Top 10 Best Blue Songs

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1 One Love

This all time classic is the best song by Blue. It topped charts worldwide. This is the title track of their second album.

I love One Love. It's sad to think how most people know One Love but not Blue..

This is how all people know Blue... "Oh Blue who? Oh that band who made One Love" laugh out loud

2 All Rise

The first single released by Blue... Topping charts worldwide.

Simply the best! Just listen to feel her...
Oh, the memories...

I remember this song! It was on my MP3 player.

3 Breathe Easy

I thought long about which of their songs is the best and my voice is not a definitely this song is it, cause I love the music so much, but to my personal experience this song describes it in the best way

This song is a mix of breathtaking vocals and emotional lyrics.

This song just makes me think about what I do all night..

4 Curtain Falls

Curtain Falls on number 7! kidding me? its easily the 2nd best song. Lyrics so fine and music so catchy. I remember when I was in school, I used to listen to this one on repeat.

This song is fantastic I love it very much it must be number one

5 U Make Me Wanna

Yet another classic from blue.

Its amazing I think its on of the best from blue should be number one

6 Without You
7 Bubblin'

It is great song.
Always make me cheerful

8 Break My Heart
9 If You Come Back

My choice for the best song of a band always coincides with their most popular song, like my love by westlife, I want it that way by backstreet boys. But in this case its different, I have to agree that one love and all rise are two of the most popular and loved song by them but I have to vote for this song, this is really a masterpiece creation in terms of melody, lyrics and video too, but lees voice in this song is just god like, much different from rest of their songs. Heart touching and always evergreen for me.

This is the best song for me that Blue ever sang... Thumbs up.

This is the best song by blue...the lyrics are awesome. Love you Duncan, Simon, Anthony & Lee

10 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

This is just a great song. it breaks my heart every time that I listen to it. Please listen to it.

This song with Elton John is simply amazing.

Brill song for all time...

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11 Fly by II

What a night, so far... Rolling up curbside in your car...

Brings back great memories great song!

Catchy song good music

12 Guilty

The guitar play is amazing and the lyrics are wonderful, such an underrated song.

13 Best in Me

The first Blue song I listened, I loved Lee Ryan from the first sight

14 No Goodbyes
15 We've Got Tonight
16 Made for Loving You
17 Get Down on It
18 Too Close

Too close one among the best...should be in top 5

19 Hurt Lovers

An amazing song from their comeback album 'Roulette'. Also soundtrack of German movie Schlussmacher.

Nice & relaxing song

20 Love at First Sight

Just love this song...

21 I Can

In 17 Seriously I thought this would be in top 5..
Awesome song and Pumping beat..
Coolest blue song ever and the music video is awesome too

Best song Blue ever sang

The best song forever

22 Risk It All
23 Alive
24 Make It Happen
25 Elements
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