Top 10 Best JoJo Songs

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1 Too Little Too Late

This is an awesome song. I love this song so much. It's one of her best songs. Even better than many of her other songs. She is the best. Her songs are even better than other songs, including "Baby It's You."

There's a great show of vocal prowess in this song. Great emotion is shown in the coloring of her voice. It's a mainstream topic, but it's got some lyrics that strike true to many young people out there. For example:

You say you dream of my face,
But you don't like me,
You just like the chase.

I love this song very much. JoJo is a really talented singer and her voice is really beautiful. She's one of the best singers I've ever heard of.

2 How to Touch a Girl
3 Like That
4 Anything
5 This Time

So cool. This album has many great songs.

6 Coming for You

It's 2016 and this is an amazing throwback beat.

7 Let It Rain
8 Baby It's You

This is by far my favorite song by JoJo. I love it so much.

9 Leave (Get Out)

This is the best song I've ever heard. This song has a good rhythm. I always listen to this song when I feel stressed. This song should be placed in the first rank.

I just love this song. My favorite from JoJo is "Not That Kinda Girl," but since it's not here, this is my second favorite.

This song and "Too Little Too Late" may be in my top 100 songs of all time.

10 When Love Hurts
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11 Disaster

This is probably her best. I love it so much. It's not like the normal stuff we hear. It's not cheesy or manufactured bubblegum pop, it's different. It reminds me a bit of Too Little, Too Late, but you can tell how much she's matured since then, and she really connects with the song.

This song is very strong and powerful.

This song is driving me crazy. I can't stop listening to it. It's very powerful and emotional.

12 Save My Soul

This song is very touching. Her screaming "you can't save me" gives a strong feeling to people, especially those who suffer from any types of addiction.

13 F**k Apologies
14 Breezy
15 Beautiful Girl

I appreciate the beautiful song, Beautiful Girl, and the digital divide.

16 Secret Love

Your voice was so beautiful in this song.

How is this song at number 7? It should be higher. Everyone I know loves this song. Even though both Too Little Too Late and Marvin's Room are great, I have to vote for this song because I can totally relate.

17 Say Love
18 Marvin's Room

This is a cover, but it is by far the best covered song ever invented.

19 Never Say Goodbye
20 Demonstrate
21 Back and Forth
22 Forever In My Life
23 Keep Forgetting (To Forget About You)

I love this song because it describes the thing that all the lovers around the world suffer from.

24 Not that Kinda Girl
25 In the Dark

This is a sexy song. Literally. I love it.

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