Top 10 Best Songs of 2010

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1 Not Afraid - Eminem

This song has awesome beats and lyrics! "All those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony" "I shouldn't have to rhyme these words in a rhythm for you to know it's a rap"

This song is extremely good --- the strong progression. It is an anthem. Not Afraid is up there. It is such an enjoyable song.

This and LTWYL are amazing, but I like this one better because it's Eminem on its own. Basically reminds me of the past, the present, and the future. 11/10

To the fans I'll never let you down again. I'm back. I promise to never go back on that promise.

2 Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

This song is so sad, yet so powerful. The guitar is very fitting; I like how it sounds. Eminem's verses are outstanding, especially the volcano one. Rihanna's voice is outstanding. This is the song. The anthem really touched me. It deserves to be high on this list.

When asking the normal person if a rap song could be very moving and emotional to the point where your eyes get misty, they would not understand.
Love the way you lie is a masterpiece I'm that right.

Eminem really had an awesome comsback with this album after rough years and came up on top again. Then, he released MMLP2 to go out with a bang. An awesome comeback song along with Not Afraid from a legend level artist.

Just goana stand there and get real fat but that's allright I am complty fine with that I can't tell you what it feels like I can only show you by eating curly fries!

3 Firework - Katy Perry

I get that Firework is inspiring, upbeat, and even has a cello, but this song does not cut it for me. Overall, it is a bit unappealing. Why is she naked on a cotton candy cloud? The cover art should be edited.

Firework is so inspiring! This song shows us that we can be proud of ourselves, and be fireworks! (not literally, just a metaphor)

I love this song, but my favorite will always be Wide Awake.

I really like this song. Katy Perry is such a good singer.

4 Waiting for the End - Linkin Park

Ignore the guy below... This songs is great because it's inspiring, has a beautiful tune, awesome lyrics and meaning, not to say Eminem bad( the best rapper along with Jay-z)but this song is really good and you'll go on hearing it... This song's brilliant but don't compare it with new divide, breaking the habit, numb or in the end cause it's different than the others but equally magical.

It should be against the law to dislike this amazing song from Linkin Park's great new album.

This song has very nice meaning. I hope the last part could be a little longer though.

Do I even need to say anything?

5 Airplanes - B.o.B

Airplanes has that very cute wistfulness and innocence that we are missing in a lot of our current music.
Owl City, B.o.B, NF, Ellie Goulding, Made on, and Porter Robinson are some artists that are squeaky clean and have a wide eye view on songwriting.
In Airplanes we get great rapping from B.o.B as he call out against political correctness and wishes that rappers would go back to dishing out rhymes about what really matters.
We also have Hayley Williams from Paramore here and although she only songs the chorus, she delivers very nicely.

This came out when I was five, I am 11 now and it is still so dynamic, pure and beautiful: it always sounds like such a hopeful song and B.O.B's rapping and Hayley Williams vocals are phenomenal. "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now." If you compare some rapped songs today to that song, Airplanes lyrics is so clear.

It also has meaning, it shares the details of an average song artist ("Cause after all the partyin' and smashin' and crashin' and all the glitz and the glam, and the fashion and all the pandemonium and all the madness there comes a time where you fade to the blackness).

Go on youtube and type in "B.O.B ft Hayley Williams -Airplanes" The to this sounds so sweet and there is quite a lot of people doing it, after all these years.

Ugh. I do not like how Airplanes sounds.

This is my all time favorite song!

6 O Mio Babbino Caro - Jackie Evancho

When 10-year old Jackie Evancho came out of nowhere and delivered this amazing rendition on America's Got Talent, it was so unbelievable, some people still don't believe it was real. The nation was stunned.

Since Jackie's performance, so many talent show hopefuls have tried this song. But none of them do it as well as Jackie did.

7 Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Colorful sounds, fast drums, bells and echoing bells, strong vocals, and meaningful / This romantic song does not appeal to me. I do not like this particular Bruno Mars song.

