Top 10 Best Skillet Songs

Songs from the Christian rock band Skillet that you think is best.
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1 Hero

How do you even choose a top song? They have so many seriously Awesome songs! Some of their best kick ass ones include (in no particular order):
1. Comatose
2. Those Nights
3. The Last Night
4. Lucy
5. Whispers in the Dark
6. Yours to Hold

If you get a chance to hear them in concert, do it! They definitely don't disappoint! Skillet Rocks!

Hero has to be one of my all time favorite songs. It's fast paced, with strong lyrics and a strong message. You people rate this in comparison to Skillet's other songs. I rate it in comparison to all the other songs IN EXISTENCE!

Just awesome song... Best vocal and the music's also awesome
The music is reely catchy... Hats of to them for creating such great music... This song made me a huge fan of skillet
Absolute favourite Skillet song! Every time I listen to it It's like listening to it for the first time. Also love the fireworks in the video.
Keep up the awesome work!

AMAZING SONG! I love the beat, their voices, and especially the lyrics. The lyrics are so catchy and (I don't know if it's just me) I think they mean something really deep, something we all feel at times. SKILLET ROCKS!

2 Awake and Alive

This is definitely one of my favorite skillet songs it's a tied second to fire and fury, the last night, terrify the dark, and a bunch more! This is my favorite band forever!

I don't generally like voting for the no. 1 ranking song, but its true, this is my favourite. 'Lucy' 'Salvation' 'Would it matter' are tied second. I'm not one bit religious or a Christian, but irrespective of that, I will say I like these guys very much and think their songs demonstrate some of the best mixed male-female vocals you can hear in rock music.

I love the female part even more in the song. Gives a awesome feeling to the song.

I totally agree with what other people said about this song. It really is awesome and the female voice added into the part makes it even more amazing. It's just so catchy and I love listening to it.

3 Whispers in the Dark

Best song ever... Vote for it... Just listen best lyrics, best music and best vocals by John cooper... Really deserve 1st position and other songs like rebirthing, comatose, sometime and not gonna die tonight are also deserve high place... All songs of skillet are great... With great backing vocals by Jen ledger... If I have to vote for best album I will vote for comatose...

I've listened to Skillet since they started. The song that they show most talent and skill is this one. The guitars, vocals, drums, and everything else is perfectly executed. Its inspiring and beautiful. There's no way this is not number one.

Their best song I think. Lots of songs are good, very good, but this one will never be boring, I could listen to it a hundred times, I love it! Wonderful and BETTER than Awake And Alive, should be number 1!

This song will always remind you that God is always there for you no matter what you do. It is my favorite song of all time. The instrumentals and vocals are heavenly and heavy.

4 Monster

Dad let me listen to this song when I was 6. Ever since then I've been in love with skillet and they have been my favorite band since then. That memory of the first time I heard it has burned into my memory and I only have a few memories from age 6 and this one I still remember. Completely amazing! Only thing I wish it had would be Jen Ledger or Korey Cooper vocal for parts, but still my favorite right above Hero and The Last Night.

It's definitely one of Skillet's heaviest songs. Has good lyrics that depict a struggle within. The guitar riff is very catchy and is really brings power to this song. Similar to Chevelle in that the riff is simple but delivered in a powerful, emotional way. The lyrics sound similar to Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace.

Why this was not in first place from the beginning I'll never know, but I LOVE this song! How anyone could say that it is overrated right now is a mystery to me too. This should be #1!
1. Monster
2. Comatose
3. Open wounds
4. Whispers in the dark
5. Sick of it
6. Falling in the black
7. The Last Night
And so on down the line. I just love his songs overall! Go Skillet!

It's a wonder this song is not on top of the list. I mean, hero is a good song, but nothing compared to this beast. It reflects what everyone goes through, emotionally and psychologically. Its one song I never get tired of listening to.

5 Comatose

Why the heck would anyone vote for awake and alive over comatose! Comatose has by far the best lyrics out of all the songs by skillet and is just such an amazing song! Please at least listen to this song before you vote for garbage like Awake and Alive. Comatose is so underrated!

This is such an underrated song I love it way more than all the other songs by skillet. This song not only sounds the best but has the best lyrics by far. I have no idea how whispers in the dark and awake and alive are higher than this song. Please listen to this song at least a few times before you vote!

I was already sold after the first 30 seconds of this beautiful song, and the lyrics only strengthened the fact that this is my favorite. Awake and Alive might be the ultimate theme song for Christianity, but this is the anthem of hope for the inevitable to turn out alright.

I got hooked by Hero and bought this album. Then I heard Better than Drugs, and decided to buy the Comatose album. This song is by far the best one I have heard by them and I absolutly lost my voice after Winter Jam. They're my favorite band of all time.

6 Rebirthing

This song should easily be #1 along with Comatose. One of the best, most original songs they have. Meaningful lyrics, amazing singing- and mixing orchestra with guitar for the most part?! Amazing song.

All of these songs are great... But this is one that I have and still can, listen to over and over again.
If it had went mainstream like monster, it would easily jump to top of the list.

