Best Musical Instruments

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1 Electric Guitar The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable electric guitarists are Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and Chuck Berry.

I play guitar piano percussion and mallets plus sing and so far electric guitar is my favorite. Pop, rock, and jazz would suck without it

Of course this is the best instrument, my favorite songs make use of this instrument, I literally want to become a guitarist.

Unfortunately the kind of people who vote on this kind of site aren't cultured and experienced enough to know that the electrical guitar is an abhorrent instrument. Although I sometimes use it for a bass line, the electrical guitar, or the guitar in general is an ugly sounding instrument. The genre of rock is not elegant or pleasant sounding. Although some Spanish ACOUSTIC guitar collections are pleasant, this instrument makes an uncouth and ugly sound. Along with most brass instruments, the guitar does not deserve such a place on this list. The piano, flute and violin are all examples of beautiful sounding instruments. Some people have commented about the versatility of the instrument (of course they did not use these words, as seeing as they consider this instrument to be superior to any other I assume them to be of low intelligence), but the harsh synthetic sound made by the electrical guitar can only be used in bad genres.

Electric Guitar All the way! True I respect any musician who is good at their instrument, and bass guitar is incredibly under rated. But no other instrument has as much versatility as the guitar. A lot of people have a go at the electric because its easier to play (which makes it better anyway) but that means you can do so much more with it compared to anything else and if it wasn't for amazing guitarists like Eddie Van Halen or Paul Gilbert, we'd still be snoring to Beethoven who was brilliant in his own right, but lets face it. Incredibly mundanely Boring.

2 Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

I have played the piano for more than five years now and I love it. Easily the best, most elegant and nicest sounding instrument ever! I say keyboards sound really bad and nothing like a real piano- the dynamics are horrible. Many people know how to play the piano, and it's really hard to move around, but it is the most inspiring instrument above all. Once upon a time I hated playing, but that was when I just started. Once you get to high levels it is very enjoyable. I hope the piano can win first place in this vote, because it deserves that.

Piano, the actual best music instrument and a lot of volume inclusive dense richness as there is more combinations and distinct behavior than the rest of the music instruments. The hammers attaching from the buttons to the insides add another dimension, more to wonder and imagine is it a percussion or string instrument - or perhaps both. There is tempo also, and use of feet is possible for even more good sound. It is a perfect complete bundle of a musical gift. There comprising 5 or more eras of history on the piano to go with it even too. It has Ancient and Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, then final with Modern...all to present times and beyond. A well respectable choice.

Of course there are tons of variety of instruments in the world and each instruments has it's own beauty. But piano, It is not only sound such so beautiful but very unique.. In every songs I heard, every time when piano kicks in, the song began to breath life. The sound of piano has invisible hand that just drag my mind and soul flying like an eagle in the mist of my thoughts. in my opinion, It should be call the father of music instrument along with it's younger brother Guitar as the Prince. Now's day, if you have good keyboard and good piano talent and skills, in my opinion you can get away with buying any other instruments just to hear the good sound. If you can play piano, you basically can play other instruments with piano keyboard. So, yes, Piano deserve number 1 top for me. Thanks!

Versatile, flexible, the biggest repertoire out of any instrument, the most useful composer's weapon of war (the other being his/her head), able to be a stand alone instrument rather needing an orchestra or group to accompany you. literally the ONLY downside to this instrument is that a piano is not easily movable but with modern instruments such as the Keyboard and Keytar, and etc, the piano REALLY is the best instrument in the world. There are a lot of people who play this instrument (vs other instruments ex. Bassoon) which makes the industry very competitive.

I am aspiring to be a composer and I will never forget the days that I played the piano in my youth that gave me the tools which drew me into music and composition. Sadly, my music teacher in school convinced me to play the horn and from there on my composition output has decreased in the past 3.5 years of high school. Now I don't know if it is just that I want what I "don't have", or I really love piano and miss it a ...more

3 Drums

Drums are arguably the most important instrument in a band. They are the heart of the band! Without the drums, there would be no beat and the music would be very boring.

With it's solid heart-shaking kicks, striking rollings which can be done on snare, and it's king-like appearance, drums definitely can be said to be the king of all musical instruments. Drums make people feel that music is very cool. The thrashing sound can only be done on no other musical instrument except the cymbal of drums. Long live drums. Whenever I play you I gain so much peace that I cannot express it in words. Drums is my favourite musical instrument.

