Best Keith Urban Songs

Greatest songs by one of the most defining country musicians of our time.
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1 Somebody Like You

This song is so fantastic. It really gets the blood pumping. I love it so much. It was played at my wedding. Actually, numerous of his songs were! What an artist.

Love this song. One of the best songs by Keith Urban.

Amazing song, and it deserves to be #1!

2 Kiss a Girl

My #1 Keith Urban song. It's been so for about 6 years now, and I still listen to it!

3 Blue Ain't Your Color

Love the song. It is so soft and really calms the mood down.

4 Cop Car

Too amazing. This song should get first place here!

This is a new song, so I'm not really surprised to find it at 6th place. It's about time!

Undoubtedly, the best! The others weren't so pleasing, but this song is too good! The melody, the lyrics, damn! Probably one of the best songs ever.

I just saw the video on an Apple PC in a store and quickly downloaded the song. It's a beauty.

5 Long Hot Summer

This song hooks you from the first sentence! It deserves to be in the top ten!

Really is an incredibly catchy song. Should be #1.

It must be in the top five! Best and catchy.

Love it.

6 You'll Think of Me

My favorite song ever, and I mean it. It is so good and Keith Urban is so passionate when he sings this song. Go You'll Think of Me!

I like "Somebody Like You," but this song! This song is clearly his best.

This song is absolutely for those who want to move on yet can't forget about their love and feelings. I really enjoy every single word in this song.

7 Tonight I Wanna Cry

Why is this not number one? The emotion in the lyrics is so heart-wrenching, and the piano at the beginning is just amazing!

Best song he's done, in my opinion. I'm not saying it should be number one, but I think it should be higher than Cop Car.

Love this song. I don't live a good life, and this song always makes me cry. It has a beautiful, sad melody.

8 Stupid Boy

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Urban.

9 Little Bit of Everything

This song is perfect. My favorite Keith Urban song. It should be rated higher than this.

This song definitely has a little bit of every good thing.

This song is just amazing.

One of his best songs and one of my favorites.

10 Days Go By

Thank God this song is on the list, otherwise I would've yelled out loud.

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11 For You

Such a beautiful song about the brotherhood that forms between military members. I love this song and it has such a deep meaning.

This should have reached number one!

12 Somewhere In My Car
13 But for the Grace of God

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Keith.

14 I Told You So

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Keith Urban.

15 Making Memories of Us

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Keith's.

I love this song. It reminds me of my guy.

16 Til Summer Comes Around

Seriously, how could anyone not be mesmerized by this song? It's such a beautiful song. I get lost every time I hear it. A true masterpiece. I recommend it to anyone who loves slow romantic songs and Keith Urban's voice. You'll see why I love this song so much!

This is such a great and heartfelt song. It makes me cry each time I listen to it. Plus, he won a Grammy for this song. It truly is amazing and I recommend everyone to have a listen to it.

Very beautiful and melodic pop song.

I love this song. It is absolutely beautiful and one of his best songs.

17 The Fighter
18 You Look Good in My Shirt

I love this song. It is so natural, so cute. Love it.

19 Raise Em' Up

One of Keith's best songs. How come it is not on this list? It should have been at least in the top five.

20 We Were Us
21 Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
22 Sweet Thing

Keith Urban's songs always hold deep meaning for me. Sweet Thing took it to an all-time new level of perspective. One of his best for sure. Please, please, please make more songs like this one.

23 Put You In a Song
24 Only You Can Love Me This Way

This should be on the list.

25 Once in a Lifetime
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