Have you heard of the orchestra? It's just amazing and it makes me wanna rock out. The strings were just awesome and the lyrics did match perfectly with the song. It's the #1 song that makes me feel like I'm in a story. In this, I feel like rebirthing back to life.

This song is just amazing, has such a great climax and just gives you goosebumps, I honestly don't see how this isn't #1, it should be.

7 Not Gonna Die

The only reason this isn't at the top is because it was added late off their new album. This song has everything I like in a song, all mashed into one. I can listen forever and not once get sick of it. I think it's about a guy in the middle of war, and all his comrades around him are dying, and he's about to be with them. Them he remembers his wife and swears he won't die for her. Amazing song!

Tremendous strings, a great guitar solo, rocking drums, powerful emotion, and strong lyrics makes this one of the best, if not the best, Skillet songs of all time. I'm an avid Skillet fan with favorites such as Collide, Savior, Rebirthing, Whispers in the Dark; trust me, I'm inclined to make this song in the top 2 easy.

I've been a panhead since the collide days and own every album, so picking a favorite is tough, but NGD sums up everything I love about Skillet's current lineup: John's great, rough vocals, Korey on the keys, Seth's shedding solos, and Jen's beautiful backup. The intro on the end of Good to Be Alive makes it even better!

This is one of the best songs I have ever heard. The blend of epic strings, powerful duets, and hard solos makes this easily the best song they've ever done.

8 The Last Night

I have loved Whispers in the Dark, Forgiven, One Day Too Late and Awake&Alive for some time now and have a lot of respect for Skillet as a band. The Last Night is a new song of theirs to me and I am already in love with it. An amazing song, incredibly powerful and moving, clearly more people need to hear this or else why is it only number 7 on the list! Say Goodbye is another fab one.

This song just really touches me inside, and it's actually about a realistic topic. This is why I love Skillet so much. You know about those singers who always sing about cheesy love and such? Sure, they may still be nice to listen to, but then awesome bands and meaningful music such as these are forgotten.

This song is so emotional and realistic to people. Skillet always knows how to connect with their audience and this emotional rock song proves that. This song got me through a lot of hard times when I was younger and I know others feel the exact same way. It's amazing!

Absolutely EVERY Skillet song is just pure perfection. They all have so much meaning and there is a song for every feeling you get throughout your life. Skillet are so under-rated. The Last Night is a song that means a lot to me which is why I chose it.

9 Savior

Amazing song, should be #1. The rhythm, the lyrics, the meaning, everything about this song is amazing!

This is the song I will never know how to rock out to because it is too epic.

I love this. It's... Just... It makes me think of what happens to my friends...

The Best Song on this world. Lyrics, guitars, drums.

10 Collide

Literally the only reason I voted for this song is the music video. Watch it, (it's the one with the heroes) I very rarely tear up, but its truly inspirational!

Live version of Collide from Comatose Comes Alive just kills all the other songs!

Epic through and through. I don't even mind that it's a little long simply because of the quality

Absolutely Killer when you see it live. The best song from the best band.

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11 Falling Inside the Black

Skillet is one of my favourite bands though I'm not even christian and Falling Inside the Black is my favourite Skillet song. It should have been number one! Really John Cooper has an inspiring voice and this song always gives me goosebumps..

THIS should be in the top 5 at least. Take Hero and Awake and Alive out (they're great songs and they're catchy, but they're lacking in great lyrics. ) This song is REALLY catchy.

This song really inspires me.. It really touches my soul, I can't really understand why this song isn't on top of this list?

Why is this on 11? It's so good! My other favorite include whispers in the dark, and that is in a good position.

12 Rise

I like Skillet, but how is this above all the others? The lyrics are messed up and don't make any sense (unless someone explained to you what the writer was trying to say) and it sounds sort of stupid, but it's catchy. I mean come on Skillet! Beeping?

This is my third favorite song right next to Whispers In The Dark and Monster. I LOVED the chorus, I loved the second verse, but the first verse was my favorite part. The song is so catchy. But sorry, it can't top my favorite song yet, Monster.

Best song by Skillet. John you are great. Your voice is really great. You changes it with need. Really great! It's my favourite song. I can listen to it every time. I also feel that it gives me physical strength.

This song has the most meaning out pf most of their songs I think. You can feel the emotion in this song, and everyone can relate to it. It has a great, catchy tune that is a lot of fun to sing along to. definitely my favorite song!

13 Looking for Angels

Another great song! Really fun to listen to and the meaning behind it combined with the lyrics makes this song unbreakable.

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, everywhere I turn people are looking for angels I can totally relate to this song and the lyrics are so beautiful by FAR better than Hero up there why would ANYONE in their right minds pick hero over this!?

14 Feel Invincible

I am constantly restarting and cranking this song. It is all energy and power, and when Jen Ledger starts banging the drums on this, one can't help but be energized. Great, great are 90% of Skillet's songs though

This is close, but Feel Invincible is my favorite Skillet song. It pumps me up and it gives me the energy I need. It is so epic and it honestly makes me want to fight!

