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1 Artcell Artcell is a Bangladeshi progressive metal band formed in October 1999. According to The Daily Star, a leading English national daily, Artcell is "one of the leading bands of the country".

They are the perfect definition of progressive metal. Never-ending riffs and dramatic guitar solos are the main attractions of this band. The mesmerizing lyrics with the depth of vocal pitches, along with harmonic bass notes, are mind-blowing. And who is going to deny how superb the drum tracks are for each song? I would kill to see their one last performance again.

No doubt, still the best band in Bangladesh. I just love their playing. As a die-hard fan of progressive playing, Artcell is the only option to be chosen. Besides, the vocal of Lincoln Daa is just unbeatable. It seems like a clone voice of James Hetfield from Metallica.

Though I could vote for Warfaze, I didn't because they don't play various songs much. But I love them also, as I love Aurthohin too. But their few tracks like Nikrishto 1, 2, 3, Guti, etc., which I like most, just make me think those tracks are nothing but a computer sound effect.

2 Warfaze Warfaze is a Bangladeshi hard rock band.

Line Up:
Palash Noor (vocal)
Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal (Lead guitar),
Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu (drums and percussion)
Samir Hafiz (Guitar),
Shams Mansoor Ghani (keyboards and vocals)
Naim Haque Roger (bass) .

Multiple changes have taken... read more

Subjectively, Artcell is the best. I love Artcell's songs a bit more than Warfaze. But objectively, it's Warfaze who is better. They were the first metal and hard rock band in this country, with more influences, better musicians, more albums, more activity, a wider range of genres, etc. They even remade their old songs for new generations. Plus, their musicians taught instruments to other band members too.

Artcell is kind of bad at this point. They released only two full albums. They have been saying they will release their next album for more than 3-4 years, but all they ever end up with is one or two singles every year. They rarely perform at concerts. Two members are living in Australia and stopped practicing with them. The lead vocalist lost his voice. Only the lead guitarist is perfect. The other three members barely do anything now.

There are other good things about Artcell too. They never changed their lineup. Most of their songs are good. Their music was more creative compared to other bands. They had better music arrangements and more technically talented musicians. The lead vocalist once had a very good voice until he became fatter and lost his vocal skills.

So, in this case, both Warfaze and Artcell are very close contesting bands. It's your opinion what you want to choose.

3 Aurthohin Aurthohin is a Bangladeshi hard rock and metal band formed in 1998 by bassist, singer and songwriter Sumon. He is the only founding member still with the band. Aurthohin are known for their mix of melodic acoustic numbers and extremely heavy metal numbers in their albums often containing lots of bass... read more

It's very hard for me to choose between Artcell, Aurthohin, and Warfaze. All three are amazing, but if I have to choose one, it will be Aurthohin just because of their range of songs. It doesn't matter if you feel sad, angry, happy, nostalgic, or seek inspiration, they have a song that matches your mood. And of course, there is Bassbaba, who has shown music fans in Bangladesh that a bass guitar is not just a supporting instrument.

Compared to other bands, Aurthohin is more talented. They never had a fixed vocalist. Most members were busy with their instruments. However, Sumon was always the lead singer. But comparatively, he isn't a very good vocalist. I like his singing, but he isn't like Mizan, Lincoln, or Jon Kabir.

He is the best bassist in Bangladesh and one of the greatest bassists in Asia and the world. They had several guitarists. Shishir now plays good lead guitar along with keyboards, proving his multi-instrumental talents. Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal totally changed the band. Piklu also did great guitar solos in the early days. Russel Ahmed was a good backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist in the early era.

Rafa made significant changes to Aurthohin. He played many instrumental roles. He joined as a backing vocalist and later drummed for the band. He also played guitar, tabla, flute, etc. He played some solos too. He sang songs like Anmone, Kadbo Bishshoye, and others. They went downhill after Kamal and Rafa left the band. Their last album wasn't very good. Mark Don may be a good drummer, but Rafa and Kamal will remain the legends of the band.

However, they are talented. They played many good songs. But I don't think they are better than Artcell or Warfaze. Objectively, they may be. They released many good albums continuously every year, but they had many lineup changes. While Warfaze is more influential and Artcell had better music arrangements. So, being number three is a perfect place for them.

