Top 10 Best Nelly Furtado Songs

This Canadian-born singer-songwriter has been a fixture in the pop music scene since the turn of the millennium, offering a refreshing blend of pop, R&B, and worldbeat sounds that have captivated audiences across the globe.

A quick overview of Furtado's career reveals an impressive breadth of musical versatility. Since her debut album, "Whoa, Nelly!" burst onto the scene in 2000, Furtado has defied the odds and sidestepped pigeonholing, fearlessly exploring a variety of musical styles and genres. From the folky charm of "I'm Like a Bird" to the catchy pop beats of "Promiscuous," and the more introspective tunes like "All Good Things (Come to an End)," Nelly has proven time and time again that she's no one-hit wonder.

What's thrilling about this list of songs you're about to explore is that it's not a static selection. It's a living, breathing testament to Nelly Furtado's musical journey. And it's also an open invitation for you to dive in, interact, and have your say about what you think deserves to be at the top. Just like thousands of others, you have the opportunity to cast your vote and make your voice heard.
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1 Say It Right

When you change the velocity of the song, (the speed and pitch) slightly faster it sounds so much better for me. Making me love this song even more.

I love her songs but this is like the best song. This song is very special to me, it makes me think of a very special person in my life. I love it.

Truly I love this song! Her voice is awesome. What I like her most is her sexy figure. Beautiful lips, Spell bounding eyes, I simply love her!

2 All Good Things (Come to an End)

I never listened to Nelly Frutado and I don't think I ever will. However, I love this song very much. It is one of the best compositions and recordings I've ever heard.

This song is a classic! It's still good to listen to even up to this year (2012), and for the years to come.

This is so much more meaningful than any of the other songs on this list.

3 Maneater

When I saw the video for this song I fell in love with it. It could have been turned into a great movie. And Nelly looked so beautiful and dangerously hot there. Great song

This is definitely her best song and her biggest hit. It's memorable and catchy and will stick in your head for days!

This is her trademark song with her best chorus! This was number 1 across the globe when it came out, should be first!

4 Promiscuous

I love this song so much. It may not send out the best message, which is why Furtado probably switched it from "Promiscuous" to "Mysterious", but the song is still pretty good. The beat is cheery and uplifting, and the chorus is so distinct from the verses. A perfect blend of hip-hop/rap and pop.

Timbaland beat(one of his best ones) Nelly's sexy near enchanting voice, an all banged out video.. Clearly a recipe for a hit... Dominated the party soundtracks when it came... Great song!

5 I'm Like a Bird

"I'm like a bird"is the best song of nelly furtado. It's a great song, full of emotions, a great song

Note even close. Best Nelly Furtado song by a mile

6 High Life
7 Try

This is probably the best Nelly Furtado's song that exists. The lyrics are really powerful and her voice has never sounded this great. Just perfect.

It's her favorite song and mine.

8 Glow
9 Do It
10 Turn Off the Light

This is by far the best Nelly Furtado song. The lyrics about looking for love in yourself by changing your ways are great same as her strong, uniqe voice and the awesome beat. It sounds nice and deserves #1!

The Contenders
11 Somebody to Love
12 Broken Strings
13 Powerless (Say What You Want)

The song has the most meaning and has a brilliant structure. I simply could not live without this song to help me through the bad times. This and "I'm Like A Bird" are the fun and free Nelly, that we no longer see...

If you'd have heard this song, then you'd have said it right...

Very uplifting and great sounding.

14 Explode

Just amazing it's one of that song that you could hear all day!

15 Spirit Indestructible
16 Afraid
17 Miracles
18 In God's Hands
19 S*** on the Radio (Remember the Days)
20 Night is Young
21 Waiting for the Night
22 Bucket List

Awesome song with meaningful lyrics that explain feelings we all face as humans and things we want to acheive before we die. It also has a very dreamy video.

A very catchy song and one which stays in your head the whole day! Should at least be in top 15!

I think this song's amazing! Made me realise that YES even I gotta make my bucket list.I always listen to it when I'm lw and this song never failes to lift my spirit. Love it!

23 Legend

Hidden treasure in her first album.

24 Give It to Me

Definitely better than All Good Things Come To An End! Justin Timberlake is in this!

25 Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)

Amazing, mixing both mainstream dance with the soft R&B we saw Nelly do on "Loose. " Essentially, this mixes the best from her debut album and Loose.

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