People will say that drums are the backbone of every song, and talk about their main reason for being is to control the time and tempo. But don't underestimate the variety and flexibility of percussion instruments, they can be as quiet, as loud, fast or slow, technical or simple as need be.

Very important, very intense, very fun instrument.

Without drums and bass, your song is going to sound like crap. Fact.
I voted drums because I think they're ever so slightly more important in a song. They're the skeleton of every song and the instrument that greatly assists the other instruments on keeping the beat.
Acoustic guitar is also a good instrument, however.

4 Bass Guitar

Been playing bass for a year now and I am a metal head. People like Cliff Burton, David Ellefson and John Myung make this instrument what it is in the metal world. People think it's automatically hard because of the 4 strings. It's not.

As a bass player myself for over 6 years now, I can safely say that we do not get nearly as appreciated as other band members. What people don't understand about bass is that it's not supposed to be played like a lead electric guitar, but instead hold down the groove and provide a support structure for the rest of the band (especially with the drummer). Also, bass is such a versatile instrument too, for its ability to handle so many different musical styles (reggae, pop, metal, classic rock, alt rock, jazz, funk, you name it). I believe that one of the greatest bass players of all time is James Jamerson, as if you listen to any of his legendary Motown bass lines, you will notice the full beauty and complexity that will overthrow the stereotype that bass is easy or boring.

A lot of people don't like the bass because it is "barely hearable" and "just root notes on the first two string" and "guitar for the stupid". I tell you it definitely is not those things and the bass is an incredibly hard and awesome instrument. From great rhythms (David Ellefson, Geddy Lee) to lead bass (John Entwistle, Flea, Cliff Burton), it is all possible. The bass can make or breake the band, Iron Maiden, Metallica, they wouldn't be this great if it wasn't for the bassists. Still don't believe me bass is important? Go listen to: Anesthesia pulling teeth, YYZ, The Chicken, Portrait of Tracy, Eagle Fly Free (helloween), The Trooper, Metropolis Part 1, Coffee Shop, Under Pressure or Another One Bites The Dust

Bass guitar is probably the most underrated and underrespected instruments out there. And it's also one of the best sounding! Electric guitarists get all the fame because they make it look easy but the fact is it IS easy (compared to bass or acoustic). Bass players on the other hand, deserve far more respect than they get. If you disagree that bassists get disrespected just go to The Uncyclopedia and look up bass guitar.

5 Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

Saxophone is truly amazing. The noise it makes is just fantastic and it works with anything. It's most well known for its appearance in many amazing jazz classics and honestly, music wouldn't be the same without it. It works with so much, you can even play it with classical songs and it still sounds fab! I know from experience that it is actually fairly easy to play once you get the hang of it. After you know all the notes and how to create a good sound it is pretty easy to keep going. Also, it is like so many other instruments; if you learned recorder in school but never really enjoyed it, saxophone is easy to pick up afterwards since it has similar fingerings and notes are almost the same. I just love saxophone so much and I believe it could get higher than this. GO SAXOPHONE!

The saxophone is different. Sure, you meet many people who can get beautiful tones on the clarinet or flute, play the drums or bagpipes, but the saxophone speaks for itself. The electric guitar might be able to do a lot, and classical instruments like the violin, viola or cello, but the sax (alto, in particular) is so satisfying, relaxing and lovely. It's not about difficulty at all, for example, do you ever feel hesitant about getting out your instrument and playing it? The sax isn't like that. Never. It's obviously not hard to see how it can capture so many people's hearts. I used to play classical, and felt that as much as I liked it, I wanted to try jazz. And I did. And it made me realise that whilst I had been complaining about the task of practising, I had been missing out on so much that is so useful, and brings joy to people. So to all you saxophone players out there like me - keep on playing and don't give up. The saxophone has a world of its own, of jazz, waiting to be ...more

The saxophone is beautiful. Its unmatched tone can take many forms, it has great room for vibrato and a warm, dark sound, the power to project a bright and open sound, a great dynamic range and much more. It can be played in many genres and still sound amazing, whether that might be jazz, classical, blues, pop or rock. Its keys are fluid and highly intuitive, allowing for really great speed and technical fluency, in fact it's almost like Adolf Sax (inventor) took everything annoying about playing the clarinet and fixed them (middle register grrr). I'm so glad I picked up the saxophone because I love it so much. If you're not enjoying the saxophone, just listen to Charlie Parker and other greats to get inspired. But if anyone wants to play saxophone and clarinet at the same time by any chance, a really good tip is to start with clarinet, trust me it really helps- it's the easy way. Going from sax to clarinet is like a headache when trying to deal with the clarinet's demand for a rock ...more