4 LRB (Love Runs Blind) LRB is a Bangladeshi rock band founded in 1991 by guitarist Ayub Bachchu. The group consists of Ayub Bachchu, Swapan, Masud and Romel.

If you're talking about the "Top 10 Hard Rock Bands of Bangladesh," LRB should be at the top. Artcell, Warfaze, and Aurthohin are not hard rock bands. They are heavy metal. They might top the "Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of Bangladesh" list, but not this one. LRB should be number one.

Only for LRB, people of all generations in Bangladesh have been involved in the rock scene. AB is a guitarist who can challenge any guitarist in the world.

LRB is the only band that has a huge variety of versatile songs and music. The number of hit and good songs of LRB is much higher than any other band in Bangladesh!

5 Shironamhin Shironamhin is an independent band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Their music has a mixture of a wide variety of influences, including classical and folk traditions of Bengali music and rock music.

I can't imagine how one can write such types of songs, sing so beautifully from the core of the heart, and how a total band can make such kinds of songs. You are totally great. Your songs give inner peace.

Shironamhin is my favorite band among all bands in Bangladesh. Your songs give me peace in my heart. I want your next album. I think vocalist Tanir Tuhin is the king of vocals. I am a great fan of yours. You are the king of the band.

I am a big fan of your band. Your songs have the ability to give soul peace. They are spiritual and very much reality-based. I think that the ranking is...

6 Nemesis

They are simply awesome. With Maher Khan's solos and Zohad's vocals, they sound amazing. They have that touch and feel of rock music that the Bangladesh music scene has been seeking for a long time. Best of luck to you guys.

Nemesis is the best young band! I am sure that one day, they will become the best band in history with Maher Khan's solos. I love the way he plays the guitar. I'm a fan of Nemesis.

I think this band has a real rock vocalist like Zohad and an awesome guitarist called Maher. They have done a lot of work that is liked by the young generation. They are smart in music and in stage performance.

7 Miles

Miles is a legendary band in Bangladesh and is also very well-known abroad. The music they have created is just great, with several all-time hit songs. They opened the door for other bands and showed how to make good music. Not only their music composition but also the lyrics they use in their songs are significant. They are a very smart, tight, and the best band in Bangladesh.

MILES, a legendary band in Bangladesh. 20-year-old songs of MILES still give me pleasure. These songs never get old. MILES is evergreen. No band in Bangladesh can be compared with MILES. It's true. MILES is a legend.

8 Nogor Baul

Nogor Baul is not just for the time. It's forever. James is the pioneer of rock bands in Bangladesh. James is the best performer in concert. He is a practical, romantic singer. He sings for humanity too. James is the singer who makes his listeners spread his music to every part of society, country to country. James is the singer who has stood in a leading position for 30 years. He is known as the Asian Jim Morrison.

Nogor Baul James is the best with an unparalleled voice and quality as a stage performer. That's why the band is the best. Moreover, James, who is the vocalist of this band, is called Guru in Bangladesh for his music in the music industry. No doubt, he is the only one who is the best in Bangladesh - just one name, and that is James, which is why Nogor Baul is the best.

9 Black

Black is the only band in Bangladesh that embodies real love and pain in their songs. I recommend listening to Black instead of Artcell, Warfaze, or Aurthohin, as they are the gods of pain songs almost worldwide.

Black! The first alternative rock band in Bangladesh. Their sound quality is so good! An uncommon band in our country. Maybe at first, you can't appreciate the songs or understand the meaning of the lyrics. Keep listening. After some days, you will say, "Wow, what is this? What am I listening to?" You will keep listening to Black! Black is love!

10 Vibe

Shuddho's vocal! Is that guy an alien or something? Such a nice voice, and of course, all the other members of Vibe are also very talented. They know how to mix talent and composition together. I want them back! If any of the Vibe members are seeing this, then please, guys, come back and release another album. We really want you guys on stage! You are the future legendary band of Bangladesh, though you are already considered legends by many!

They have just won the hearts of so many people with just one song! Durey Durey is a very old song. Many people love it. But when they came out with Chena Jagat, people's minds were blown away! They are the best. All members are talented. And as I know, they are currently taking a break. I wish they get back soon! I love Warfaze too, but the old one. Sanjay Vai, Russel Vai, Kamal Vaiā€¦ they are too good! Legends! So Vibe will get the best vote.

