Top 10 Best Owl City Songs

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1 Fireflies

I think this is kind of common among Hootowls, but Fireflies changed my life. Before listening to it, I used to hate the people around me and I felt kind of alone. Fireflies made me realize how wonderful the world was and how I actually loved the people. It made me feel less lonely and open myself to the world. Fireflies changed me. It's currently my favorite song of all, and it's the only song I can hear multiple times without getting bored.

Okay, this may sound weird, but in 5th grade, when my brother came to pick me up from school, he would play this song on his iPod. It may sound weird, but this song was one of the reasons I'm so close to him now. This song means so much to me. I can't tell you how much. It is my No. 1 song of all time. Hands down. No matter the new bands, Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Foster the People, none will take the spot in my heart that Fireflies holds.

2 Vanilla Twilight

Most beautiful love song of all time. Best heart-touching lyrics ever. I hadn't heard such a beautiful song before in my whole life. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. This is Owl City's best song ever, no doubt. Better than Fireflies for sure. I am not kidding. I never loved any song more than this. Trust me, get the song. Otherwise, you will miss the most beautiful love song of all time on this planet.

Best song ever heard. Better than Fireflies. Whenever I listen to this song, it just makes me want to live this life. Very calming, lovely, and powerful. Most beautiful love song of all time. Best heart-touching lyrics ever. I didn't hear such a beautiful song before in my whole life. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. This is Owl City's best song ever, no doubt. Better than Fireflies for sure. I am not kidding. I never loved any song more than this. Trust me, get the song, otherwise, you will miss the most beautiful love song of all time on this planet.

3 The Saltwater Room

This is one of the sweetest songs ever! Those lyrics, plus a happy, relaxing melody, make this song a masterpiece. I can even feel what Adam depicts just by hearing the song! You don't find a song like this every day or everywhere.

This song is unimaginable, unbelievable. It seems like a perfect series of accidents that could lead to the production of such music. It's never heard before and provides an out-of-this-world experience.

This song is really one of my favorites from Adam Young. It just makes me feel so calm whenever I've had a rough day, and the combination of the male and female voices is just amazing. This song makes me think of young love and little crushes between a boy and a girl. Three words to describe this song? There. Are. None.

4 Good Time

Carly and Adam are the perfect duo! You can't feel sad while listening to this song! I feel as happy as a little kid every time I hear it. It's like when you're feeling just normal, but a little thing happens that changes your day and lifts you up, though you don't know why!

This song is great because it really has a catchy tune, and you always get a smile when you listen to it. Featuring Carly Rae Jepsen is just what Owl City needed to make this great song fantastic.

This song should be number one. "We don't even have to try, it's always a good time." Adam is good enough by himself, but with Carly Rae Jepsen, they sound amazing. Whenever I'm feeling down, I listen to this song.

5 To the Sky

This song... I don't know what it is, but I feel something inside that makes me feel good. It makes me want to love life more, but at the same time, it makes me want to cry.

Because if you're going to have an artist write a credits song for a movie adaptation of a book series well known among youngsters featuring owls, Owl City fits this job better than anyone else by a landslide.

This song is awesome. Listening to this, it feels like I am in heaven. It is the most beautiful song of Owl City. It's so soothing and sweet, feels like listening and listening.

6 Rainbow Veins

Absolutely amazing! This song is one of my all-time favorites and I have over 3000 songs! I find it absolutely stunning. The lyrics are very unique and really make the listener feel as though it is happening to them. After Fireflies, it is their best. (Hello Seattle is tied with Rainbow Veins!)

It's just so beautiful. The lyrics sweep you off your feet, and the instrumental is too wonderful to put into words. Galaxies is amazing, but this one could use more votes.

Xylophone, acoustic guitar, and a catchy beat - you can't help but move to this song. It is the most musically accomplished, another unique sound from Owl City.

7 On the Wing

What a song from Owl City and Adam Young! It became my favorite song the moment I first heard it. Its music is fantastic and in many ways different from the music of other songs. What a song! The beginning and the ending of the song are the best.

Best song ever from Owl City. Listen to this song in a quiet room with full volume and feel it. I bet you'll feel amazing. Long live Adam Young!

I think On the Wing shows, better than any other song, the amazing level of layeredness and complexity that Young puts into his very best music. It's like he's making a symphony, but with synths and vocals - it's so beautiful! This man is a musical genius!

8 When Can I See You Again?

I watched this movie when I was around 5, so this song has stuck with me since then. This is no doubt my favorite, although it's kind of hard to choose the others.

