Best Electric Guitar Brands for Starters

These are electric guitar brands that are the most AFFORDABLE, DURABLE, and SOUND THE BEST for a children's, beginner, or entry level guitar in my humble opinion.
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1 Ibanez

You can get an Excellent RG or an S series for a very reasonable prize and with care & love towards the instrument, you can definitely keep & play it for 20+ Years!

I don't have any Endorsement deals with Ibanez, but... For the Price, No Guitar Manufacturer gives the Best Components for the Given Price point like Ibanez does. All the Other Brands are Amazing! (Fender, Gibson, PRS, Jackson, ESP, because Rich, Charvel etc... ) but for the price you are getting the Best from IBANEZ!

I have an old ibanez from 1988, just a year after they came out and it still plays like its new!

2 Epiphone

I just love Paul Reed Smith! It's tones, quality and everything else! The performance is outstanding but all of them, even the SE edition is suitable for average guitar players not beginners. And they are not cheap also. So the best budget variants is either Ibanez, Epiphone or Fender Squire. Out of all of them I prefer Epiphone, which can maintain a great sound and performance thought long gigs and hours of practice.

Can't speak ill about these. The first proper guitar I got was a £350 Epi Les Paul Plustop Pro. I got really lucky, and I'd take it over most Gibsons I've played, bar a '78 Custom belonging to one of my teachers. You can play anything on these, they're good quality, and there's room to upgrade the appointments to your personal preferences.

Great tone, with or without distortion, durable, and are usally between $300-800 dollars. Could be considered a professional guitar, being almost up to par with Gibson. Good for all types of music/playing.

The Prophecy is virtually a Les Paul, and they can be found (after some searching) used for well under $1,000. You can't go wrong.

3 Fender

You pay around $500-1,000 for a pro guitar that will last for years. Price is too expensive for most beginners. This earns it 7th place.

Has the best looks and a great if not the best sound. Worth every penny I spent on fender guitars

This is more versatile than Ibanez therefore this is the best starter brand

4 Squire

My first guitar was a Squier 60th anniversary classic vibe 50s stratocaster Aztec gold and it was ok.
My friend had a Squier bullet strat and the sound is ok but you could clearly see that it is made out 5 or more pieces of wood.

The Best guitars for beginners! I have one of those, but I am getting a fender USA in a few days. So this is the first guitar for you!

First electric was squire. Sounded pretty good for the price. Quality was fair, but for a beginner, it was acceptable.

The price is quite cheap and it sounds quite good. My first guitar is also a Squier.


You either love 'em or you haven't played one. Obvious way to go for metal. Really good quality. I love my Gus-600.

Great for shredding! Usually they have very hot pickups, so they are good with heavier strings (Regular-Heavy gauge). ($300-900) Great for metal.

6 Yamaha
7 Jackson

Price ranks it below Squire, but is overall a better guitar. Great for hard rock and metal.

8 B.C. Rich

Best I ever played the shapes given 2 dem warlock, beast, v, Virgo, virgin, etc. These guitars rock! How can someone keep them 7

Because Rich is an awesome brand... guitars have great look, sound and they are nice to play

9 Cort
10 Dean

Cool looking but bad quality unless you buy one that is $500 plus. Good for all metal.

The Contenders
11 Paul Reed Smith

Amazing guitar, but pricy at $650-1,000.

12 Charvel

Very underrated. I wish they were around where I live...

Quality rock guitar for around $700-1,000. Price is once again the killer

13 Rick Hanes
14 Gibson
15 Harmony
16 Avalon
17 Washburn
18 Tokai
19 Carvin
20 First Act
21 Lyom

This is a typo, it should be Lyon. Horrible guitars.

22 Crestwood
23 Fiero
24 Starfield
25 Elevation
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