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11 Powersurge

Best thrash metal band from Bangladesh! They are the greatest here!

One of my favorite heavy metal bands.

Bangladeshi thrash metal legends.

12 Cryptic Fate Cryptic Fate is a progressive metal band from Bangladesh formed in the early 1990s. They started out as a heavy metal band. Their first studio album, Ends are Forever, was released in 1995.

Undoubtedly the best in Bangladesh. Their sound is very original. Besides, they have experimented across different genres, and the diversity of their music is astounding.

Cryptic Fate is the band, and Sakib Bhai is THE MAN. He can sing a heart-touching love song, but he is a born rocker and always chooses to sing in a high pitch but sweet (or rough!) rock tone.

They are one of the best, if not the best, metal bands in Bangladesh. All of their albums are great, especially the Danob album. Moreover, the drums and bass are as good as their guitars.

13 Chirkutt

I am a big fan of Chirkutt's guitarist.

Awesome guitar work and drumming, a good combination of fusion and rock.

14 Mechanix

Literally, this isn't the best place for this band! Tridib is one of the best heavy metal vocalists in Bangladesh. Dhruboshor, Elegy, Bisshoy, Kalobikkhob, and Hawar Namey are some awesome music they have created. Love this heavy metal band.

15 Shunno

Shunno, beyond doubt! Just let some more years pass by, and you will see and know why they will be up there at the top.

Shunno has produced many good compositions so far. All of their songs are really awesome. I don't know what other people think about their songs, but I like them the most. They are young, smart, and energetic and deserve a thumbs up.

Shunno is the most talented band in Bangladesh. Extremely creative, their lyrics and rhythms are just awesome. I like Emil Vai and Michael. Love Labib and best wishes for Ishmamul.

16 De Illumination

This band is the pioneer of symphonic metal. It's a brave approach for them, and I really appreciate this band.

De-illumination is the first symphonic rock band in BD. It's a versatile band. Love it very much. Sazzad bro, Shams bro, Mithu bro, Aqib bro, and Anabeel bro are really awesome.

Symphonic metal! And The AngryMachine is here! Literally, Sazzad Arefin is a great guy. He is one of the best guitarists in Bangladesh. No doubts!

17 Rock Strata

One of the pioneers of heavy metal and rock songs, Rockstrata started the metal revolution in Bangladesh back in the mid-80s. Along with other bands like In Dhaka, Rock Brigade, Aces, and Warfaze, Rockstrata emerged in the late 80s and is still considered the first metal band.

RS was the best at their time, and still, their album is the best for composition, music, and lyrics.

Real pioneers of hard rock in Bangladesh.

18 Karnival
19 Deadlock Deadlock is a German melodic death metal band from Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria, Germany. In 2010 they supported Lacuna Coil on tour.

It's a creative band! It's heavily influenced by Lamb of God!

20 Moruvumi

Hello, I'm Shukhon from Dhaka, Mirpur. Actually, this band is a very upcoming good band in Bangladesh's band history. They are all doing very well, getting bigger, more active, and growing every day. I think all of their songs are very different. They're all playing variations of retro, garage, and soul music. You are going to make it. Love you, Moruvumi Band, and all of the band's members. Just keep at it, and cheers.

Moruvumi equals love. None like this band. Their solos, compositions, lyrics, and titles all have a different touch. Love it.

21 Ashes

Ashes is like a family among those who want to hear something about their pain, which is stored in the heart. Ashes is not just a band. It's a family, a relationship between music and pain. Finally, Zunayed Evan is the person who speaks to the ear of people who want to shut their life lamp down with music and says that it's only you who have the right to receive your pain, and it's you who have the right to give love to those who give you pain.

Ashes is one of the top underrated bands in Bangladesh. They have some awesome unique songs. They are doing really great at this time.

22 Dalchhut

Dalchhut is one of the most popular rock bands in Bangladesh. I love all Dalchhut's songs.

23 Ark

How is this band out of the top 100? Guys, what happened to your ears? They should be in the top 5.

24 Indalo
25 Metalmaze
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