagome Kagome

I love this song.

The picture when they all sing "kagome kagome/circle you circle you" still scares me even now.

Honestly, I think if you sing it with a high-pitched vibrato, it sounds better/creepier.

Though I've never heard anyone sing it that way. Maybe I will...

Kagome Kagome is somehow a creepy song (scratch that, it is) but it kind of gives you a calming feeling... At least, for me.

Anyway, Kagome Kagome is a song that is extremely recommended for psychological anime lovers, especially for those who love Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Another, Elfen Lied, and all those.

Kagome Kagome is one of the creepiest songs of Vocaloid I've heard, but as much as I'm scared to death of it, I guess it has some sort of calming melody. It's a good song!

21 Ten Faced

I love this one, it has an intriguing story in it, and it's one of the ones that actually doesn't have an ending where someone dies. It ends well where the girl finds her love and all her personalities fulfill their duty and leave her in peace. It's extremely catchy as well, and I love the beat in it! It's my second favorite Vocaloid song that I've heard!

This song is so catchy and one of the best songs by Gumi. When I first heard it, I fell in love with this song. Anyways, give it a listen. Maybe it's going to be your favorite song!

It hits closer to home than Servant of Evil or Prisoner. It's not sad, but not happy either. I don't know what I should call it. It's kind of a mix of sadness, insanity, romance, and comedy... I don't know.

22 Kokoro (Rin and Len Mixed Version)

It's by Rin and Len. It's both sad and a happy song. It's about a robot created by a scientist. The scientist spent his whole life making a program called "Kokoro," which means heart. The robot downloads the program and feels what it's like to have a heart, but in the end, she realizes that the man who created her was gone. The heart was too big for her alone, and she died smiling.

In Len's side of the song, he's talking about raising the robot, who is Rin. In the end, he needed no more miracles since her being created and that she was able to have emotions was enough. He died or re-died since he came back as a ghost. Listen to it! It's amazing!

Best Vocaloid song ever! I don't know why this is at the bottom because it's a very beautiful song. I've cried with it, and I just can't explain how beautiful it is. You have to hear the song yourself. It's really touching.

Why is this on the bottom? It's the best Vocaloid song, I think. It's so pretty and sad! Especially this version. Hearing both sides of the story makes me appreciate it much more.

23 Splatter Party

This isn't my favorite, but it's one of the only good songs on this list that isn't overrated. I love creepy songs! The only thing I didn't like about it is that it is sung by Miku. Not because she's overrated, but because the song's meant to be creepy and dark, and Miku just doesn't suit that type of music. She would fit a much more cheerful and/or funnier song. I would've recommended a vocal with a much deeper, more mature voice that's a bit softer. But in the end, I love this song, and it's up to the producer which vocal they want to use, and of course, everyone's opinions differ.

Eerie, yet an earworm. I love Miku's tuning on this song, and how it makes me feel nervous, yet hyped.

This song has some very dark themes, but the sound of it is super badass.

24 Tell Your World

Tell Your World is a very beautiful song that is worth listening to over and over again. Even though the notes are rather high at some points, Miku manages to fit them very well. The video even shows you how Vocaloid developed over time, which is another amazing thing to watch. This is a song that I'm sure many fans will love.

It's such a beautiful song. It shows the true power, as if Miku is so passionate about her singing she wants the viewer to tell their family and friends and the word to spread. Servant of Evil is just an overrated fairy tale, Tell Your World is much better!

This is one of the few Vocaloid songs that has excellent Japanese and English versions. It was one of my first and is a continuous favorite of mine, along with Odds and Ends. Give it a listen, and be inspired to share your story as well!

25 Bacterial Contamination

This song really relates to my life. I have been told countless times that I am worthless, stupid, and that I'll forever be a freak because of my anime obsessions, and that I should kill myself because of that. But in a while, the school's talent show is coming up. I'm going to sing this song while looking at my tormentors straight in the eye.

This song has contaminated me with its dark yet beautiful tune. It's a very unique song, too, and its tune is stuck in my mind. It is rather dark, but then it's also meaningful, and it is actually able to connect to some people's feelings. Overall, it's the (almost) best song I've heard yet.

This is sort of like me. I have become a bit meaner because of bullying. They always bully me for no reason, not for my hair, looks, face, voice, or even height. They love to bully the life out of me.

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