I started playing the saxophone since I was 10 years old. When I first got it, I hated my instrument. But then I started to have a great crave for it. Although the saxophone is a fantastic instrument, it is VERY difficult to play. There is so much buttons on it and you could easily press the wrong one. So you have to make sure you understand your notes so it could prevent you from making the wrong sound. Also, some of the songs I play are fast so I have to move my fingers to that tempo and my arms are not that long. It's a big struggle but I will always love the SAXOPHONE. It is a beautiful instrument!

6 Acoustic Guitar An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically - by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air - as opposed to relying on electronic amplification.

Acuostic guitar are the best of all instruments... The biggest advantage of such guitars is that you can take them anywhere you want because no electricity is needed... It is also the hardest instrument so very less people can play it...Therefore guitarists are more popular than pianists.

The sound of acoustic guitar is the sweetest sound that I have ever heard in my entire life. When one plays it from string 6 to string 1 consecutively, then it produces such a powerful effect that it can even make a mourning person smile.

You can go any place, at a barbeque, campfire or any other place where you and friends come together. Just pull out the guitar and you'll be a hit at the party and from personal experience, ladies really likes a good guitar player.

Acoustic all the way mate, it's a boss my friend. Pick up and play, once you've endured, and you will be the most versatile man in town. Electric? Ph, acoustic will make any day with the natural sounds and drums and piano are a strong competitor but, na mate

7 Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

Violin is a versatile musical instrument. Expressive, elegant, solemn, and virtuoso, one has to be really dexterous to be able to perform a variety of difficult techniques or strokes. "Indeed, the violin seems to lend itself to virtuosity more than any other instrument (its only possible rival is the piano)." I am both an apprentice luthier and a violinist for a few years now so I have an amazing bond with this instrument. Once one has mastered this instrument, each play is euphoric!

Violin, along with others such as Mandolin (In my own opinion deserves to be at the top with Acoustic Guitar) are the best. I am a little bias though. I prefer instruments such as reeds, string, and piano simply because of the versitile nature of them. I would be more specific as to those that I mentioned but it would make this passage too long winded. Also, I would recognize the ukulele as a top instrument because of it is an excellent beginner instrument and it sounds wonderful once you master it.

I've always loved the violin, even since I was a little girl, and I've been taking violin on and off the past 5 years now (I am 11 now) I'am now taking lessons, and in 8 weeks I can play SO MANY PRETTY EASY SONGS! If you are talking classical, I would say that violin is by far one of the best and easiest instruments to play. If you play it right, you get a clear, beautiful sound. It is really pretty looking, too so, if you are interested in learning to play a classical music instrument, I would say go with violin. There's also the electric violin...but I don't know too much about it-except that it's really cool and modern looking (in my opinion).
The only thing that I find hard about the violin is not making a squeaky sound when you switch strings, and making sure that your bow doesn't get into the bridge section or fingerboard. Other than that, I'd say that the violin is really easy to play.
Rock on, Violin!

My first instrument I ever learned to suck at- I mean play... It's my third favorite instrument and it can produce the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard. Or if it's in my hands, it will produce the most atrocious sound you've ever had the displeasure of hearing. Either way, I've loved it for about 8 years and will continue to for quite a while, I hope.

8 Keyboards

I learned to play the synths when I was a teen, and I gotta say, it was a pretty cool instrument to learn. Keyboards just sound way too brilliant. I actually learned to play Flash Light by Parliament, I Just Called To Say I Loved You by Stevie Wonder (even though I don't like that song), and Take On Me by A-ha. Let's just say that I learned many 70s and 80s songs on the keyboard.

Keyboards are extremely passionate sounding. They can change styles, and create various moods. They also taste like chicken fajias. Have you ever tried grilled bankers> Keyboard sucsk! But, if you are interested in cheese, on the other hand...

