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1 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Seriously, does anybody think this song really need some comment explaining why it is the "best song to get you on the dance floor"? Its an old track and yet you continue to hear it everywhere because it is clearly the best!

Yeahh, this song never fades with time, though a lot of modern compositions were made, and with the advancement of technology... still nothing can get you on the dance floor like billie jean... the background music is awesome, the bass line never fails to get you moving.. and of course Michael's groovy voice, with the "ugh, hee hee style" no one can beat...

I LOVE this song and I have never heard anyone say they hate it. It's a song that the older generation loves and the younger generation knows!

The best, I dance to MJ nearly everyday! He was a genius, he lives on in my heart in 100's of millions of others, I don't think there will be another like him, closest yet is Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown oh and I can't forget Usher, Love you MJ

2 Round 'N' Round - Menowin
3 Hung Up - Madonna

This song is LEGENDARY. I know not many dance songs can be called 'classical' or anything like that, but this song sure is, chiefly because it was sung and written by the Queen herself! Every time I listen to it I dance carelessly and ceaselessly. Madonna sure knows how to pump your adrenaline.

It's The Best Dance Song Of The Decade: "Hung Up" reached number one in 44 countries, it currently holds the record of reaching the number 1 position in the most countries for a single. "Hung Up" became first Madonna's number one on the Latin American chart and the only U.S. artist to reach number one.

Madonna's Hung Up definitely deserves the #1 spot. I mean, this song can make even geeks and nerds and shy guys dance! And I mean it!

Awesome. Madonna has many of the best dance songs. She has thrilled and entertained for decades now. Only Michael is greater.

4 Thriller - Michael Jackson

Thriller thrills... It brings the mood to dance and everyone jumps out of their chairs to dance for the thriller...

Amazing track elaborated by such genuine and talented musicians and engineers (I'm thinking of Rod Temperton for the lyrics and Bruce Swedien for having engeneered 'Thriller')... The most thrilling/astonishing song for the dance floor, no doubts!

When you heard of this song, people know what's the step! And that's MJ's Trademark!

I love you're songs

5 Don't Stop'til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

Really groovy, classic song. Nice to see people voting Michael Jackson higher than all of the hip-hop trash that makes up the rest of this list.

This is the master and will be to the end of the world. Gracias JOKES from Slovakia thank you benga

6 Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez

This is the absolute funnest song to dance to and I mean it! I downloaded this song 50 times on my ipod and just can't get enough of it! I find myself doing some crazy moves inthe back seat of the car and find myself not being able to stop! Go Jennifer Lopez!

I can't stay in one place when I hear this song! I have to move! Never gets old. The beat, the tune... Perfection!

I love her she has the best music especially retro and dance.. , She's so should be number one!

Makes me alive even if I'm exhausted! It will never be out of fashion.

7 Low - Flo Rida

I love this song because it has a good beat and a lot of pep. I love daancing to it and having fun with it. I think this song is good to dance to dance to because of the pep.

Everybody knows and loves this song. It always gets me dancing!

This song is THE best song. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves dancing to it!

One of the only rap songs I like, and an excellent song to dance to!

8 Just Dance - Lady Gaga

This song always gets me on the dance floor, even if I didn't feel like dancing before.

Oh oh just dance one of my favorite songs! This song really gets me on the dance floor I hope we do it for my dancr retical. This song gets everybody moving grooving and up on there feet come on every

It's in the title and it's really good.

This song always gets me going!

9 Temperature - Sean Paul

I love this song!... Its one of the bests songs out there. It will make you get on the dance floor and dance the whole night out! Enjoy!

One of my best friends Miki and I made up a dance 2 this and it is a great song.

This should be the nr.1 on this list! This song has the rhythm in it and it delinitaly deserves the nr.1! From all the songs I checked out this one is the best-no wonder I already knew it!

10 If You Stayed - Menowin

Great song - wonderful artist. Check it out. And please listen to the follow up single "round'n'round"!

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? Hey Ya - Outkast
? Through the Fire and Flames - FamilyJules
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11 Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees

Yes! Like this comment if you can't stop dancing to this song!

Best dance song ever. Every body loves disco.

Good ole music!

12 Objection - Shakira
13 I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

I was asked to pick a song that I would want to dance to at my nephew's upcoming wedding. I want to pick this one because I do want to dance with somebody who loves me. I am still longing for that somebody. I think this song is a great song to get me out there on the dance floor and allow me to dance to my fantasy.

Wow she was amazing, I am amazed at how that song could make anyone want to dance. She was so amazing and absolutely mesmerising to watch. Were going to miss her creation of songs. I only wish she could make more!

I would have to say that this song gets me so pumped and excited when I listen to it at a party.
It makes me so happy and I just really really want to have fun and a good time!

SO GOOD. Whitney is the queen, and this song always makes me happy and want to get out there dancing!

14 Dancing Queen - ABBA

Everyone loves abba, and everyone dances to abba and everyone knows the words to abba.. they soung great and there songs are happy tunes, vote for these beauties

An unforgettable classic! I just love this one!

What a great song

15 Beat It - Michael Jackson

Love this song a lot

16 Blue Monday - New Order
17 Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna

I love this song because the lyrics are great and it gets you wanting to dance because of the beat. Rihanna is a great artist and she makes songs that are great to dance too.

This should be in the to ten music... I heard this song last when I was in 5th grade and I still remember it when am in 12th... Great song by rihanna

Rihanna is the best female singer alive after Nicki Minaj... I Truly Love her Rihana is amazing and don't stop the music really rocks very much RIHANNA! Fan

"This song always gets you out there wanting to dance with some friends! " really good song!

18 Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Classic and timeless

19 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Best dancing song ever... Simply rocking. What this song has achieved since 1988 is simply amazing. Music, dancing, tune, video, everything just mind blowing.

This song should be number 2! This song has an awesome beat, great lyrics, and dance moves to follow!

The syncopated beats on this song rock!

20 Crazy in Love - Beyoncé

Awesome song.. Great beat, awesome collaboration.. And everyone get to do the Uh-Oh dance!

21 She Wolf - Shakira
22 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
23 Wild Dances - Ruslana
24 September - Earth, Wind and Fire
25 Sandstorm - Darude

OMG! I love this song. Awesome! Temperature is good too but this beats everything!

Yes awesome! Will get everyone dancin', no doubt. It has such a nice build up.

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