Top 10 Best Marilyn Manson Albums

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1 Antichrist Superstar

By far his best work - his magnum opus. This is the album that sealed his success after 'Sweet Dreams' caught national attention. It took 'dark' to a whole new level, his heaviest album, and the one where he perfected the signature demonic shriek.

The whole album is great, but my recommendations : Dried up, Tied up, Dead to the world, Tourniquet, Deformography, Minute of Decay, Angel with the Scabbed Wings, 1996, The Reflecting God.

This album is amazing. Having only heard Lest We Forget: The Best Of before it. I didn't expect it to be so dark. But the second time I listened to it and knew what to expect, it was just amazing. The songs wrok so well together. Easily my favourite Manson album. One of my favourite albums of all time.

2 Mechanical Animals

This whole album is my personal anthem over 14 tracks. Take an hour sometime, and just drink it in. It is incredibly deep, dark, and self loathing, But there are brief glimmers where you see the hope and beauty in it, and the true message that MM is trying to convey. Think for yourself, Follow the sheep no more, Challenge the norm, Fight the current. They may be cliche messages in this day and age, but when this was created, the message was unique and revolutionary. If you haven't listened to Mechanical Animals yet, you are missing out.

3 Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)

Marilyn Manson's 4th album is a masterpeice of storytelling and musical ability. This is, in my opinion, the most listenable/ catchy album from him, with brilliant lyrics that cut to the core of society. Standout songs include GodEatGod, the Love, Fight, Death Song trilogy, Target Audience, Disposable Teens, Crucifiction in Space, The Nobodies, Coma Black and Valentines day.

This should be at #1 without question! Disposable teens, the fight song the love song and the nobodies alone would put this at number one, but there are so many other good lesser known songs on here as well, definitely listen to this album first if your just starting to get into his music.

4 The Golden Age of Grotesque

In my opinion this really is mansons best cd, ever. although it may not be his most "rockish" cd, and takes a more tehcno spin to it, it is freakin awesome. some of the better songs

On this are This is the New S***, Use Your Fist and not your mouth, Pair-noir, mOBSCENE and Vodevil. I would recommend this to any rock fan, and if you aren't really into the rock scene, I would still check this out, some of my friends that are hip hop freaks love this cd.

Not only one of my favorite Marilyn Manson albums, but one of my favorite albums EVER! Every song on this album is absolutely amazing! If you don't have this album, get it, because this truly is the Golden Age of Grotesque

5 The Pale Emperor

"Absolutely love this album. 45-year-old fan who just got into MM in 2007. I love his older work, and wish I would have been a fan during the mid-90s. With that said, at my age, going to a Manson concert now, if it was similar to his shows 20 years ago, would not interest me. The Pale Emperor is a brilliant album, by a 46-year-old guy. I saw him last August in CT, and he absolutely murdered it. This could eventually be my favorite MM album. "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" is already one of my all-time favorite Manson songs. Very dirty guitar with a Bowie feel. In my opinion, I hear early 80's Stones in this song. The guitar is very Keith Richards, and towards the end of the song, Manson has a very sludgy, Keith Richards "Little T&A" sound in his delivery. I love it.

45-year-old, married, father of four. MM has a very diverse fan base. His growth as a musician with this last effort, brings great hope for more brilliant albums

6 Portrait of an American Family

As a huge, undying fan of Marilyn Manson, I have to say that this album is arguably his best.
For example, we have "Lunchbox," "Cyclops," and my favorite, "Wrapped in Plastic." I love how raw, dirty, and energetic this music was. It was just perfect. There is so much adrenaline within these songs.
I love all of his work, of course, but this one is where it started! It deserves a much higher position on this list.

This album was the starting point for Manson's career at the big time. This album in itself is legendary, whilst it has some really weird songs (Cake and Sodomy, Prelude (the family trip)) but still, I find myself addicted to this album. The only Manson album I can listen to every track without thinking of skipping a song.

7 Eat Me, Drink Me

'Eat Me, Drink Me' is something softer around the edges, something fuzzier and more darkly beautiful than past albums; yet, at the same time, it is something far more sinister and bleaker than his past albums, with every mope and gripe and scream raging from a much more personal place.

I have just heard the first three tracks (and the "hit single" Heart-Shaped Glasses) but to me it's already obvious that this album should be in a higher place. Amazing guitars and songs. This is very vulnerable album - don't people recognize a good music when they hear it?!

8 Born Villain

Great album I think one of the best since Holy Wood and deserve a higher place than 8th. All manson albums have their originality and it's impossible to compare them one another. With this album he hit the nail again and we must all thank the universe and the artist himself for not retiring and gave us another wonderful art work. So I take the opportunity and thank Marilyn Manson and encourage everyone to buy this album.

A dark and aggressive comeback to the hardcore side of industrial rock/metal after the more gothic (but still good) albums beforehand, namely The High End Of Low. Reminds me of a much more raw version of Antichrist Superstar.

9 The High End of Low

I used to be a big fan, but became disillusioned after Holy Wood. The albums that followed were very lame in my opinion. This is a different kettle of fish. Manson has a wealth of experience in writing tortured songs, but often from a detached perspective. This is very real, largely dealing with his recent divorce. Somehow he has managed to come up with the best break-up album ever, and the pain is very very real. It's not as heavy as the previous few albums, but it's the words that speak volume, some of his best lyrics since Mechanical Animals. Essential for those willing to give him a second chance. 9/10

10 Smells Like Children

Disturbing, creepy, surreal, Smells Like Children is not for the faint of heart! From the first track that included a creepy techno beat and toddlers crying and screaming, to Rock'N Roll N*****, a high energy, fist pumping cover song to remember. I was 12 the first time that I listened to this, at night in my bedroom. Thinking that I had Marilyn Manson figured out, I put the CD in the player and was crying at the end of it. I didn't sleep for months! It is a masterpiece that most people don't seem to appreciate.

The only songs I like are Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This and I Put A Spell On You. No offense to Manson but this is my least favorite album from him.

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11 Heaven Upside Down

Easily the best thing he's put out since Golden Age of Grotesque. Such an interesting blend of different era's on this, a very musically sound album from start to finish. Much more filled in than Pale Emperor

Similar to The Pale Emperor, heavier but also more predictable. A few just ok songs drags it a little bit but it's catchy, hard and gritty. Difficult to pull this off later in one's career.

"Threats of Romance" and "Je$u$ Cri$I$" are amazing climax masterpieces of musical perfection and "Tatooed in Reverse" and "We Know Where You Live" are memorable in their own right. This is a near-excellent album overall.

12 We are Chaos

Marilyn's best work since Holy Wood. It is so personal, mature, and emotion packed. Not his usual work but it's just plain and simply beautiful.

13 Lest We Forget: The Best of

I don't think a greatest hits album belongs on a list of best albums because it's kind of a cheat. However, since it's here this is his best album because it's all the good stuff from all his other albums.

14 Last Tour on Earth

Great cd! Live album at its best!

15 Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows
16 Say10
17 Remix & Repent

Fairly good for a remix album, though not an essential record. Standout tracks: The Horrible People, Dried Up Tied and Dead to the World (Live), Man That You Fear (Acoustic).

18 Lost & Found
19 The Manson Family Album
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