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1 Vulgar Display of Power

All of their albums are great, but this one stands out for me. The first track, Mouth For War kicks in with REVENGEE and that's some of Phils best vocal work. The riff in A New Level is kickass and Walk is one of their best songs. Hostile is incredibly powerful as well! This Love is like the Cemetery Gates of the album for me. Rise has some brilliant lyrics. Then you get to the next part of the album which for me is very special. No Good (Attack The Radical) is a killer track and the riffs in Live In A Hole are perfect Dimebag Material. And then we get to Regular People, my favourite Pantera song along with Psycho Holiday. Then we get to By Demons Be Driven, which displays some of Phils greatest vocals. Lastly we have...Hollow! in my opinion the best song on the album. It's Pantera's Fade To Black in my opinion. Every Pantera album is great in it's own way, but this one is Perfect in every way, and that's why it gets my vote.

2 Cowboys from Hell

Every song on here is kick ass. And it's by far Anselmo's best vocals. Medicine Man is unbelievable. You can hear the Rob Halford influence. Personally I love all their albums. But this one is the best hands down in my opinion.

They consider this one their first true album... and it has great songs like "Cowboys from hell", "Cemetery Gates", "Psycho Holiday", "Heresy", "Domination", "Shattered", "The Sleep", "The Art of Shredding"...

Cowboys is the closest Pantera has ever come to perfection. Medicine Man is the only weak song, but it's not even bad. Vulgar Display's whole second half feels weak compared to the first

3 Far Beyond Driven

Extremely overrated album by an extremely overrated band, in mid 90s there were only like three metal bands, that's why this garbage came very popular, almost unlistenable, very forgettable album, all songs have like no clue where they go! They go fast, stop, shout, scream, solos and solos, and off course that terrible void you hear, when the solos are playing, you just hear a tiny little bass, scream scream scream!

This album honestly is my favorite. Cemetary Gates is my favorite song of theirs but besides Cowboys From Hell (title track) the rest weren't very good. Also 20 years old this year thought I would add that. 5 Minutes Alone and I'm Broken were two of their best songs both off this album.

Not sure if I prefer it over Vulgar Display Of Power, but it is definitely their heaviest album and beats Cowboys From Hell by a longshot. Still don't get why people don't think it has any sick solos, listen to Throes of Rejection..

4 The Great Southern Trendkill

My favorite Pantera album. The music provided is pretty experimental and chuggy, yet it also goes out of its way to show the band at their most creative, Phil giving out some of his best vocal deliveries and Vinnie's best drumming. Dime's guitar excellence still remains.

Seth Putnam also appears in four of the tracks providing backup vocals. Surprisingly, he's... not bad in giving those out. Can't believe I'm praising the A** C*** vocalist for once.

I definitely think this album is gold, not that the others aren't. It's heavy, it's fast, it's powerful, plus it's got some of the best solos ever! Just listen to Great Southern Trendkill, 10's and Floods. The Great Southern Trendkill is definitely my favorite Pantera album.

This is heavy, people only hate this album because Seth Putnam was in one of the songs when it should have been Chino Moreno. Sometimes their fans want more. Anyways, heaviest album and their best after vulgar display of power.

5 Reinventing the Steel

Bought it the day it came out march 21 2000. Its still my favorite heavy metal album 14 years later. Ridiculously underrated. Great to hear Phil singing more. All 4 band members have said many times (darrell in 2004) that this album and/or vulgar are the best. The band took their time writing the album and it shows. Every song is heavy and groovy. brilliant record awesome tour (saw them 3 times). I urge those that dislike it to listen again. This is the album where they mastered their sound in my opinion.

Underrated and a good ending but vulgar is the best. I like revoloution is my name it makes them disapear ill cast a shadow and yesterday don't mean sht. Man heaviest album after vulgar and has a funny album cover.

Not the best album in my opinion (Great southern trendkill is my favorite) but should be higher up due to the new sound it brought.

6 Power Metal

It's actually fairly decent especially when compared to Metal Magic and Projects in the Jungle.
Some of the songs are quite good.
Sounds like a mix between Priest and Shout at the Devil era Motley Crue.

This album shows how dynamic Phil Anselmo's vocals are before he started to growl since Cowboys from hell. Definitely an underrated album.

In my opinion this should be higher cause this is the one GOOD heavy pantera before they go groove.

7 I Am the Night

Daughters of the Queen and Forever Tonight are excellent tracks.

8 Projects in the Jungle

(Replying to the previous comment)
They've shown this even after the glam era since most of their albums also have thrash metal songs.

This shows that they can also make music that isn't groove metal

9 Official Live: 101 Proof

How is this not above the glam?

10 Metal Magic

I think it's a super underrated album terry glaze is amazing singer

The Contenders
11 Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits
12 Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998
13 Far Beyond Bootleg : Live From Donnington '94
14 Preliminary Groove Metal
15 Metal Magic & I Am The Night

Not as Glam as the first two albums, and has some elements of Speed Metal and Heavy Metal.

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