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1 Riders on the Storm

The Doors went out in style with this piece being the last track on L.A. Woman. It's got everything: great poetic lyrics, a great beat, clever effects of rain and thunder at the beginning and end of the song, great work on guitar, drums, and, most of all, Manzarek's keyboard. It's the perfect song for relaxing or driving on the road, come rain or shine. Riders on the Storm is a musical trip till the end and, by far, the best song put out by The Doors, guaranteed.

Very special song, at least for me. The day I bought this Greatest Hits album of The Doors, it was a stormy and rainy day, and the same day I met a girl who, after two months, became my girlfriend. Now we are parted, but when I hear this song, "Riders on the Storm," I am taken back to that day. Songs are like a Time Machine. That's the beauty of songs.

2 Light My Fire

THIS is the song people think of when talking about The Doors, NOT Riders on the Storm. Don't get me wrong, it's an okay song, but Light My Fire is just better. The organ-like keyboards, the soothing yet haunting guitar solo, and Jim's cool voice make this such a good song.

I don't like The Doors, but I like this song. One of my favorites for sure. Even though Jim Morrison is overrated, I love this song and Break on Through should be at least in the top 3. I love the lyrics and I love the keyboard playing, but I think this was one of their few good ones.

3 The End

Cathartic, emotional, heavy, and trippy, "The End" is The Doors' best recorded song. It features the greatest from every member: Jim Morrison's iconic vocals, philosophy, and psychedelic imagery out in the Californian desert dominate this song. It includes one of the greatest guitar lines in psychedelic music. The emotional eastern sound of the guitar drones throughout, creating a haunting and hypnotic effect, like a street performer playing a flute while his cobra dances. The drumming is intricate and powerful, and the organ drones throughout like the sound of the desert itself. This song is literally going through hell and war, and then coming back to the world, a new man.

4 Break On Through (To the Other Side)

Super hip and cool, just like Cream's song Strange Brew on Disraeli Gears. 1967 was the best year ever for rock, psyche, and soul music!

One of the most underrated songs ever, and it's an amazing song that should be in the top 10 list. Long live rock and roll, and hail to Jim Morrison!

Simply the best and my all-time Doors favourite. One of the best rock and roll songs of all time! Break on through to the top 3!

5 People are Strange

Great lyrics, awesome guitar. Apparently, Jim was feeling morose one day or night and went for a walk alone. When he returned, he introduced the band to this track, written during his walk. Not a top 5, but not to be overlooked.

I love to sing this song. It's nice and deep. It helps you forget about all the useless notes in the 5 octave and up that pop music now sells to the tasteless consumer.

The first Doors song I listened to and still my favourite after hearing all of their albums. A true psychedelic masterpiece. Long live the Doors.

6 L.A. Woman

L.A. Woman is superb. The perfect blend of guitar and keyboard melody, with exquisite solos from each, and a knockout vocal performance from Morrison. I could personally do without the whole Mr. Mojo Risin' mumbo jumbo, but it does serve as a unique and effective buildup to the song's finale. This finale is an awesome repetition of the opening verse and chorus with redoubled instrumental flourishes. All in all, this is a fantastic song and, in my opinion, the one that truly captures what The Doors were all about: rock 'n' blues!

7 Roadhouse Blues

If this song isn't in the top three, then the world must be psychotic and demented. The blunt and rusted guitar-work, the hard-hitting riffs and drives, and of course Jim's complementing vocals! This song is an accepted masterpiece of Classic Rock.

Let it roll, baby, roll. Let it roll, baby, roll. Let it roll, baby, roll... Let it roll... All night long... you know you listen to this song just for that moment!

Gives me goosebumps. Morrison's perfect execution and groovy guitar play make it one of the best songs of The Doors.

8 Touch Me

The imagery that Jim gives you with his lyrics is uncanny. Combined with the new twist of horn instruments, it really is my favourite song by The Doors. Although, The Doors probably have the largest number of songs that I like as a whole. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."

Oh, God, I learned this like... not even two days ago, and it's almost already in the top 25 most-played list. I mean, I knew it before, but I didn't remember it. And here I am. This song is so catchy and so awesome, you just HAVE to love it.

9 Hello, I Love You

The day a girl says to me, "Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name?" I will marry her.

Come on. This song is groovy, dude. This song should be on every The Doors playlist.

So nice. Wow, I'm going to try this as a pick-up line. Thanks!

10 The Crystal Ship

For me, this song had never really rated. I never disliked it. I don't dislike anything by The Doors. However, it wasn't one I could listen to religiously until I heard Robyn Hitchcock's cover. It breathed new life into the song. He didn't stray too far from the original recording, but for some reason, he ignited the song. The second and final verses are perfectly written and constructed, tying the entire track together through pure genius.