This song is so beautiful!

When I see this song
There's not a thing that I would change
Because it's amazing
Just the way it is

8 Grenade - Bruno Mars

People who hate this song can shut up. Those who critisise the lyrics need to realise that what they aren't saying is that he would die for his girlfriend not necessarily jump in front of a train or catch a grenade if she asked him too. People take Songs way too literally and just don't appreciate the INTENTED MEANING of the lyrics. People will obviously downvote me like they downvoted other people who say this is a good song, but I don't care because everyone is entitled to their own opinion

It's a great song it has a great beat I could listen to that song all day its about this person who would do any thing for this girl and she breaks his heart she was cheating on him. All he wanted is her love. He was pulling a piano to her house to probally sing a song.

I love this song! It's so sad, but a really good song! Bruno Mars is such a great artist!

You know, Ariana Grande has her own version of this song. It's really nice.

9 Dynamite - Taio Cruz

Sure. It is upbeat, about partying, compares partying to dynamite, but the song just does not appeal to me. I do not like Dynamite.

Fun fact: TNT- CaptainSparklez, which is a parody of this song, has more hits on YouTube than this.

This song is so fun! Where is Taio Cruz now? He just disappeared after this song.

Dynamite is catchy, amazing, and all 'bout having fun partying. It's not like one of those songs that are all about lovey dovey. It makes me wanna dance!

10 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

This is amazing. Eminem sucks. This is the best, followed by the Catalyst, and then Waiting for the End, then Snuff. Nightmare shows that A7X can go to a darker more serious sound, and still make an incredible sound. And the Album is one of their bests too! FoREVer

This song Is Amazing! Avenged Sevenfold is probably the best band out there! They should be number one!

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11 DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher

I do not hate this song. Usher sings like he means it, but I do not care for this upbeat vibrant song.

Usher is such a good singer and this song is great.

12 F**k You - Cee Lo Green

The anti-simp anthem, this song is the perfect middle finger song that exploits gold diggers and guys that are quite simply, cucks and simps.

13 We Used to Wait - Arcade Fire
14 Runaway - Kanye West & Pusha T

Even the last 3-4 minutes of weird distortion work. I understand that a lot of people have a very low opinion of Kanye West, but this song is deep, personal, acknowledges that, and is epic. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best songs of the millennium so far.

This song proves that even the most ego-filled people have a personal side to them. 9 minutes of chilling lyrics and a great melodic voice from Kanye West, which shows that he can actually sing without autotuned (I don't hate autotune though) easily the best song of 2010. 6/5

Thing! This song is nine minutes? Anyway, it is cold and depressing, and I do not like it.

Not just the best song by Kanye, the best song of 2010, PERIOD.

15 Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
16 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

This song is so catchy!

17 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire

This song should be no 1 on this list. It's so brilliant it will leave you in shock.

18 OMG - Usher
19 We R Who We R - Ke$ha

That's probably the best song of 2010, kesha is the sexiest singer and has rocked every dance floor across the world with this song. You ve to be paralysed to not dance and rock yourself out when you hear this song

This song is great, but where it Tik Tok?

20 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) - Shakira

How does this ANTHEM is not even in the Top 10? It's one of the most popular songs of 2010

I hate to admit it: I like this song.

21 Alejandro - Lady Gaga

This is a great song by Gaga!

22 The Catalyst - Linkin Park
23 Rolling in the Deep - Adele
24 Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna

I used to hear Rihanna songs when I was little too! I used to hear What's My Name, Don't Stop The Music, and Hard...
And anyways, I agree with PandasNGaga here. The 2000s and 2010 were great years for music

I think this song addresses a soulmate. My music taste is very different. This song is not on my taste.

I used to listen to this song when I was little! 2010 was a great year for music.

How isn't this number 1! :O

25 Raise Your Glass - P!nk
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