I kind of think this is pretty much a more modern and cheaper version of a piano and the only difference is you can't look inside it for the strings and it's electrical but same sound and stuff.

that is just lame. The keyboard is like a try-hard piano. Why, is sounds so dead and plastic. The piano has life in it.
Keyboards are lame. The only good thing is they have a metronome attached to it.

9 Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

I love the flute! It's so easy to learn once you get your embouchure haha. But other than that it's the fingerings are quite easy to master and it makes the most gorgeous and light sound you could ever imagine. You feel like you are floating as you play! The flute should be #1!

Flute is my main instrument but I also play piano and baritone saxophone on the side. I really enjoy playing flute because, when played correctly, it produces a very pretty sound, particularly in the lower octaves. It takes a lot of air to make a sound on flute, but is fairly simple when you know how to play it. I love flute because it's easier to produce good tone and sound quality than some brass instruments, but there is no extra hassle or struggle that reeded instruments come with.

I think flutes deserve at least a 3! I've played for 4 years so far, and it helps me play piano; by changing my fingering a lot. I play in school band and practice about 20 minutes EVERY DAY at home. At least. The sound range is pretty nice, you can go really high. It is rather difficult to get the sound right sometimes, but it's not nearly as pricy as some other instruments. I carry my flute around nearly all day and it is so light and portible. I LOVE MY FLUTE!

I would put the flute over any woodwind instruments. It is definitely the hardest woodwind instrument to play. It doesn't have a reed which makes it harder to play because it requires more air, not to mention the fingerings. But once you've mastered the flute, it is an amazing instrument to play.

10 Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

I voted for trumpet because of it's versatility, I play the trumpet and it sound unique for each player. You can master an embouchure, but you haven't mastered the instrument. Unlike baritones, trombones and tuba, or French horn, which isn't French, the trumpet can play high notes and often leads in marches, the reason wind and percussion went away from the orchestra, and is the only brass instrument to read treble clef.

The trumpet is a very versatile instrument. The tone can be manipulated to be either soft and almost flute-like or a blasty, striking brass sound. The instrument usually leads the jazz band or orchestra with it's striking tonal qualities.

It is the most powerful and best sounding instrument when played correctly. It also handles all genres nicely and has a beautiful range. On top of that, there are almost no other high brass instruments, making it unique and quite popular.

Easily the greatest instrument. I own a trumpet, a piano and a guitar and I put ALL of my time and effort into improving. I have played trumpet for 2 years now and it makes no longer makes my Thursdays at school dismally boring.

Plus, you can use it to play Uptown Funk.

The Contenders
11 Clarinet

The clarinet is the pathway to learning basically any woodwind instrument. When you learn the clarinet, that makes it easy to learn any saxophone, flute, any other kind of clarinet, etc. With the clarinet there is no limit as to how high your range goes - you can define your range by how far you are willing to go, which is a unique and great quality. The clarinet sounds beautiful and has a full, dark, and rich tone. You can also play a variety of different styles of music on the clarinet. Although the clarinet embrouchure is perhaps the hardest to develop correctly, the instrument is otherwise not terrible to learn. I fell in love with the clarinet, have you?

Clarinet is for Male Musicians Instrument, more than 50 notes to play and a lot of different combinations and almost limitless styles of breathing life through the mouth piece. Slower or Faster, Intervals far apart or just continuations less often with a rest. There is also trills, sharps, flats and natural notes plus stratagems. Can also jam out the gut feeling or mood are in at the time and the sound ends out normal anyways. A Beautiful Way to Jump in a Musical Mode of Expression and at the end more than not is real Satisfied of a Feeling Remaining With. Good invention, and one of many variations and models of the Clarinet are still to be aught about. The future is always bright with clarinet, hope the wild does not feel poor of such a beautiful musical instrument creating the time to feel real good about music and what the soul or heart might desire as well.

I've been playing clarinet for four and a half years after switching from brass (trumpet and baritone), and from my experience in my school band (for my school it starts at grade 7 and ends at grade 12), the clarinet does not sound good at all when the grade 7 and 8 students play because they are still learning technique and the squeaking is awful. However, usually around grade 9, the clarinets sounds amazing, and out of all the instruments I've played, the clarinet has always been my favourite, and I'll forever be addicted to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Sid Phillips for as long as I live because of my love for the clarinet!