The time you ran was too insane,
We'll meet again, and,

A million ways to spend your time when we get back,
I'll drop a line.

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11 Love Her Madly

Beautiful lyrics and singing by Jim Morrison as always, and such a lovely melody.
"Don't you love her as she's walking out the door? Like she did one thousand times before."

Great vocals by Morrison and good lyrics. Manzarek did great as usual, and the simple solo by Krieger was the icing on the cake. Definitely The Doors' best song.

One of the last Doors songs. For me, it's the second-best song of the LA Woman album, behind Riders on the Storm.

12 When the Music's Over

This song is brilliant. The song holds power in the fact that it has a similar structure to "The End", in that it's longer and deals with instrumental breaks that lead back into a regular rhythm. It features Jim using his spoken word talents again. What puts this song over the top for me is the final instrumental bridge. It comes right after a long, slow beat laid out by Manzarek, exploding with Jim screaming, "We want the world and we want it... now... NOW! Persian night, babe! See the light, babe! Save us! Jesus! Save us!" This leads into what feels like a dramatic, thumping end, only to bring back the steady beat and to hear, "When the music's over." Bone chilling.

13 Love Me Two Times

It starts with you driving in your car, as if just another music piece has come on the radio. It suddenly ends with you red in the face from singing, yelling, and pounding to the beat, and you've forgotten exactly how you got there.

Love once for tomorrow and once just for today. Love me two times. I'm gone away.

Great song and great guitar riff. Needs to be in the top ten!

14 Peace Frog

This is the song that got me into The Doors, and I love it. First heard it in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and have been a Doors fan ever since then.

Definitely not the most famous song by The Doors, but still my favorite. And it was in The Waterboy, so bonus points there.

Awesome song, surprised to see it regarded highly. I wouldn't have it in my top 20, but it is a really well-constructed song.

15 Love Street

Why is this amazing song so low? It should be in at least the top 15.

The most beautiful Doors song.

This is my favorite Doors song. How is it this low? It's so melodic and beautiful.

16 Alabama Song

This is the best Doors song. Oh, don't ask why. Oh, don't ask why.

This is my favorite Doors song. Oh, don't ask me why, but it is!

I just find this song very nice and fun. It should be in the top tens.

17 Five to One

This song is an absolute jam. Morrison's vocals are brilliant, and the feeling the song gives you is mesmerizing. Love it.

No one here gets out alive now! Pure Jim Morrison.

What's not to love about this song? One hell of a band!

18 Strange Days

This is a top 10 song, easy. The rise of the keys in the intro is much like the rise in the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun bridge. The bass line is great, keys are brilliant, guitar is perfect, drums are genius. I can't fault a single Doors release, maybe a Soft Parade track, but everything these guys did was nothing short of pure genius. Most underrated band of all time.

19 Back Door Man

All their songs were so good. Wish I could have gone to one of their concerts. If you want to know what classic rock is, listen to The Doors!

What a classic rock song. Where is Jim now to sing this? Oh man, I should have been born in the '50s to hear this. This should be in the top ten.

20 Soul Kitchen

Why is this so low on the list?! LOVE this song, very psychedelic yet still has a very catchy groove to it.

What? In my top 10 best songs ever, and not even in the top 20 Doors songs? This has got to change.

1. Soul Kitchen
2. Crystal Ship
3. LA Woman

Underrated song. Hard to beat the combination of songs on their debut album.

21 Not to Touch the Earth

Good to see this one rated. It's not a typically noted Doors song, but deserving of a top 30 spot. Would have been a great track to see live.

Phenomenal tune. Most underrated Doors song. Put it on your iPod and go crank out some mileage on the trail.

The lyrics are brilliant, and this song is a perfect embodiment of chaos. Love it. Also, the live versions are far superior to the studio versions.

22 Spanish Caravan

Are you insane? Why isn't this song at least in the top ten? It's just beautiful. The flamenco guitar of Robbie Krieger, the extraordinary lyrics, Jim's voice...

Nothing beats this song. The only reason Spanish Caravan isn't higher on this list is that it hasn't been heard by as many people. The Doors at their best!

23 Summer's Almost Gone

This is such a beautifully constructed song about endings. Relationships, friendships, and experiences. Ray is really at his best in this song.

24 Waiting for the Sun

This is my number 1 Doors track. Perfect bass, beautiful guitar, great keys, and killer vocals. It slowly builds up, and the bridge is pure genius. It's a very haunting song and really expresses how far ahead of their time The Doors were. I can't fault it.

This is the strangest life I have ever known.

Amazing song, amazing length, amazing voice.

"Waiting for the Sun" is one of my favorite songs by The Doors, and to see that it hasn't made it any higher is sort of disappointing. Nonetheless, the song isn't as popular as some, yet it should still have earned more nods than it has.

25 Wishful Sinful
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