How can anyone not rock out to this song?! It is so incredibly uplifting, inspiring, and the best pump up song there is. The beat, lyrics, and bass is so great!

It's just the best Skillet song, it's what got me to start listening to this amazing band!

15 Salvation

Rise may not be the best Skillet album but this track is just plain beautiful. I love Jens vocals!

Korey Cooper's Voice just makes this song truly amazing. This Should Definitely be up there in Top 15.

Jen's first lead singer song! This song is filled with so much love to God!

Fantastic song and the female singer knocks it out of the park!

16 Those Nights

This song has a very special meaning to me. Why isn't it higher? I think this is the best song Skillet has done. I love the other ones don't get me wrong: Hero, Monster, Awake and Alive, etc. But this one is the stuff of legend.

A very special song to me, my best friend Zac and I got thro all those nites with each other!

This song is extremely personal to me. Gets me very emotional, should be way higher. Such a beautiful song

This song should be higher! I love this song. It's amazing and the lyrics are so relatable

17 It's Not Me It's You

Very Good Song But all of skillet is AWESOME! But you should check out 21 pilots very good stuff I would like to go to a skillet concert Also it would be cool to meet them

Deserves top 5

18 Lucy

This is a beautiful, emotional song. I loved the story behind it and loved how they used rock to enhance the story. It was beautiful, heart-wrenching and brought me to the brink of tears. Listen to it if you haven't, you'll be moved, a lot.

Best song, not only by skillet, but best song ever. Seriously listen to it, the lyrics mean a lot to some people like myself which just makes the song perfect. I was shocked to see that this wasn't even in the top 5. Number 1 for me by a long margin.

I would go as far as to say that this song should be in the top 5 at least! Lucy and The last night are amazing songs that really speak to people. Plus, I love that Skillet can go from rocking out to slow like this almost immediately.

This song is amazing and deserves a higher ranking. This song is sad and beautiful, and can apply to many situations besides what the song was for. It's about the pain of missing somebody, it hurts to think about it. One of there Best. I love Skillet

19 The Resistance

This song is awesome. My favorite off the new Skillet Album. It is fast paced and has a really awesome guitar solo to end the songalbum. Favorite Skillet song.

Epic. Just EPIC! The lyrics, beat, and energy this song gives off makes you feel so pumped up.

Best song on the Album and top 5 personal favorite song ever.

My favourite song in unleashed!

20 Circus for a Psycho

Seth gets my respect for every single guitar solo and the rest of the song too. Jen Ledger gets respect too for the drums. Korey Cooper for the rest of the guitar parts and then John Cooper for the vocals. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I like it better every time I listen to it!

First: Epic guitar solo! Nice! This song always makes me a Little bit crazy, love that!

Crazy guitar solo! An incredibly unique skillet song!

This song is just amazing! I don't know why don't a have a better ratting

21 Would It Matter

I think everyone can relate to this song at one point in their life. We all know how hard life can be and sometimes you just don't want to go on and you wonder "why am I still here? Its not like I'm important. " this song has lyrics that describe that beautifully.

This song is just wonderful, it describes just how I feel right now... This song is beautiful and I love it. It is so my favorite song from skillet, and after that his hero, but yeah, this song can make me cry sometimes, I love it!

This song is way too far down on the list. Just because it is a little less known than their famous songs, Would it Matter definitely deserves the top ten.

This song is gorgeous, and the meaning is something I can absolutely resonate with. Why the hell was it a bonus track only?

22 Sick of It

WAY better than Lucy! Lucy is lame and sick of it ought to be #1 on any heavy metal list! How is lucy better? IT'S NOT!

One of the better songs from Skillet. Definite Top Choice for first song to listen to when you first get into Skillet

Skillet made this song to get rid of bullies. It deserves to be in the top 10.

Intense song from beginning to end and has a great beat. It's much better than #29

23 Never Surrender

This song should be in the top 10. I love the feel of this song, it is my motiviation! His voice fits perfectly for the theme of this song, and I love the background music as well. My second favourite song for sure!

What!? This song isn't in the top 10? Why? So sad and emotional... Great lyrics... Vote for it!

Best song by far.
The lyrics are so fantastic

This song really speaks to you. Never Surrender!

I personally have a lot in common with this song and its amazing performance is no exception

24 Legendary

That bass though. It's SO GOOD! I love the power this song gives off. Skillet's vocals, lyrics, and the passion they bring to the song make it stand out. Always pumps me up.

My favorite skillet song of all time! Part of Whitecourt Wolverines Goal Horn.

One of best songs by Skillet! Should by in first 3!

25 Stars

How the heck is this sensationally beautiful and bottom of the heart touching song so far down the list... something must be terribly wrong with people's sense of music... everything about this song is sheer perfection from the vocals to the background beautiful! the feeling is indescribable..I felt madly in love with it the first time I heard it...

This song is the best song from them. Totally should be the number one best song from these guys.

Best Song of Unleashed! Should definitely be in the Top 3!

Good song once you listen to it a few times.

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