Top 10 Best David Guetta Songs

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1 Titanium

This is my favorite song ever! Not only is Sia a great singer and David Guetta's beats good but the message behind this song is so empowering and makes me feel so strong! Even when life gets you down you get back up again, no one can take you down because you are powerful! So much strength and meaning!

Probably the most moving and unbelievably beautiful song David's written. An absolutely stunning song that has the ability to make anyone feel great, and special at the same time. Brilliant, should be number 1. It has meaning and sounds great.

Absolutely amazing!
The musics behind the song is very trendy, addicting, and reflective. Sia is an amazing singer and perfectly compliment the song.

This song deserves to be number one! It's got such a haunting and different sound quality than any average song, which sets it so much apart. It's one of my all-time favorite songs, and has probably affected others in the same way.

2 Club Can't Handle Me

Best DJ, Club song ever. It makes me dance and jump every single time I listen dis track. It's a class apart. It gives you a adrenaline rush and leaves your feet dancing even after the song is over. This was the song which made me a fan of David Guetta. David Guetta Rocks.

A fantastic song. Gets into rhythm just from the first note. Beat is just so pumping it leaves you completly enegised! Heard it for the first time in Step Up 3D and kept repeating the the same part again and again.

The best adrenalin song in the world. If one feels slacky all he/she needs to do is listen to this, it's like the energy drink of songs, instant adrenalin rush, just too good, the best club song ever, FLO RIDA and GUETTA ROCK!

I Love this song very much... It is full of energy... of course it is my favourite

3 Without You

Anyone who's looked at my profile knows this is my favorite song of all time. I love the lyrics, song, rhythm, and when it's sung well, it is a wonderful sound.

EDIT: Okay, this song was moved to number three and I need it up again.

The second most watched video of David guetta on YouTube! Why is it so poorly ranked.. Should be up in the list..

Love this song. So does my 5 year old. It is just a feel good song. I drive in my 2011 dodge charger on a sunny day windows rolled down and think about the number woman in my life! LOVE IT!

This is the best David Guetta song I have ever heard.. Just listen to it guys you will definitely fall in love with the lyrics
I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same Without you awesome lyrics

4 She Wolf

For me She Wolf is an exceedingly up-beat track, the kind you would want to listen to when your feeling really happy on a bright summers day or out in a club. The beats are very catchy, it makes you want to dance like crazy too so I think it should in the top 3.

David Guetta and Sia should really get together a lot more often. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) and Titanium are both amazing and catchy songs (and I also enjoyed both music videos). Hope to see more songs from these two.

Personally, this is my favourite. I love all the changes of the song, starting calm then having an energetic moment. This is David Guetta at its best!

Wonderful music with the beautiful voice of Sia and the amazing beats by David Guetta. Truly one of his bests. This song must be in the Top Ten List!

5 Where Them Girls At

This is the second most watched video of David guetta on YouTube. This song should definitely be ranked higher. We just can't stop listening to this song and never get bored of this song... Really awesome...

This song just has a steady beat, and can be followed at all times. The way he mixes it up is absolutely fantastic. I hope in the future, his songs end up even better than this one.

This is literally my favorite song of all time, it has been for over five years, when I first heard the song back in 2011, I couldn't stop dancing because the song just surged through my bones.

This song is really awesome... It has got awesome beats. It makes me dance when I hear it. It should be at the top. This song is better. I never get bored if I keep hearing it.

6 Memories

Awesome song! The beats are so good, this is a song that you can never get tired of. David Guetta and Kid Cudi together are great. What an amazing song this is. It makes sense and also makes you tap your feet to the beat. I love this number, it's always gonna be in my playlist. David Guetta has always made good music. This song is really nice, it's always gonna be in playlists. I swear there is no chance that you can get tired of listening to this song. It's that good!

You can never get tired of this song. The Lyrics are catchy and it makes you feel like you live in the moment. But songs like Titanium, The Alphabet and Sunshine should be in this list. David Guetta doesn't necessarily always have some sort of featuring artists in his music... More of his solo hits should be included on this list

Best song in the whole world! The rhythm, the music, the voice are awesome! It should be number 1 or at least 2.

This song shows the awesomeness of GUETTA!
The beats makes you move till the end!

7 Turn Me On

This song is one of the best club song ever made! I listen to it everywhere. I even dance to it in the shower. His combo of David guetta's beats and Nicki Manaj's Vocals blend perfectly to create an amazing song. I think this song was underestimated and is defdjnatly

The first time I heard this, I was like WOW OKAY LET'S DANCE and my mom walked in on my dancing and she joined me. Thanks, David and Nicki, for finding me and my mom such a good dancing song

What the hell is this song doing here so down... It's the best David guetta song... Great beats, lyrics and music... This is Guetta's best work

! Nicki Minaj and David guetta together is amazing! The song is the best song of the begininng of 2012! Woo!

8 When Love Takes Over

This should be #1 without doubt. It's much better than Titanium, Memories, & Club Can't Handle Me. It really takes me to another world, it makes me dream about something. It is one of the most beautiful songs to ever exist.