This is a great song. I just have one question: Why on earth did the Wreck-It Ralph people decide to put the BEST track in the movie... IN THE CREDITS? At least put it at the very end. Amazing "feel-good" track with the sort of "otherworldly" start that made Owl City's previous tracks, like "Fireflies," such a hit.

Really, just a very fun and upbeat song. You don't get a lot of those anymore, but this is certainly one of the best ever. I'm always singing it! It's so catchy!

9 Galaxies

Galaxies is just a beautiful song. The intro is amazing (January 28, 1986, and also the actual violin intro). This song is upbeat and super catchy. It makes me smile every time. Definitely one of the best Owl City songs.

Easily the best of the Owl City songs. It just makes you happy whenever you listen to it. Next best in order: Hot Air Balloon, Fireflies, Honey and the Bee, Rainbow Veins, Dreams Don't Turn to Dust.

Galaxies is really good and should be ranked way higher than number 22. It has great foot-tapping music. It's tough for me to decide between Galaxies and Fireflies, but Galaxies gets my vote.

10 Silhouette

This song is absolutely authentic and heartfelt. The piano and melody strip Owl City to his utmost honesty. The lyrics are emotional and almost universal. It melts my heart, brings tears to my eyes, and explains the butterflies in my stomach.

A beautiful, emotion-filled song. I fell in love with it almost immediately. You can tell that Adam put love into every note of this song. Beautiful work as always, recommended to anyone who has yet to hear it.

This song makes my eyes water. It's just so powerful. Adam's voice is perfect, everything is perfect. This song is definitely the saddest Owl City song, and I just love it.

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11 Alligator Sky

The best motivational song from Owl City. I prefer the No Rap Edit. Adam is so sure that, though he can't tell what's next, he is sure it will be something great. And that single verse: "I'm scared to death that I'll never be afraid," perfectly shows how being afraid of the future is just the beginning of a great experience he wants to live right in that moment. Just perfect.

This song is simply amazing. With the rap, Shawn Christopher adds to the opening and chorus, but the simple version has such a good melody! I love the key change near the end as well. I'm always a sucker for those. This song definitely deserves to be on the top ten.

12 Hot Air Balloon

Best part of Owl City - Hot Air Balloon:

"I'll be out of my mind
And you'll be out of ideas pretty soon
So let's spend
The afternoon in a cold hot air balloon"

This is the best of the best songs from Owl City. Please, Adam Young, make songs like this again, and you will be popular again.

How can this be so far back! This song has an absolutely melodious and catchy tune. It's one of the few songs that can lift my mood at any time. The other songs of Owl City are great, but this one is one of the best.

Woah! How is this not in the top ten! This is in my top three! Light-hearted and explorative. It's a teleport (Take me away from here) song. If you listen to the words, you can almost see exactly what's going on.

13 Hello Seattle

Wow, what a beautiful song! Adam, I just liked your style in this. Awesome song, one of my favorites. The best song I have heard in Owl City. It's really sweet, I love it. Thumbs up.

This song is great. The melody is amazing, and the lyrics are definitely a plus. The "Hello Seattle (Remix)" version is also very good, even though the remix's only lyrics are "Hello Seattle" for 5 minutes. Owl City was an electronica project to start, and this is a piece of great electronica. (Especially the remix.)

14 I'll Meet You There

This song is absolutely beautiful! How is it not at least in the top 10? This has been my favorite song by Owl City for two years now and I have heard over 40 of their songs. I'm also a HUGE overall Owl City fan! The lyrics are beautiful and soothing: "We'll fill the metro skies with country air, and when you close your tired eyes, I'll meet you there."

Get voting. This is an amazing song if you actually bother to listen to it. So get listening, realize the power of the song, and get voting.

15 If My Heart Was a House

Hands down, my top pick by him, and I've heard them all, laugh out loud. Prior to this, I'd only heard Fireflies, which, while I love now, was very overplayed in my 8th grade year. I heard If My Heart Was A House in 2010-11 on an adorable compilation of marriage proposals. I had to look up the artist and was shocked to see it was the Fireflies guy! I was so in love with the song, I dove right into his whole catalog and loved almost every song. Still do. But this song is the entire reason for my love of Owl City, and it's always number one for me.

