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List of the best songs by the talented British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith, known for her unique style and vocal sound. Paloma Faith is my favourite modern female singer and is and under rated talent.
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1 Only Love Can Hurt Like This

I just love the way her pitch changes during the song, seamlessly going to a different level and coming back. It left me totally mesmerized. The lyrics is so original and so like her. My favorite. I can't stop listening to this song right now.

Beautiful song from her new album, it's simple in all it's honesty.
It also showcases her vocal range perfectly..

Love this song. The words, the cords. Just lose yourself!

Love, love, love it! Really tears at the ole heart strings.

2 Picking Up the Pieces

An almost perfect song, beautiful lyrics and vocals which really show Paloma's stunning vocal range, a fantastic track which opens up her brilliant 2nd album 'Fall To Grace'. This song became her first UK Top 10 hit in 2012 and was thoroughly deserving of this.

A fantastic song, one of my favourites of 2012. It brought Paloma Faith to the attention of many people, I liked her since 2009 and suddenly everyone was saying how wonderful she was, I was like 'I know'.

Great song, I agree should off been No1. Here's one modern artist who can really sing! (Unlike Cheryl Cole).

My favourite song of 2012! Truly stunning and Paloma reaches new realms of vocal perfection!

3 New York

The 2nd single from her debut album 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful', which was her biggest hit until 2012. Another strong ballad, showing her great vocal sound and emotion. It charted in the top forty in six different countries, including the UK at No15.

4 Never Tear Us Apart

In my opinion one of the best cover songs of recent years, showing off her stunning soulful vocals, she really makes this song her own. The video looks great too.

5 Upside Down

So much fun, even though it did not do well on the charts!

Toe-tapping, hip-swinging, feelgood pop perfection.

One of Paloma's more up-beat songs with clear 1950's Rock 'n' Roll infuelance, very catchy.

Love this song! Absolute classic

6 Guilty

Well composed and sung brings out the range and strength of her voice with that great soulful sound she creates so well.

James bond vibes

Every time I hear this song I think about all the politicians that are guilty

7 Just Be

Stripped down ballad with just a piano and vocals. Whilst with many other modern female singer's like Rihanna it would this would show off weakness or flawess in their voice, this is certainly not the case with Paloma Faith.
Adele's 'Someone Like You' is a great piano ballad, but I prefer this.

Fantastic beautiful song

Wonderful piano ballad!

Love this song

8 Can't Rely On You

First single from her third album a disco influenced track produced by man of the moment Pharrell Williams.
It has a catchy beat but, it Paloma's brillant vocals that make this song stand-out to dance music obsessed charts.

Love, love, love this... Paloma's voice blows me away on this track, it is perfection!

9 Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful

A great soulful track with a dark edge, not one of her best known songs, but very good.

10 The Architect

Amazing intro! My favorite song

Love this song!

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11 Crybaby

This is my favourite Paloma Faith song. It says 'Crybaby', yes, but the music is just so calm... and beautiful.

Her voice is also amazing. There's no other song you can really listen to once you hear this.

"A real man shows his feelings" what a tune!

Amazing music video too

12 30 Minute Love Affair

Electro-Pop sounding song, written by Paloma while remembering meeting a busker when she was 14 a falling a little in love. Has been compared to Annie Lennox, as the 2nd single from 'Fall To Grace', it isn't as memorable as 'Picking Up The Pieces', but still a great probably under-rated song. Shame it didn't perform better in the charts. Liked it being played on 106.9FM WHCR a great local station in Hull.

13 'Til I'm Done

New age disco!

14 Trouble With My Baby
15 Lullaby
16 Kings and Queens
17 The Crazy Ones
18 Love Me as I Am

I live this song especially after her singing during her tour

19 Blood Sweat & Tears

A very upbeat songs with a dancefloor filler like beat, Paloma's vocals sound really powerful on this song, she performed it on Alan Carr. One of favourites from 'Fall To Grace'

Nice disco song

20 Stone Cold Sober

Paloma's debut hit, remember first hearing this on the radio back in 2009. Introduced me to her music, love it's retro feel and sound.

21 Black & Blue

How is this not number 1?

22 Changing
23 Mistakes

This should have charted! Soo good

24 Loyal

This is definitely one of Paloma's best songs ever! Hopefully more music soon!

Should have been a hit

25 Stargazer
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