Top 10 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs

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1 The Diary of Jane

I was troubled in choosing which was my favorite, because in reality, I absolutely love all of their songs. They are so unique, full of not only the deepest meaning they can pour into writing, but also full of emotion that we can relate to every single day. I picked Diary of Jane because it was the first song I fell truly in love with. Because of this song, I fell in love with this band and all of its songs. They create the very meaning of music and life.

It's not conforming or being a bandwagon to vote for this song as number 1. It's just loving an awesome song. It's funny. Without taking away any of the musical qualities of this song, I wouldn't even call it their catchiest or best lyrical song. But it's addicting! I can never make myself skip this song when my phone shuffles to it. It never gets old.

Breaking Benjamin has the best songs this world knows. But the song they should get the most credit for is Diary of Jane. Totally their best song. Diary of Jane deserves first place. There are a lot of other good songs that are awesome, but none are even close to Diary of Jane.

2 Breath

The guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics, and drum beat blend together so well in this song, and the final product is a beautifully produced and edited single. It starts off with a hard intro, moves into a soft, moody verse, and then comes a punctual, loud chorus. Featuring poignant yet meaningful lyrics about a broken relationship, this is one of the best hard rock songs of the decade by a band that deserves far more credibility than it has ever had. Go BB!

I love my girlfriend, but we broke up. It's been six months since I saw her again, but I see nothing in her eyes, and without direct contact, it just gets worse. It's hard to explain, but I'm accepting it. I'm letting go, but that doesn't mean I give up. It's just hard to breathe, and this song reminds me of what I am now and somehow raises me up and motivates me. I'll come back when you need me, even if you're denying me now. That's just how I love you, and the reality of the words we said to each other just hurts. But I'm reminding you, I love you, J---l.

3 Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

It's a very emotional song, and I really love it. Not just because of the lyrics and the melody, but I can also feel Ben's emotions when he was in the situation of losing his grandfather. Many musicians today sing for money and overlook what's important. What truly matters is the inspiration and the message the musicians bring. Breaking Benjamin brings that message into my life. This song provides immense inspiration and emotion every time I hear it. It can actually make me cry, even though I've never experienced the loss of someone in my life. This is because the song feels alive.

Okay, this is tough. I like the number one pick and the number two pick, but this needs to be higher. I think Give Me a Sign and Breath should be the top two. Here's my ranking:

1. Give Me a Sign
2. Breath
3. Diary of Jane
4. So Cold
5. I Will Not Bow
6. Blow Me Away
7. Dear Agony
8. Failure
9. Until the End
10. Either Dance with the Devil or Polyamorous.

Absolutely legendary. The lyrics are the best I have seen in a song. More importantly, the music and the song itself connect with you on a spiritual level. Better than The Diary of Jane, in my opinion. However, it still definitely deserves number 2.

4 So Cold

This song is one to be remembered forever. It's uplifting with its lyrics but also shows how dark life truly is, yet gives out hope and assures that "it's alright." No matter how "defenseless you really are" and how you think you know "how it will end," and that there's no way out, this song picks you up and encourages you to "give this another try" and fight until it's the end.

This song is sung perfectly, and so many different well-thought melodies are so well placed throughout. Its slow pace and remorseful mood sound great, really giving you something that stands out and you can enjoy effortlessly.

I just started listening to this band, and this song literally gave me chills. I loved every moment of the song. It was a close call between So Cold and The Diary of Jane, but I had to vote for this one because it should be higher.

5 I Will Not Bow

I think The Diary of Jane is the best Breaking Benjamin song, with I Will Not Bow as a close second. It pains me to see this close-to-perfect song at fourth place. The scream at the beginning is chilling, and the guitar work on this song is just divine. I Will Not Bow deserves to be in the top two at all times.

This song should definitely be number one! It gives me the feeling that they're going through pain, and the lyrics express so much. They make you feel like you're actually experiencing what's going on. Great job with this song, Breaking Benjamin!

This is the BEST. Definitely my favorite of all the Breaking Benjamin songs. I agree that this should be number one. Breath and Give Me a Sign are good, but not as good as I Will Not Bow.

6 Dear Agony

This song is special. The lyrics flow smoothly, and the guitar cries out in howling agony. Together, they form a sad, melodic piece. If you haven't listened to it, I strongly suggest you do. This song will uplift you on your best days and nurture your soul with a relatable message on your low days. In my opinion, this song deserves to be number one because it offers something the rest don't.