The Clarinet is a hard instrument at first to master ( note-wise), but after that it's pretty simple to play. The Clarinets may be picked on because you can "never hear them" or we "squeak too much" for your delicate ears, but still Clarinets perservere and continue to have one of the most advanced ranges. The Clarinet is a gateway instrument and it's used in many different related band activities. Clarinets use their range to either join the low brass in a counter-melody/ rhythm movement or they can go high and have a more melodic piece with the higher instruments.

12 Synthesizer

A lot of the comments on the synthesizer are super misinformed, especially the people bashing it.

For starters, you need to keep in mind synthesizers come in many shapes and sizes. It could have a keyboard, it may not have a keyboard (such as a modular synthesizer). It takes a lot of knowledge to understand how to fully utilize one. Claiming that it's "laughable" to compare it to the instrument it's trying to emulate isn't exactly a great argument either, as often they aren't used to mimic certain instruments.

To say it "killed" music is completely wrong and makes you look like you have a very limited knowledge and taste in music, and it's also a stubborn take. To say that is completely discrediting all electronic music (and I'm not just talking about EDM, electronic covers way more than just EDM). Consider all kinds of electronic music. How about ambient music? Think of all the amazing things that the synthesizer has allowed. Think of all that would be gone without the ...more

Not a big fan of synthesizers, especially when they're used as the lead instrument. They were originally used to harmonize with the lead instruments to produce nice harmonies and add something extra to make the music sound more complete. Then around the 80s, bands decided "Hey, let's take this background instrument and make it a lead instrument while taking the old lead instruments and either pushing them to the back or getting rid of them altogether." Synthesizers killed music by replacing musical instruments with machines made to emulate music.

The synth is the future of music. It represents the untapped potential of the imagination. A good analogue synth is not used as an emulation of other instruments, but rather as a means to creat never before heard sounds. It can be used as the lead, backup, and vocals of a song. At the same time. A true symbol of human ingenuity.

The synthesizer is the ONLY instrument where YOU get to create the sound it produces. Guitars, Drums, Pianos, and every other single instrument all sound relatively similar in some regards. For synthesizers, that's a different story.

13 Voice

I am a big singer and have been singing for about ten years. It can be loud, soft, and can copy any sound. It is one of the hardest of all instruments because you can tune a violin or a cello but it is hard to tune a voice. Once you get the hang of it, you can add your own special touches to any song.

The human voice is the most emotional, diverse and natural instrument in the world. The possibilities can be infinite since you never know what you're going to get. Also, it can be altered like other instruments with machinery. An instrument anyone can play!

There's no better instrument than the voice, singing is like a talent that same people are good at and some people are not but not like other instruments the voice is natural and gives more chances. It is peace to harmony.

Voices are the best. To be able to sing out words and all that is the best. It gets everyone emotional. Instruments can do that, but voices can tell words and stories with words.

14 Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

In my opinion, it is the best instrument, it speaks to the soul, and its beautiful sound can make anyone fall in love with the instrument. Great composer like Bach wrote wonderful composition like the cello suite, and Elgar Cello Concerto.

The cello is truly an amazing instrument. Out of most instruments, it's the easiest to get tone out of, and after mastering it, you get a beautiful timbre that speaks more than any instrument. The cello also has the easiest fingerings to remember, until you get into thumb position. This instrument also has the greatest octavial range, reaching from C2 all the way to a C6, where violins have to shift into 3rd position in order to reach. Of course, that might not be the best sound, but if you master it, you can play something that no other instrument can play or express. I also like this instrument, because it goes high enough as to not break your eardrums, but not low enough to not be able to hear it. The cello definitely deserved to have a place on this list.

To me, the cello is a perfect way to play like a violin, viola, and maybe even bass. Right now, I have been learning to play it for about 2 years now. For the beginners who have started orchestra or people in middle school who are thinking of orchestra, do the cello. it has one of the richest tones out of all the instruments, and can be easy once you've gone done with the first year of learning it. of course, you always have the option of not playing the cello, But in my opinion, go for it if you want to be playing, any genre; or really want to impress and make the violins, violas, and even bass jealous because you have the most scales, harmonics, and notes out of the instruments in orchestra. So if you are thinking of playing this instrument, I'd do it!