! I absolutely Love this song! My favourite song of Kelly Rowlands and David Guettas! David Guetta is just simply amazing, he has collaborated with so many singers but I have to say this song is just catchy and just too good, Love David Guetta.. He's Amazing! X

Kelly Rowland's voice is made for this type of music and matching it with David Guetta's talent made this song one of best in this genre.

Brings back memories. Love this song because the lyrics are just perfect. Nice job David Guetta. Simply my favourite song of his so far.

9 Sexy Chick

Just love this song... A demonically good song... One of the brightest songs of David Guetta... And Akon is just the same... It's in my all time favorites and always it'll be...

This is one of the best songs of David Guetta, the lyrics is good too. This song makes him famous. He's a talent all the time!

This is the only song I've heard by him so... Yeah it is my favorite..!

Trippy beat. This song should have been up in the top 3. Get struck in your head and you can never get rid of the sick beat!

10 Little Bad Girl

This song is the one, but the lyrics it's some... Good he has a good talent, this song is awesome it's.. I don't have words for say that's beautiful, electronic or another vote that my friends now are writing.

As much as I LOVED Sexy Chick, this song just send's me into a state of trance while listening to. Sexy chick will always be in the top 5 list of my Club Playlist.

What it doing down here? It should be in #1! This song is so awesome, specially with Taio Cruz & Ludacris in it!

Best songs I have ever heard by any Dj he is just one of the great legends David Guetta rocks...

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11 Sexy Bitch

Amazing song for every guy..

12 Who's that Chick?

This song is the best David Guetta song EVER! It should be Number one on this list.

This is such an awesome song.. It should be on number 1... David guetta rocks!

This is a rocking' song. Should definitely be in the top 10.

13 Repeat
14 The World is Mine

I miss his old stuff like his one, it's a classic! Wish he would go back to his old style

15 I Can Only Imagine

I like this song, it remembers me at some old times.
Well, it's maybe a half year old, but I still like it.
Only sometimes it sounds a little bit messy, but that's okay.
Thumbs up for this song!

Come on guys! You gotta be kidding me. How could anyone not fall in love with this song? Just listen to it once and I'm sure you would join me in singing along with Chris. Just an awesome song... L

I just don't get it. Why the heck is this song 17th. It deserves to be number 1. Chris is at his best and weezy is also great and David guetta is awesome. Thumbs up.

The best song ever by this great dj it must surely the top one. I think no one can imagine its rank because it's the best

16 Love Is Gone

I love this song! Should definitely be higher! This song is just amazing and makes me want to dance!
Let's push this higher up!

Uh how is this not higher? This is the song that represents the classic, non-mainstream, house David Guetta that became famous for amazing house music

Amazing song.. A party is never over without this song! Truly one of the best works of David guetta! Even though its old its still amazing!

Oh man... It should be at least in the top 3...!
This song is the best song ever by David & it's so
Amazing, awesome. I love this song very much.

17 Play Hard

How the hell is this song be no:29? Akon and guetta can do wonders but this song is way too underrated. A similar one is Crank it up. These two songs should definitely be on the top 5
MY top 5:
1. Club Can't Handle Me.
2. Without You
3. Crank It Up
4. Play Hard
5. Little Bad Girl

Are you kiding me this song should at least be in the top 10 or top 5 you people are crazy seriously such an awesome song featuring ne-yo and akon let me put this one sentence this song really made me forget the tough times and think for myself I love you DAVID GUETTA!

Love this one, first heard it as a commercial with the Les twins.

Great song to roll on the club. The best for me

18 She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

What? This song should come second because Titanium is the best one but this one is also very nice.

How come? It was ranked at 5 and now 39. What has happened to EDM lovers?

She wolf is one of his best songs if David guetta I can't believe this is not even in the top 20

19 Shot Me Down

It's just an awesome song by David guetta...
Shot me down bang bang...

Love this song so much! I have it on replay

Fantastic song.. Worth downloading

Awesome song from David

20 Hey Mama

Amazing song. Please listen it. It deserves in top 5 of David guetta.

Come on guys don't go for the lyrics but this song has a catchy rhythm. definitely. Should be in top 15

Amazing song Please listen it.

Awesome! Can't be beaten up

21 Bad

It's catchy and represents a more modern guetta that's past over its collaborations with nicki minaj.

Why does it feel so good, so good to be bad? Playing it 4 handed on the piano for music class

The best of David guetta

New song and its great..

22 Gettin' Over You

Fergie lmfao and chris all have different styles and they really mesh well together thanks to guetta here.

This is awesome! Nicole's voice seems so good!
People listen this song and you will realise how good this song iss!

I can't believe it's not even in the top five! It's by far my favorite David Guetta song!

Once you listen to this once if you like it you will listen to it al the time!

23 Lovers on the Sun

I think you guys don't know how to judge music! Don't like alphabeat nor Lovers on the sun? What do you judge in the music? Videos? This song is not for No 24... Must be within top 5.

If this song isn't in the top 5, this list doesn't deserve to be on the internet. This is the most epic song by David Guetta. Simple beat but infinite feel.

David Guetta's best song. It's definitely better than Titanium.

Any list of best 3 David guetta songs is incomplete without it!

24 Sunshine

Best Guetta song ever! How come this song isn't further up? Amazing beat! Love it

THE best... the best... !

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