Top Ten Metallica Songs with the Best Intros

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1 For Whom the Bell Tolls

One of their longer intros, but it's the coolest
From the bell to Cliff's bass intro to the heavy guitars from James and Kirk and Lars' drums

Anybody here should vote this song. The bass of cliff sounds perfect, and his variations of the intro during the lives (for example, the Oklahoma concerto of 1985) make it one of the best songs of this band

The most unbelievable heav intro Metallica has ever done. Couldn't believe this was a Metallica song when I forst heard it. Simply stunning headbanging music.

The intro is long and intimidating! This should be #1 without a doubt!

2 One

Awesome collaboration between hetfield and hammett. the intro solo by hammett is specially memorable

3 Fade to Black

The best! It is amazing, I get lost when I listen to it. It so well written and beautiful and amazing, just astonishing. Wonderful music.

One of the best of Metallica, and the best intro...

4 Master of Puppets
5 Enter Sandman

I like the sounds

6 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

I play that song on guitar.
For me it's the best song in the World, just listen to the whole song every day, you will understand me..

In my personal opinion, I think Welcome Home (Sanitarium) has the best riffs and lyrics overall Metallica songs.

7 Seek & Destroy
8 Battery

This 30s acoustic intro symbolizes the entire thrash genre! If I were to make a film on thrash this intro would be the first thing played! As soon as I hear this it instantly reminds me of the greatness that was to follow...

Deserves to be #2 after For Whom the Bell Tolls.

The acoustic Intro is epic.

Battery hands down

9 Ride the Lightning

Such a classic thrash metal intro, the high pitched guitars are the lightning and the pounding tom drums are the thunder, perfect! The harmonies are such a great touch and the bass crunches through! Incredibly clever, then the headbanging chugging riff begins!

Ride the lightning has the best intro, you'd be crazy not to think so.

Such an unexpected and awesome intro!

10 All Nightmare Long
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11 Bleeding Me
12 Nothing Else Matters

I want to say about this song just nothing else matter.. I also play this intro in my guitar & this is the 1st intro which my teacher taught me..

13 The Four Horsemen

Why do it show Hardwired to Self Destruct cover?

14 Sad But True
15 Blackened

A guitar track that was written in reverse, then they recorded the reverse of that, then reversed it for the album. Genius, should be higher than 15

Best metallic a intro should be on the top ten. Battery is second

Amazing guitar part in the intro.

Best intro, keeps you motivated and prepares you for the rest of the song

Battery is number 2

16 Creeping Death

A great intro

17 The Call of Ktulu
18 The Unforgiven III

Not very metallica-like, but can't help liking the beautiful piano/orchestral intro.

19 The Struggle Within

Cool! I love the drum intro to this song. It sounds so awesome. It sounds like a war is about to start in the intro which is pretty cool! Should be higher.

20 The Day That Never Comes
21 Wherever I May Roam
22 St. Anger

While the song itself isn't very good, the intro is badass. If they kept the aggression flowing from the intro throughout, this could've been one of Metallica's best songs.

Pure aggression. I love it. Makes me want to punch someone it the face.

23 Fight Fire With Fire

How could anyone forget the acoustic intro to this song? It is so deceptive to non metal fans. They will think, "aw that's so nice! " but when the thrash kicks in, it will be different.

24 ...And Justice for All

How can this not be in here? It has amazing intro that starts slow and beautiful and gets heavier as the intro goes on... One of my favorite intros

25 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

This intro riff is from the Wizard of Oz but Metallica's twist on it makes this intro amazing and it totally pumps me up.

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