The cello is very underrated in my opinion. I think this is because cellists are a little few and far in between, but they're super cool. I love playing it. When I was in sixth grade, I didn't know if I made the right choice of instrument in orchestra. Now I know I did, and I am a proud cellist who has been playing for over a year and and a half. It is so unique and its not too high of a pitch (violin) or too low of a pitch (bass). And, you are required to sit down to play, a total plus when you're as lazy as me.

15 Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

I quit playing guitar because it's boring and every pimple faced high school freshman plays "in a band" I took on bagpipe and it is the most wonderful instrument ever! It takes heart, dedication, practice, patience, persistence, maturity, and more. To the fellow who commented "who really plays bagpipes? " Thousands of talented people play world wide, there is even competitions and different grades of players. Bagpipes are an ancient instrument that have seen its share of war and peace time, competition and just playing for self fulfillment and enjoyment. I find it a bit disheartening to see the celestial bagpipe ranked below the cereal box instrument know as the ukulele.

Bagpipes have more relevance as a recreational instrument than many other more "traditional" instruments. Time was when communities, factories, and other organizations sponsored marching bands, brass bands, and concert bands, but as unions and other sponsors of those bands have reprioritized funding the ensembles have gradually disappeared. Pipe bands have taken on a similar and growing role in society, but the pipes have the added advantage of being a strong solo instrument, which means their appeal extends to both the individuals who prefer to pursue music on their own and those who enjoy an ensemble community.

In my opinion bagpipes are the greatest instrument made. It is the ONLY instrument to have ever been banned by a foreign government as an "Instrument of War". Due to the feelings generated simply by its sound. I.e. Fear if you're the enemy, or "never say die" by those whom it's meant to support. It is also one of the most complicated to master. There's an old saying by the writer Neil Monroe: "To the making of a piper go seven years of his own learning and seven generations before."

I LOVE the bagpipes. It has been a tremendously healthy and wonderful family activity for myself, my husband and our 4 kids. My husband and son are both pipers and it is the most wonderful thing to see my son strive and gain proficiency on this very difficult instrument. It is NOT for the feint of heart. This takes determination and a LOT of air. The masters of this instrument deserve our utmost respect.

16 Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

What can't you do with a Uke?! This has to be one of the best instruments out there. Go anywhere with it. Play anything with it. The only downsides to it are what size Uke will I take with me? Sopranissimo, Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Bass. Will I use a standard gCEA tuning or do I want to go with a low G string or with a Bass Uke and its guitar like bottom four strings? The plus to all that is I love my Tenor in standard tuning. It goes nearly everywhere I go (along with my Harmonica and a travellers 3 piece Irish whistle). A persons got to have music after all.

The ukulele puts a smile on everyone's face! Playing it is like a mini-vacation to the islands. It's an under appreciated instrument and is as versitile as your playing skills allow. Listen to Jake Shimabokuru: he can play any genre on it! I've played violin, piano, bass violin, guitar, but now I love the ukelele. The uke is very portable, too. Who takes their piano on vacation with them?!

The ukulele is such a versatile instrument. Hands down the best instrument to play on chill and relaxing days. It relieves one's stress with just a couple chords. While you can't get the raw power of an electric guitar, you get more of melodic, comforting sound. Definitely belongs in the top three, not rank 15 (how did the bag pipes get a better score haha)

The Uke is an amazing instrument for a beginner. You can start with a very low investment and work your way up as you improve. The size is right for travel, you can take it anywhere. In fact I bought a travel Ukulele that fits in a back pack. It stands well on it's own but it is the best gateway instrument out there!

17 Harp The harp is a stringed musical instrument that has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard; the strings are plucked with the fingers.

I was at a wedding once and at the reception an attractive thirtysomething woman was playing the harp. I was very drunk and stood about five yards away from her, mesmerized, The next thing I remember, I was wrestling my second cousin on the lawn. He had heard I slandered him and was giving me what for. The woman harp player got up and broke up the fight. I love the harp.

I have always wanted to try the harp before I got my flute! The sound is just so romantic and beautiful that I fell head over heels when I first heard it! :D but the problem is that they could be really hard to play and they are SUPER EXPENSIVE! I would not recommend them to any family with a tight budget because they can be anywhere up to 1,000,000 Dollers or sometimes even more! With their beautiful sounds but expensive prices I would prefer just 'borrowing' one from someone and try it out. Try your local music shop and see what they recommend.

Where on earth is the harp on this list? To me the most beautiful sounding instrument. Wont do for every situation but for the right song nothing does the job more beautifully.

