Best New Order Songs

My top ten picks from one of the finest New Wave/synthpop/post-punk bands' catalogue.
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1 Touched By The Hand Of God

The best hit New Order, wonderful, unique and definitely stands out hit this team.

2 Blue Monday

The best-selling single of all time, no New Order list would be complete without the cold, calculated synthpop of "Blue Monday. " Conventional wisdom would find this song much higher on the list, but this song is more beat than melody, so I don't rank it quite as highly. Still, that beat happens to be very, very good.

The ultimate song to dance to and it's long. That intro just makes you want to dance from the kick drum pounding. Great drums. Synths are hard at work, like most New Order songs. It just adds to the drama of the vocals.

3 Bizarre Love Triangle

I can think of at least 3 versions of this song, and they're all great, but in my mind the Shep Pettibone remix - which is perhaps the most well-known version - is the best. But then again, that version omits the awesome bass solo, which is brought to the front in the '94 version. Eh, best to just get them all.

It sounds so ethereal, especially the vocals during the chorus. It also has a heaviness with the drums and bass thumping along. I imagine a flower blooming whenever I hear this song. Just love it!

This should be the number one song! I fell in love with this song and it's the best!

4 True Faith

This might be equally worthy as Blue Monday although I don't listen to Blue Monday a lot though.

What the "Touched By The Hand Of God" number 2? you are kidding me this song is dickhead true faith is more better...

"True Faith" is to New Order as "Enjoy the Silence" is to Depeche Mode, with a kickass beat to boot.

5 Regret

"Just wait 'til tomorrow. I guess that's what they want to say, just before they fall apart. "

Truer words were never spoken. This song is fantastic.

6 Age of Consent

The opening track to the iconic Power, Corruption & Lies, "Age of Consent" has to be one of New Order most well-known non-singles, featuring one of the most addictive bass hooks ever, played by none other than Peter Hook.

Never heard of New Order before, this song blew me away! So catchy!

7 Crystal

If I was to rank every band ever, and if I was to rank every song ever, if I then compared those two lists, this would be the song that farthest outranks it's band.

Exactly what I want in my playlists... raw energy to accompany and enhance all my fun activities!

8 The Perfect Kiss

That bass line hooks you right in. The slapping drums give the constant rhythm. The synthesizers are lovely during the chorus and the rest of the song. Every time I hear this song, I hear something new. The keyboards make the sound even bigger and that chorus is awesome to sing along with. Not to mention the 4 minute instrumental at the end.

Both the 8 inch and 12 inch version brought harmony to my ears. I can't stop getting this song in my head thanks to the catchy tune and lyrics. Honestly, this song defines the golden age of New Order and thanks to their use of synthesizers and guitar / bass riffs, they have pushed music to a whole new level.

9 Ceremony

A song that strongly harks back to Joy Division, being one of the last songs they ever composed. Listening to "Ceremony" is like taking a drive on a desert highway in an old convertible, feeling the wind whip your hair back and forth every second.

I can't believe this is so low! It might actually be my favourite song of all time - one of the few songs that I thoroughly enjoy every single second.

The link between Joy Div' and New Order. In the original version Ian's voice is fading away, as he little by little desappear. I feel so much connection toward this song, I can't explain it. Thanks

10 Temptation

Like many New Order songs, there are two versions of this: the single, and the version later released on Substance. Both are fantastic.

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11 World In Motion
12 Love Vigilantes

One of the many great songs from a great band...

13 Leave Me Alone

This deep and dark acoustic song are the best of New Order, reflect the transition between the melody of Joy Division.

14 Shellshock
15 Your Silent Face

The armonica solo sounds somewhat uneven live, but kills it studio version!

One of my all time favorites... I used to listen to it with my baby girl and she fell asleep so quietly

This is definitely one of their best touches your soul

16 Lonesome Tonight
17 Sub-Culture
18 Mr. Disco

This dancey number hails from Technique, an album that marked New Order's transition from their standard synth fare to a more alternative dance/acid house fusion. Contrary to its name, there is nothing disco about this song, but its rad synth bass and pensive lyrics suggest that disco could have still been very cool if there were.

19 Round & Round
20 Vanishing Point
21 Krafty
22 Confusion
23 I'll Stay With You
24 Run
25 Player in the League
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