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1 I'm Yours

This music made me know the perfect singer that is Jason Mraz. I went to his show (in Brazil) only knowing this song, and there I saw how perfect he was and how great his music was! This is the best song because my life without this music would be my life without Jason, and I can't see that happening! He always sings with his heart, and all his lyrics have something about your life that you can identify with.

To conclude, I love I'm Yours and Jason Mraz!

It's a cool song and one of my favorites to play on the guitar. Above all, the meaning that the song carries is the best part of it! Yeah, for sure, there's no need to complicate! Seriously, I'm Yours!

2 I Won't Give Up

I love how real this song is. So often, love is portrayed as easy, a simple feeling. But often, it's a choice made despite feelings and the decision to love through the hard times and trust that the good times will arrive again.

They played this song at the Catholic Retrouvaille weekend for couples in trouble and about to separate, and it made many of us cry. The lyrics really stirred up a lot of emotions and feelings for us and brought us closer. Thanks, Jason.

For me, this was the best song I have ever heard. The soft music, the lyrics, and the emotion behind every word just pulled me in. I would recommend everyone to hear this song at least once and then decide for yourself.

3 93 Million Miles

I've lived overseas for 30 years, and I know that wherever I roam, I can always 'come back home'. I just love the sound of this one.

Awesome music and lyrics with so much emotion for home.

The lyrics, man! Just wow! No words to describe!

4 Lucky

This is a great song, but not as well known as some of the songs listed. It is the Spanish version of the song "Lucky," and the music works well with the Spanish lyrics. One of my favorites!

This is a great song. It is the Spanish version of the song "Lucky" and works well lyrically with the music. This song is one of my personal favorites of Jason Mraz!

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend! Yeah, this song is completely great. I just love it!

For the record, it is awesome if you plan a private dinner for your girlfriend!

5 Best Friend

Thank you for letting me in. My life is better because you're a part of it.

6 If It Kills Me

Why is this so far down? I love this song. It's all about emotions, hidden and expressed, and ultimately finding ways to make someone the one. Please vote for this one.

His voice in this one is so beautiful. I love it because the emotion in his voice makes it more lively. It should be in the top ten!

This should be in the top ten! Can't get over this song! I can play it my whole life.

7 The Remedy

I love this song. It is the first song that I appreciated much and recognized Jason Mraz as one of the best singers and composers in the world. Ever since that time, I started to listen to his different songs and memorized them because it feels good to sing those songs that sound good and are like a tongue twister to my mouth.

Way better than 93 Million Miles. Don't get me wrong, I love new Jason, but we should be fair to his old stuff as well. For those of you who love new Jason, please try his old songs! You won't be disappointed. (I do still think he was at his best with A Beautiful Mess and I'm Yours.)

8 A Beautiful Mess

This is one of Jason's best songs ever, maybe the best. The lyrics are just incredible, and it all comes together with a great melody, amazing vocals, and sweet tunes.

When I first heard this song, I simply broke into tears. There truly is no song like it. The song leaves you speechless the whole way through.

You should listen to this song. This song isn't popular, but it's the best I've heard. So deep, amazing lyrics, and different lyrics in all three choruses.

9 Wordplay

This is an epic song that beautifully showcases Jason's lyrical talent and reflects what makes him unique as an artist. Wordplay helps display his sheer talent, never mind that it's catchy as hell. It's a shame that such an awesome song is eclipsed by his top radio hits.

Real Jason Mraz, shows his versatility and singing talent!

10 You & I Both

I love Jason Mraz, and I cannot believe that this song is any further down than number 2 or 3. I think it is a tremendous first-class song that belongs in the pantheon of top songs in history. As the first commenter says, it has tremendous variety within itself. I add that it is melodious, complex, and just stirring.

I love the melody, I really do. When you're in love, you don't care what others might say. You just love. Anyway, I love all the songs of Jason Mraz, but this is my favorite.

The first time I heard this when I was a kid was the time I became his fan.

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11 The Freedom Song

Why only 20th? 0.6%? I love this song very much! Free style of melody and really feel-good.

This song should be in the top ten. I love it.

12 Geek in the Pink

This song is so catchy and amazing, and it just expresses so many feelings in a way that could not be competed with by any other band or artist. It got me through my darkest, most clueless days.

This song is the best! It's the only song where it has a good beat and a catchy tune. Okay, not the only one, but you know what I mean. Please vote for this song!

13 Living in the Moment

This song deserves to be #1, no matter if you like another one of his songs better or not. The lyrics are so meaningful in life. I saved my friend's life with these lyrics. They brought him hope and amazing advice, and he didn't even know I was quoting one of Jason's songs to help him.

I suggest you all listen to this and read the lyrics as you go through it because the words could help you too. Even if you don't need help, they might change your life just like they changed mine. You just have to really think about what Jason is trying to say/sing. He is an amazing artist and deserves applause for this song. Please listen to this amazing song. I couldn't say this about any other song I have ever listened to in my life.

14 The Woman I Love

It just drowns me in love. It makes me visualize the girl I love truly and deeply.

This is the best song by Jason! I became a fan of him listening to this song.

I don't know why it's not the first or the second best song!

15 Sunshine Song
16 Make It Mine

An amalgamation of pleasing chord progressions and arrangements, Make It Mine stands as probably the best Jason Mraz has composed. It's not as conventional as I'm Yours, yet not as convoluted.

This is one of the best songs of his! It doesn't deserve to be down here! You have to listen to this song! It's just one of those songs that makes you instantly smile.

This is not the best one, but it is also a good one. The start of this song is great.

17 Butterfly

Are you kidding me!? "Butterfly" doesn't even make the top 10? It is hands down his best song. Amazing lyrics, upbeat tempo, and amazingly catchy tune.

"I never forget a face, except for maybe my own. I have my days. Let's face the facts here, it's you that's got it all."

It really goes to show how narrow people's musical scope is. If it's not played on the radio or music channels, it might as well not exist.

This is another example of a great song being undervalued because it is rarely played. It has everything a good song should have. It should at least be in the top 5. Not above I'm Yours or Lucky, but at least 3.

18 Details In the Fabric

Beautiful song for getting in an emotional mood. It is always a must-have in my more personal playlists.

How is this 20th? I expected it to be in the top 5! Undoubtedly one of the best songs ever.

Listen to this, and you will understand life.

19 Plane

What? This is like my number one song by Jason Mraz. It has many versions, and I love them all.

How come this at least isn't in the top ten? The song is amazing!

20 Everything is Sound

This song is very famous in the Philippines. Very refreshing, and every time I listen to this song, it gives me good vibes!

21 10,000 Mother******* (That'll Do)

What a song. What a sarcasm. What a hope. What a singer. Simply amazing.

22 Life Is Wonderful

This is one of the best songs. It should be in the top 3.

This song ought to be way up there.

23 The Dynamo of Volition

This is a really good song. Others are also good, but this one is the best!

24 Prettiest Friend

Oh! This is one of the lovely songs by Jason! One of the songs that reveals his romantic side, so honest and truthful! No put-ons! Very Jason!

25 Bella Luna

Just found out about this song recently while listening to his old albums and loved it. It's so different from his other work and definitely one of my favorite songs.

This song must be the best song by Jason Mraz!

Awesome song. The best of Jason Mraz. So smooth. Best love song of the 21st century.

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