The harp is a beautiful sounding instrument, but over summer holidays I just "forgot" to play it as I am very impatient and it is quite hard...

18 Organ

Most of the people would say the best 3 musical instruments is the Piano, Violin & Guitar. But for me I disagree for this. Because I feel this is unfairly. Due to our world had many types genre of music such as classical, jazz, rock & pop. In here I would using Classical & Jazz(include popular music) to describe which is the best 3 musical instruments in classical & jazz. Due to some of musical instruments are good in Jazz some are good in classical way. In classical music the top 3 musical instruments is the pipe organ, violin & classical guitar. And the Jazz music would be the Piano, Soprano Saxophone & Archtop Guitar(Jazz Guitar).

By far the Pipe Organ is really the best musical instrument in the classical music. I have listen both musical instruments(Organ & Piano) performs in classical music I found out the Organ richer & glorify sound that the Piano is can't be conquer. So I think the Piano is more suitable for modern music not for classical.

Any instrument is powerless against the pipe organ just like a man is powerless against a god, it is so versatile and complex, it can create any sound and it is just as powerful as an orchestra, the reason it is in churches is reminds people of god. It is by far above any instrument, anyone who says otherwize is because either they haven't heard Toccata und Fuge or they are crazy. The greatest composer of all time was a master of organ JSB, and Mozart called it the king of instruments, but for me it is more like the god.

The organ is a general group of instruments. So in this comment in going to speak about the theatre organ, also known as the mighty Wurlitzer. Designed to accompany silent films, it is in a way, an acoustic synthesiser, a one man orchestra. It is capable of playing music of any genre. From organ classical, orchestral, light classical, pop, rock and dance, it'll do it all. It even has real instruments such as xylophones, glockenspiels, piano, drums etc inside. It should absolutely be in the top 10!

By far the organ. You can get every sound you can think of out of a pipe organ, and it has the power to make you laugh, jump for joy, cry, warm your heart, and make you want to dance. In a band you need multiple instruments, same with an orchestra, but an organ can be alone to play the most majestic music a person can hear. The pipe organ by far.

19 Harmonica The harmonica, also known as a French harp or mouth organ, is a free reed brass instrument used worldwide in many musical genres, notably in blues.

I had a harmonica years ago. I used to keep it in my front right pocket. One day, while I was walking down a dark alley, a thug jumped me and wrestled me to the ground. He went for my wallet, and I took out my harmonica and hit him in the side of the head with it. He got up, staggered, and ran off. Thank God for the harmonica.

It can help a person do someting active without using electricity. Also, the instrument is easy to carry for it pocket size. It is also a nice instrument to play anywhere and Europeans such as France, Gremany, Spain, and Italy has different languages to say Harmonica.

Understated. Does everything you want/can think of. From Jazz and blues, to rock and roll if you stick a pedal and an amp on it. And if you get bored, practice beatbox and play it making your own baseline!

The Harmonica is a great instrument. It can do anything imaginable and they are portable you can take it out whenever you fell the urge to play!

20 Viola

People make to many jokes for Viola when they never heard it. So please, Viola jokes people, do us all a huge favor, and please, stfu. The only instrument you ever heard was probably the cello or violin. But Viola is an alto, meaning it can play right in the middle. Cello's are equally amazing, and the cello players can play Viola, as the cello and Viola have the same strings.
This should be number one.
-An angered Viola player.

The viola is the BEST INSTRUMENT EVER but very underappreciated. It has better sound than a violin and viola parts are often harder, but still the violins take all the credit! :( My opinion is probably biased because I play viola, but YOU SHOULD PLAY IT! I have endured harsh comments about my instrument and been the only viola player in my class, but it's worth it because of the beautiful sound, and you are unique because you dared to play an instrument not many people play. For all violin players reading this: the viola was Mozart's favorite instrument (after the piano) so HA! PLAY THE VIOLA! YOU WON"T REGRET IT. VIOLAZ!

Wonderful instrument! It is not squeakily high like the violin, but it is not super low and it is a lot easier to carry than a cello or a bass. We violas are maybe not the ones with the melody most of the time, but the orchestra needs us and we still know how to rock it out!

The beautiful sounds of a cello with the ease of a violin. This makes the viola clearly the best and most versatile of all the musical instruments. It definitely does not get the credit it deserves!

