Top 10 Best Seohyun and EXO Couples

As a K-Pop fan, you've probably found yourself immersed in the world of fancams, fanfictions, and of course, the delightful realm of 'ships'. Yes, we're talking about those hypothetical and much adored pairings that fans dream up, fuelled by the chemistry and camaraderie that spark on stage and off, between our favorite idols. Today, let's venture into the land of potential power couples involving none other than Seohyun from Girls' Generation and the charismatic boys of EXO.

Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls' Generation, renowned for her amazing vocals and classy persona, has made a name for herself as one of the most accomplished idols in the K-pop industry. On the other side, we have the talented members of EXO, each with their unique charms, skills, and personalities, contributing to their unprecedented global success.

Imagine then, the dreamy combinations we could have between Seohyun and the EXO members. Maybe you've been charmed by the gentle friendship between Seohyun and Suho, or perhaps you're intrigued by the potential chemistry between Seohyun and Luhan. And let's not forget about the possibilities of Seohyun coupled with Sehun, Kris, or Chanyeol. Each combination paints a picture of a potential power couple that could rule the K-pop scene.

But here's the thing: these dreamy pairings aren't about real-life romances. They're more about appreciating the chemistry, friendship, and mutual respect between these talented idols. These 'ships' are testament to the bond that these artists share and the fun, love, and music that they bring to their fans around the world.
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1 Seohyun and Luhan

Luhan is cute and he is my second bias in exo m but honestly I think he is very lucky if he have seohyun as he girl. Because seohyun is perfect girl and many boys have a crush to her but scare take a step because they know how is she. I also ship they like another and for me everyone pairing with she is best and I support but sometimes I obsess think about luhan crazy fan. They might be hurt seo and anti her but the one I really scared if luhan hurt she heart. I really like seohyun and because it I want the best for she but I still support them :) Ace babies and fallen Angel!

2 Seohyun and Sehun

I love them but I don't see many video of them..I hope they can be more talking to each other.

Maknae ship duh. I like seohyun and to be honest, sehun's personality suits with Seohyun's. They both will make up a good couple. I hope SM does photoshoots with them in the future.

I love them..I've seen many of fancams, I noticed sehun always glimps at seohyun..and when he bumps into other snsd members he seems friendly but when he bumps into seohyun he seems shy...I ship milky maknae couple..

3 Seohyun and Kris

I think kris have a crush to seohyun. with the way he smile, stare and bowed to her is like he has some feeling for her. Please support them! Iam fallen angel but for me I will always support everyone for her as long as the guy is take care and really love and the important is will love her until die...

I ship seohan too and I know thy will be a winner but I gonna vote for seokris as I want thy to be in 2nd after seohan.. Keke! And I know people would ship seokris after seohan. Luhan was obvious while kris.. I don't know.. I think thy look suit together. Sometime a guy with a cold face really look good with a girl who got an angelic face. It's so perfect! Plus their moment! Sometime kris ignorin her when she beside her but sometime I found he trying to find her when she's not around him. Cold guy right? But cold guy my ass! Hahak! Seokris for the win!

4 Seohyun and Kai

I think Kai and Seohyun would be the best couple out of EXO. Kai has a powerful personality and hardworking. Seohyun is calm and generous. They both would be perfect for me.

It was really hard to choose a man for Seohyun. She is my ultimate kpop bias, any guy that treat her good and love her will do. So, Kai is one of my option for her, I chose him hehe

I agree with u (2nd commenter) Kai has a powerful personality & hardworking, seohyun is powerful to but she dosnt want to be rude or be mean she does what she says and commits to it! NO MATTER what happens she still commits to it that's shows how hardworking and true she is! (to be honest every1 says "o she's weak cause she the maknae or she is mean", people see her competive and hardship side but don't see her heart warming side/heart )

5 Seohyun and Chanyeol

I would love them to be together and they look good with each other I m not saying she look bad with other boy but this couple will look unique. If you don't believe me go watch EXO and TTS collaboration. Love this paring.

6 Seohyun and D.O

If you type their names on YouTube you will a video with exo and snsd watching some performance.. In this video you can clearly see D. O eying seohyin and even purposely bumping into her. It's funny cause Tiffany and hyoen catches him.

D. O and seohyun are awesome couple

7 Seohyun and Suho

Aquarian Angel! Don't you think they are alike? Plus they are both 91liner and they both are fan of the movie : Pirates of the Caribbean

8 Seohyun and Lay

They are the best... Although seo has no dimple but if she smile, she just like Lay oppa... (having a dimple CP is better)

9 Seohyun and Baekhyun
10 Seohyun and Chen

Seohyun and Chen have an innocent face and kindly heart too..

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