"Dear Agony, just let go of me. Suffer slowly. Is this the way it's gotta be? Don't bury me, faceless enemy."

I think those words speak for themselves. It's a song that those of us who are deeper individuals can appreciate.

This is just an amazing song. Simple as that. My friend once said to me, "Everyone has problems. You don't have to write a song about it." Let's just say we're not friends anymore. This song perfectly describes how you would feel on your deathbed: "I will fight for my last breath. I will fight until the end."

7 Evil Angel

OK, so I absolutely love this song. I think it's been underrated here. This song is my lullaby! I mean, it's got great words, good music, and great transitions from one pitch to the next! My brother always told me, "Stay strong, my Evil Angel." So granted, I have more of a "connection" to this song, BUT STILL. It's amazing and fabulous, and everyone should hear it! Without it being ruined by overplay on the radio, of course.

The second and third choruses are amazing. The way Benjamin manages to switch between a harsh and soft (yet sharp) voice is something not everyone can do. This ability is very rare. Another person who can manipulate his voice in this fashion is Chester Bennington.

Amazing song, honestly underrated, and most people haven't heard of it. In my opinion, keep it that way. The fewer people that hear it, the better. A song this great shouldn't be ruined by overplay through radio and the like, as so many songs today are.

8 Dance with the Devil

9? Why the hell is this in the 9th spot? Come on, people, this is an awesome song - give it a chance! This song is the reason I came to love Breaking Benjamin. The lyrics are amazing and express so much.

Say goodbye as we dance with the devil tonight. Don't you dare look at him in the eye.

Even just by looking at the title, this should be number one. It's an epic song. Vote!

This is just such an emotional song! I love it. The way they sing it lets you know that they understand what they're singing. They aren't just singing it for fun. They're singing it from the heart. The way their voices are projected makes this song amazing. They're better than Justin Bieber and One Direction.

This is a really enjoyable song. It's even more amusing when Adam Gontier joined in on the Aurora Albums version of this song. I didn't know that's what I needed, but wow, was it good!

9 Crawl

Man, this song got me through some tough and bad days in my life, and I'm in high school. This song made me feel like I'm not the only one who feels like they're a shadow of a man and nothing less. Because you're always stepped on and told that you don't belong or that you won't accomplish anything in the world, this song is just so emotional, and that is what music should always be.

Not to mention the part where Benjamin Burnley sings, A shadow of a man, I am nothing less. I am holding on, still holding on.

I always feel like I'm holding on and can never get back to the surface to live a true, happy life.

And that was the message Benjamin Burnley was trying to address, I think.

This album was actually the first album I bought by Breaking Benjamin.

When I heard they broke up, I was so depressed. I still haven't gotten over it, though.

What the heck is this list!? Who votes here? Little girls? This is easily the best song on Dear Agony, and Fade Away should be much higher too. What are songs like Evil Angel, Without You, Anthem of the Angels, etc., doing ahead of these? Get it right, people!

10 Without You

At first, I thought Follow was my favorite song from Breaking Benjamin, but when I heard this song after a very long time of not listening to it, I suddenly got goosebumps all over my body. Its lyrics are moving like hell, and all the instruments make a perfect harmony that makes you think about the dearest people you have and, most of all, the ones that you've lost. This feeling persists even now. I'm so glad I came to know this band thanks to my sister, and so glad a song like this has been made. I would vote for all of this band's songs, but unfortunately, you can only vote once and for one song.

This is my favorite Breaking Benjamin song. The way Ben Burnley's voice sounds in this particular song gives you a sense of depression and power. It's a lot like Dear Agony, except I prefer this because the vocals are more powerful, and this song clicked with me more. I can't praise this song enough. Easily one of the top 10 best songs I've ever heard.

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11 Until the End

This song was the first Breaking Benjamin song I ever heard. I love it! Only number 8? Why so, Commissioner? My friend said Linkin Park was awesome. I agreed. He also said Slipknot was awesome. I agreed. He also said Korn was awesome. I agreed. My friend said Breaking Benjamin sucked. I punched him in the face.

This song is not only great from an emotional standpoint, but it's also great from a technical standpoint. The switch from a minor to a major key during the chorus is the perfect release of tension built up during the verses. The interweaving contrapuntal melodies during the vocal breaks are phenomenal. It's just a great song.

THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! It was the first song I ever heard from Breaking Benjamin. When I listened to this song, it made me realize that life doesn't give up on you. You give up on it. You have to keep going. It's not worth it to end your pain and cause others pain. This song gave me an optimistic perspective on life. It's so incredible how just a few words can make a difference in someone's life, which is why I love Breaking Benjamin and will support them until the end (no pun intended).

12 Blow Me Away

Blow Me Away is my favorite BB song ever. Its guitar part is amazing, as are the vocals. I started liking it so much when I first started playing Halo 2, and I haven't liked it even a little bit less since then. I honestly think this should be their number one song. In my opinion, Diary Of Jane is good, but not as good as Blow Me Away.

I listen to it nearly every day. This amazing song was the first one I heard from Breaking Benjamin. It appeared on the "Halo 2 Original Soundtrack," and that's how I discovered this and one of the greatest bands I've ever heard of.

The best one that I have ever heard. I heard of Breaking Benjamin from a friend and now I'm addicted because of this song. I don't see why it's not closer to the top of the list. I really think that this song deserves a better spot.

13 Had Enough

This is my favorite because of how badass it is. It's their most aggressive song. The guitar intro is just awesome, and the lyrics are masterful. One of the best fighting songs ever, in my opinion.

The pure aggressiveness of the music makes it seem like raw emotion is being woven into a song of pure anger. It brings forth a sense of anger and an emotion of bring it on.

This is their heaviest song to date and most aggressive. I love how epic the intro is, and the chorus is just amazing.

14 Away

Best Breaking Benjamin song.

I see you
'Cause you won't get out of my way
I hear you
'Cause you won't quit screaming my name
I feel you
'Cause you won't stop touching my skin
I need you
They're coming to take you away

Possibly the best chorus I have ever heard. Why is this not in the top ten?!

I can't believe this is right at the bottom of the entire list! What the heck! Listen to this song, people, then come here and vote!

I love this song. It's not the best, but it should be at least in the top five! It touches my heart in a way that not many songs do.

15 Unknown Soldier

Well-written song. It has a lot of meaning and captures exactly how a soldier feels. This is one of my favorite Breaking Benjamin songs. It is well-written and has a lot of meaning to it.

A very underrated song that is in my top 5 favorite Breaking Benjamin songs, along with songs like So Cold and Dear Agony. A very meaningful song.

What? This song is amazing and should easily be in the top 10. It's an amazing song from Phobia, along with Without You and Anthem of the Angels.

16 Failure

Most of this band's album openers are insane: So Cold, The Diary of Jane, Failure, Feed the Wolf. All are super good bangers. Fade Away is pretty good too but not on the level of those four incredible songs.

"The lead single from their new album 'Dark Before Dawn' is absolutely amazing. The sound of this band has matured without radically departing from the original one."

I'm obsessed with this song. I have been in love with Breaking Benjamin's music for a long time, but this one is just fantastic.

17 Anthem of the Angels

Now, this is a song that should have had an acoustic version. It is so emotional - the whole juxtaposition of someone being alive in your memory but dead in reality is heartbreaking. I thought the song should have been slow, but the electric guitar actually conveys the angst, as well as the epic and complex journey people go through when somebody dies. I appreciate the dark, cold, dormant, and morbid imagery in the song. This song should easily be in the top 5. I love it when the bridge becomes softer and slower, which really makes the words in the chorus stand out. Both the lyrics and the music fully convey and add more meaning to the emotions and philosophy of life and death.

You know, at first I thought it was going to sound like any other sad song that didn't ever affect me. But just as soon as I turned it on and listened, it all starts off as an epic, action-packed thriller song and then turns cold, dark, and very, very emotional. After the song ended, I really broke into tears and started crying, but only for a moment.

This song actually means something, unlike those other lousy ones. It is saying that when you love somebody like a father, mother, brother, or sister, and even though you'll have to let that person go to be with God, they will always be there for you. I am now a huge fan of this song. I will treasure it forever. And another thing, every time I listen to this song, I think that Larry Daley, Teddy Roosevelt, Ahkmenrah, and Octavius are singing it to Jedediah, because he's dead.

18 Hopeless

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN. Not a very popular song, but trust me. If you love Diary of Jane, you will LOVE this song. Go to YouTube and listen. Also, I have no clue why Crawl isn't on this top ten list. It is just as good.