21 Trombone

Nobody ever gives the trombone any credit but it is without a doubt the best instrument. It has a sound like no other as it is the closest sound to the human voice except at least I think better than any vocalist out there. The trombone is just as versatile as any instrument on this list and also makes sound no other brass instrument can recreate because of the slide. I can make my trombone sound like a trumpet, I can make it sound like a tuba, I can make it sound like a French horn, but god damn nothing can sound like a trombone.

Because a trombone player can do anything!
Besides, the trombone sounds cool and can play super high or super low. You can get any range of sound on the trombone. It can also be played in any style of music; classical, jazz, rock, pop, latin, you name it!

P.S. If you've ever gotten to try playing a trombone and done a quick "gliss" (moving the slide from all the way out to all the way in really fast) then you had fun playing it.

The trombone, in my opinion, specifically the bass trombone, is truly the most beautiful sounding instrument on earth. It is the most lyrical, rich sound I've ever heard, and I will play it until I die. You can play anything on the bass trombone, and every player finds their own unique sound. It isn't perfect, but it is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard.

I play Trombone, without it I would be lost in the world of music, pop, rock, Jazz, etc. It's a wonderful and enjoyable instrument and I don't know who I would be without it. Not a lot of people play it, it's a great instrument to learn and I hope I could teach more about it to people who think it's not easy. But they haven't tried the beautiful sounding instrument like some of us had

22 Accordion Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.

The world music instrument, par excellence, central to dance traditions everywhere. The accordion can be played very, very simply or with incredible sophistication. The United States, with a few local exceptions, may be the only country in the world that doesn't take the accordion seriously. That is changing but, in the meantime, the accordion is still exotic enough in most settings to be cool!

Probably the most misunderstood instrument out there, when really it has more potential than many think. It isn't just for Serbian folk music. So please people, understand that the accordion is just like any other instrument and stop hating it.

You can have a Melody, then a bass line accompaniment. Then you can accompany your self at the same time! What's not to like?!

Outside of the us the entire world uses this instrument. The accordion can also be used as a one man band, who doesn't like it?

23 French Horn

The French horn is THE BEST instrument ever! It has a rich, mellow sound, and a golden tone that brightens the sound of the band. It is not rich and dark like other bass instruments; rather, it has a rich, bright sound that blends with bands and, if played well, does nice solos. Sure, other instruments can switch notes quicker, and the woodwinds sound really exotic, but the Horn has an unreal, inverted tone that sounds magical. No wonder it plays the theme of Harry Potter! Its tone is rich, yet very clear, especially in the higher register. It has a unique, rich sound, with a delicate feel, making it good for harmonies. It blends well with woodwinds and brass alike, making it quite compatible. Baritone and Sax can mimic its sound a bit, but will never match the Horn's pure, friendly tone. The French Horn is by far the best instrument.

French horn. Big range. Curlywurly. Look awesome. On almost every poster for orchestras. Has a great noise. Baffles the string section. Used in every great film soundtrack. Is extremely hard to play (trust me). Rare. Everyone needs to try this instrument to truly see and feel its true beauty and how you need to be a master to play it.

The French horn is the best because of many reasons... It is the connector between woodwind and brass, it looks cool, it's the longest, it has the best tone, etc. Also, for all you woodwind players that think that nobody uses the horn, look up John Williams. If you don't know who that is, get a life

Please. French horn is EASILY the best sounding instrument when played right. They are extremely hard to learn unlike most of the instruments in the top 10. Just listen to any movie soundtrack and they are loaded with horn solos. That's for a reason, by the way.

24 Xylophone

You know why no one takes the xylophone seriously? It's because the only types that are ever seen are baby toys. It is so much more than how it often appears to us. Also, it's great to make and makes a fun project!

The Xylophone often appears as a toy for babies - however, there is much more to this instrument than many think.
"Ragtime Robin" is a prime example

I love xylophones! They sound like skeletons!

Those sound pretty and are easy to play.

25 Recorder

This is my instrument, which I learned to play myself, from a kit. (Not in school!) Recorders can be traced back to the 12th century, are described in Shakespeare, and come in a great range of sizes and pitches. I play alto, soprano, and sopranino. They have a pretty, dove-like tone.

Really easy, but fun to play! I already know all the notes!

It is great for beginners like me!

Recorder is the best!

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