16 Cave In

While the lyrics might be a little bit nonsensical, like every Owl City song with nonsensical lyrics, Adam Young is somehow able to make something absolutely stunning with them. However, the thing that makes Cave In truly stand above the rest is the instrumental. God, the instrumental is perfect on this song. Every synth is fine-tuned to perfection, the 8-bit arpeggios send you to a better time, and the drums give you such a carefree feeling you can't help but groove with them. Pair that with Adam's optimistic vocals and lyrics, and you've got one of the best synth-pop tracks of all time.

17 Plant Life

This is the most beautiful song ever, with weird lyrics. Every time I listen to this beautiful song, I can picture the image of the lyrics. It just comes into my imagination. I started to love it two years ago, and I still love it today.

A pop song written in a waltz style? What a novel idea! Plant Life is a happy, dreamy song about an overgrown haunted house sitting on the fringes of Owl City's forest.

Amazing song! I absolutely love the chorus "I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest." I play it over and over again. Best. Song. Ever.

18 How I Became the Sea

Top 10 best lyrics in the history of music. The song talks about how marvelous it is becoming part of something bigger than you: part of thousands of people all around the world. It's about how Adam charms us with his songs.

How I Became the Sea tells the story of Adam's sleepy overnight rise to stardom in as unique a way as possible. He compares himself to the sea. Of June is a lobster shell, Ocean Eyes to the soft oceanside, and his hit Fireflies is a hurricane crashing in, tossing him into the sea of fame. He predicts the rest of his career, saying he'll bring the oceanside to its knees and feel the eventide deepen his shallow dreams, giving somewhat of a happy finality to his career. What a song by the young genius from Minnesota.

19 Beautiful Times

An incredible collaboration with violinist Lindsey Stirling, this song is about going on with life even if life is hard. One of my favorite songs from his new album releases. Full of inspiration and emotion. The best line: We all suffer, but we recover, just to discover life where we all are. Just a little taster of how amazing it is if you haven't heard it!

One of Adam's best songs! The instrumental is creative and powerful, fitting the lyrics which are very powerful as well. The melodies are catchy too. It begins as a sad, dark song but ends up being his most optimistic song, in my opinion. It's just a streak of light, a ray of hope that brightens your day and never fails to make you feel stronger!

20 Shooting Star

I heard that Owl City had really bad songs. I decided to search them up on Spotify and I found this, along with other great songs. Now they are one of my favorite bands. I do have a weird taste in music, but Owl City is truly the most underrated band ever. People who think Fireflies is their only good song should go listen to their other songs and decide for themselves.

Just because a certain song (this one) couldn't reach the heights of popularity or peak higher on the Billboard chart doesn't automatically mean that the song is inadequate. It's startling and such a shame to see how this beautiful and soothing piece of work gets blatantly ignored. Anyway, this is #1 for me. Lovely voice, beautiful upbeat lyrics, and amazing beats. Sheer perfection.

21 Honey and the Bee

This is like the most underrated song produced by Owl City! I think it still deserves a higher spot on the list.

It's such a beautiful song. I don't know how this isn't even in the top 20. That's just crazy.

Great song. I really like the duet with Breanne. More duets, please. This song should be at least in the top 20.

22 Fuzzy Blue Lights

I think it's one of the best of Owl City because of the awesome lyrics.

Fuzzy Blue Lights speaks to me in such a beautiful way.

23 Gold

Why is Gold at the 21st position?! You guys need to hear this song now! Seriously, I was, and now still am, obsessed with this song and Up All Night too! Both of them have a rhythm and a meaning so touching and awesome! The first time I listened to these two songs, I thought they must be about more than 50 million views on YouTube, but I was so surprised that they just had about 2 million views, and it was a pity for Adam. And I really don't know what people around are thinking about...

Seriously, 38?! Goodness, people need to actually listen to this song! Gold is the perfect graduation song. It's a really good song to listen to when you feel down and depressed... Just listen to the melody and you'll feel renewed. This song is way underrated!

24 Lonely Lullaby

Personally, my favorite, it's usual Owl City, but different. Way better than Vanilla Twilight. Also, it's not overly popular (wasn't even on this list when I looked).

Amazing. Written from the heart, it's totally beautiful. This is actually better than Vanilla Twilight. This one blows all love songs out of the water.

The tune and lyrics are just amazing. I think Anne Marie might have died in a car accident, but I'm not sure.

25 Tidal Wave

This is worthy of at least top 5! The music and lyrics are awesome... they touch your heart! Why not give it a twirl? Liking this song may wash over you!

Owl City and Relient K = Epic collaboration. This song should be in the top 3.

This is top 5! An excellent message of hope.

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