I agree with this last comment. Give Me a Sign and I Will Not Bow are overrated. But Breath is good.

Vote for this now. This is by far one of their best songs. A top 5 song right here. This song should replace Blow Me Away because that song is overrated.

What?! Number 19? How? This song is by FAR one of their greatest, alongside Diary of Jane. You NEED to listen to this. I promise you won't regret it.

19 Firefly

The ONLY possible reason this song is 17th and not in the top 5 is that people haven't heard the song. It has a brilliant intro and perhaps the most powerful chorus I have ever heard, especially towards the end. It's tough to pinpoint my favorite BB song, but this song takes the cake.

Easily one of BB's angriest, heaviest, and boldest songs. The chorus is unabashedly fierce and is perhaps the best chorus by the band. The end is simply sublime. All in all, this song is a real masterpiece that will no doubt reach the top 5 if people care to check it out.

This song is way underrated. Easily my favorite BB song. Between the chorus and the instrumentals, this song motivates me and speaks to me. I heard it on a WWE SmackDown game as a kid, and that's how I fell in love with Breaking Benjamin.

20 Polyamorous

Their first single and the song that got me into Breaking Benjamin. If it had been released after the success of We Are Not Alone, it would probably be in the top 5 of this list.

I love this song. It's one of my favorites. I love like 11 of their songs, so it's hard to choose just one.

Such raw lyrics, good music, and vocals. Beats any other hate song by this band.

21 Angels Fall

Why can't people listen to good songs like this instead of the bad bubblegum pop and rap that most teens and young adults listen to? This song is more meaningful than that stuff.

One of their new comeback songs. I feel that it's like the Give Me a Sign song of this album, whereas Failure is like I Will Not Bow.

This is a very underrated song, probably because it's more recent. I would say it's the best song on Dark Before Dawn, but the whole album is great.

22 What Lies Beneath

This song is so sad and deep. The first time I heard it, I cried. I think this song is about someone who either messed with or wanted to fight Benjamin Burnley, and he expresses the way he feels about it.
This song should not be ranked this low. You know, a lot of songs are underrated, and this song is one of them.
Thanks, Breaking Benjamin, for bringing a deep song that I think needed to be addressed in metal.

It's my favorite. Sometimes it makes me cry. Other times, it gives me strength. It really can be applied to my life. I guess it's just sad that it's ranked at 20.

Guys! Seriously?! This should at least be in the top 3. It's so perfect with the chorus, the instrumentals, and of course, his voice! Come on, let's vote to take this song where it belongs.

23 Hollow

This song is the definition of perfection. The creepiest, most beautiful piece of work they've ever done, besides "Forget It," but that is a much slower song. The chorus and guitar solo are especially mesmerizing. This is the best song on "Dark Before Dawn," and I can't wait for "Ember!"

This song isn't just a comeback. It's the new best. The Diary of Jane and Dance With the Devil look like some ordinary pop songs compared to this. With Dark Before Dawn, the best album ever, comes the best song. Hollow has more sophisticated lyrics and more depth and emotion than any other of Ben's songs. Vote for Hollow for the first position!

Come on!
It's the best song from the Dark Before Dawn album.
It's totally Breaking Benjamin's style - awesome lyrics and a head-blasting song.
This is a top-ten element.
Please vote, guys.

24 Fade Away

The absolute beast of all Breaking Benjamin songs. Fade Away sort of reminds me of how deep Simple Design felt when I first heard it. I remember the early days of Breaking Benjamin and hearing this randomly on my playlist. I could never stop thinking about it. It has an aspect to the chorus that really makes it memorable and undeniably epic.

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! It should be #1, not #5. The chorus is unmatchable, and it just touches you in an amazing way. And it is so catchy! The singer really put his all into this song to make it even better to listen to. Trust me, you'll be listening to this one day in and day out. Just download it and see for yourself.

What the hell? This song must have really faded to end up all the way down here. This song blows the roof off!

25 You Fight Me

This song should be in the top 10. My top 10 is: 1. So Cold 2. Give Me a Sign 3. Dance with the Devil 4. I Will Not Bow 5. Breath 6. You Fight Me 7. Crawl 8. Had Enough 9. Into the Nothing 10. Evil Angel

This is a very underrated song, and it's the best Breaking Benjamin song. Come on! Put this at #1!

This song really gets me amped up. It's easily one of their top ten songs.

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