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1 Oniket Prantor (Artcell)

I've no word to describe it's greatness, how much heavenly it is, I would say just one thing,"Man it's the best of all I've ever heard."I admire it and I won't get fed up on it whatever my age becomes. Passionate about 16 minutes and 21 seconds.

Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time.

This song is a must listen to and I can say for sure that you will love it if you know what music should be like this is the best! ! Vocals music guitar and drums each beat grabs you

None in this world could make an epos in 16:21...just one day a Artcell presented a strange track with a strange name'Oniket Prantor' and an epos was made just within just 16:21 minutes...

2 Shei Tumi / Cholo Bodle Jai (LRB)

No doubt it's the best bengali band song of all time. No song is comparable with it. Yougers may dissent with me. because they love new bands. Actually they hasn't got the taste of 90 decade's song. You must recognize LRB, nagarbaul, miles, souls are best band forever.

Without any doubt one of the greatest creation of Ayub Bacchu-LRB, During that time period, LRB has been produced a lot of good music, now a days recent singer's barely do.

My addiction towards rock songs started with this one from LRB...

One of the best song's has been released on bengali language.

3 Boshe Achhi (Warfaze)

It's the best song of Warfaze. It's one of the first ├čangla rock song. If Warfaze would be an English band, this song would got the highest views. Warfaze is the "Iron Maiden" of Bangladesh.

Kamal bhai's solo in this song... Ah... the problem is in music I'm claiming with belief that in lyrics no language has rich songs like our bangla songs... but Alas! We don't have exposure... if Guitarists like Kamal bhai were in Metallica or Megadeth or Deep Purple then everybody in the world would say yes this guy is one of the best... but now world knows almost nothing about our rich music history...

Tops for it's versatility... I am mainly a blues influenced guitarist... But after all I come back to this song... Again and again.

Good song, and they made a newer version of it for this generation.

4 Bishakto Manush (Fossils)

Well, I think it's very amazing song to listen.

This song is of another level...Fossils nailed it!

The best band ever... what a lyrics!

It should be in number 1

5 Vebe Dekhechho ki (Mohiner Ghoraguli)

Anthem... The song which gave India the license to start with rock. A socio- economic issue inspiring the purpose- made lyrics and a music that can be compared to the world's greatest rock bands

This.. This song right here defined the rock arena in Bengal and India. A masterpiece to the truest level, truly ahead of time.

Perfect song with amazing lyrics and rocking music! If you don't like this song you don't understand music!

A world where all are for one and one-world one-nation... A sequence for all humans as earthlings...

6 Firiye Dao (Miles)

What a hell! are you people foolish? this song KICKS ASS... vote for this song which is the best and most famous song ever composed by a Bangladeshi band.

If its an English song then it could be the best songs ever.

Miles is always awesome. This is the best song ever.

I love this song, so bast of my miles singer.

7 Moharaj (Warfaze)

Great composition, vocal performance and solos...

8 Chaite Paro (Aurthohin)

Aurthohin is a band which watch me the real life. Aurthohin makes me a perfect man. Actually I'm not a perfect man who can give a comment to Aurthohin. I just wanna say long live Aurthohin long live our BASSBABA.

Very hard working band... m/ :-D

This song is so rocking

Love this song

9 Ekla Ghor (Fossils)

Great song and composition...

Best of all time

10 Nikrishto (Aurthohin)

The Band who can cover Slipknot...

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11 Ghumonto Shohore (LRB)

Lovely song with awesome compose. AB you was the best for us... May Allah forgive you and keep you in Jannah...

12 Aalo (Warfaze)

Warfaze is just awesome band... My all time favorite band... thou " KAMAL" lived the band in dec 2013... but warfaze hats off...

I always love Warfaze songs.

A always warfaze song love...

It's a awesome track

13 Cancer [Aurthohin]

Come on, this is a song which you cannot stop listening to. It deserves a better spot. Awesome intro, great drumming, mind blowing bass solo and stunning lead solo. Anyone who understands what metal means will love it.

Nice song and I'm like it's. bast my aurthohin

One of the greatest songs ever made in Bangla band history..but still much underrated.

This songs are one of my favourite...

14 Amar Poth Chola (Artcell)

There's nothing that can be 'BEST'in music as music depends on the moods perspectives and reasons... I won't say it is the best but it surely deserves some more appreciation

This should be the number 1 song... Wonderful lyrics, vocal, music, guitar work... No other bangla bands can produce better guitar work than this one...

Awesome song. It recalls a lot of memories of family and friends. Love it.

This song is good and should be higher but this songs name isn't amar poth chola,its only poth chola.

15 Onno Shomoy (Artcell)

Really nice song.

16 Chaite Paro 2 (Aurthohin)

This song should be number 1.. How the hell it is in number 33.. Are you kidding me. This song is played in radio heavily.. Best song ever.

Listen to it all day... Never gets boring.

17 Anmone (Aurthohin)

It's an outstanding song with overflowing emotion. I really wonder why it is placed at the end.

18 Dekho Manasi (Fossils)

One of the most promising love-song aspiring 'viraha' or heartache attached to any love affair... According to my taste of music

Too lengthy song but the lyrics and vocal performance are awesome...

Heard it today and was absolutely blown away, awesome song. Long live Rupam!

Great song... Fossils rocks

19 Hasimukhey (Shironamhin)

This song deserve to be on top ten. One of the best song in Bangla music. I became fan of Shironamhin after listening to this song.

Should be in top 10. It touches my heart.

Must be in top ten. Come on guys!

This should be the top 5 at last...

20 Chilekothar Shepai (Artcell)

Brilliant song by Artcell, among countless others. This should be higher up on this list, people.

Now, wait... This one is the best song that I've ever heard! Artcell is the best band in BD... Their music really rocks! Specially Chilekothar Shepaily!

It's one of the best songs by Artcell.

The chorus was good, and the heavy rhythm riffs in the end was also good

21 Musafir (Mizan)
22 Krodher Vetor Krodh (Black)
23 Diona Mastana (James)
24 Nikrishto 2 (Aurthohin)
25 Anmone 2 (Aurthohin)
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